Is Flamin Hot Based On A True Story? Unveiling The Truth!

You must have heard about Eva Longoria’s debut feature film Flamin’ Hot. Even before its release it has gained a lot of controversy and has become one of the hot topics. 

The film is all about Richard Montanez and his claim of inventing the very famous Cheetos. Well, Richard leaves no chance of claiming Cheetos as one of his inventions but are these claims rational? Is Richard the real inventor of our favourite Cheetos? Is the movie Flamin Hot based on a real story inspired by Richard’s life? Is it a documentary? A biography of Richard Monatanez? Or just a fuss created all around for publicity?

Looking for the answers to all these questions? We got you! Read below to get the answers to all your questions. 

Is Flamin Hot Based On A True Story? 

The biographical comedy-drama Flamin’ Hot tells the tale of Richard Montaez, a man who asserts to have created Flamin’ Hot Cheetos while working as a caretaker in a Frito-Lay facility in California in the late 1980s.

While Monatanez is portrayed in Longoria’s movie as a rising star who had a hand in creating the No. 1 snack in the world. Montaez is an ex-con and former gang member who has since become a devout family guy. The intention was never to dictate the history of the Cheeto in the movie.

It is undoubtedly true that Montanez would go on to play a significant position in the Frito-Lay marketing department, which ultimately led to him being an inspirational speaker and book throughout his subsequent career, despite some disagreement regarding the veracity of this narrative. It is not surprising that this has been made into a feature picture because it is undoubtedly an uplifting tale. It is the life story of Richard Montanez, who had a hand in developing the most popular snack in the world and a business worth $1 billion. Richard was the best person to understand this market. 

Given everything, it’s reasonable to anticipate that Flamin’ Hot will mostly focus on Montaez’s narrative, with the Cheeto serving as a minor supporting character. That certainly seems like something we would enjoy sampling.

Who Is Richard Montañez?

In Ontario, California, Richard Montaez was born into a family of Mexican-Americans. He gained notoriety for claiming to have created the Flamin’ Hot Cheeto while employed as a caretaker at the Frito-Lay factory in Rancho Cucamonga, California, in 1976.

After a Cheeto machine malfunctioned, Montaez allegedly took action by bringing a batch of plain snacks to his house and seasoning them with flavours reminiscent of Mexican street corn.

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When Is The Release Date?

The 11th of March, 2023 witnessed the world premiere of Flamin Hot at the Southwest festival. In case you missed it, wait for a Hulu release on the 9th of June. The trailer of the same was released on the 10th of May, 2023. The story of a janitor who eventually grew so high in his career that it became unbelievable for everyone to accept it. This comedy-drama will surely make you laugh out loud every time you watch it. Don’t miss the chance of watching it!

Cast And Creation

A terrific cast is necessary for a great crew to function, and Flamin’ Hot appears to have produced one.  Alongside Jesse Garcia (Ambulance), who plays Richard Montaez, other actors who have been cast in the role include Annie Gonzalez (Shameless), who plays Judy Montaez and Emilio Rivera (High Crimes), who plays Vacho Montaez. 

Other actors who have not yet been publicly assigned a role include Tony Shalhoub (Monk),  Matt Walsh (Veep) and Dennis Haysbert. 

The talented actress and Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria makes her directorial debut in Flamin’ Hot. The authors of October Sky and Gentefied, respectively, Linda Yvette Chávez and Lewis Colick, are present with Longoria. Marcelo Zavros, a seasoned composer (Fences), are responsible for the film’s photography and music and Federico Cantini, a seasoned cinematographer (Give or Take). The cast and crew together make up the film, Flamin’ Hot an extremely must-watch for this summer. One should not miss the chance of watching this phenomenal story and laughing one’s heart out.

The Cheetos Controversy

When Montanez started claiming public credit for creating the spiciness chip in the late 2000s, which Frito-Lay later denied, the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos origin became a contentious subject.

Frito-Lay claimed that Lynne Greenfeld, a worker at the firm’s corporate office, created Flamin’ Hot Cheetos in 1989; the corporation credited her with the name and for helping to bring the product to market, according to the Los Angeles Times investigative piece published in May 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Whose biographical drama the movie- Flamin’ Hot is?

The biographical comedy-drama Flamin’ Hot tells the tale of Richard Montanez.

2. Who directed the film Flamin Hot?

It is Eva Longoria’s debut feature film.

3. When is the movie- Flamin’ Hot releasing world- wide?

The movie releasing on the 9th of June.

4. When was the trailer of Flamin’ Hot released?

The trailer was released on the 10th of May, 2023.

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