CyberSquad Season 2 Release Date, Cast And Predicted Spoilers!

CyberSquad is the most demanding and popular TV show of the time it was released. The show revolves around four friends who are grown-up adults and help police to catch cybercriminals through their crime web.

The story shows how these four friends being badass are also trying to help the police in doing good and are superintelligent and superheroes at a very young age. The show showcases these young people’s adventurous life unlike other people of their age, who are quite young to help police in arresting cybercriminals and solving puzzling cases with ease due to their intelligence.

CyberSquad Season 2 Release Date

The first season of the show CyberSquar was released on 24 August 2017, on ALT Balaji‘s OTT Platform. The time when the show was released it gained popularity in no less time and the show grew fans in no less time.

The fans of the show were expecting the creators of the show to release its sequel soon. But till now, the creators have not made any particular announcement regarding the release of the show’s sequel. The fans of the show are waiting impatiently for the release of the show’s second season. We will be adding about the release of the sequel as soon as we get any information regarding the topic. Till then let us see what the show CyberSquad Season 1 is all about.

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What Is The Storyline Of The Show CyberSquad Season 1?

Season 1 of the show CyberSquad was released on August 24, 2017, by the makers of the show on ALT Balaji. The show is a complete package of romance and suspense throughout. 

The show is written by Reshu Nath, one f the most famous writers in Bollywood Industry. The show is a Hindi entertainment web show, released on the OTT platform. 

The show CyberSquad is the story of four friends of the school. These students are the teenagers who for amusement and as well in concern of helping the society to be socially crime-free, are trying to help the police to catch the scary cyber criminals.

These four friends namely, KD, Rocky, Uzi, and Tia are quite intelligent and are technology experts. Thus using their technical skills these four school students form a group and help police find the most-wanted and scary cyber criminals from their secret cyber den.

The four friends are badass teenagers from school who out of amusement do this social work to make social media a safer place for people and make it free from the cyber-crimes. 

The four friends are too young to be cops but they manage of being so and are thus named superheroes in the series because they are doing such great and complicated jobs at a young age.

The show is a compilation of 10 different episodes with different story plots in every episode where the students and cop try to solve each case, out of which a few are namely, I Spy, Missing, Money Transfer, Monster Hunt, Wedding Woes Part 1, Wedding Woes Part 2, Do No Harm, Be My Valentine, Hostage Part 1, Hostage Part 2, respectively.

Cast Of The Show CyberSquad Season 1.

The famous and most interesting show CyberSquad is written by Reshu Nath and directed by Suyash Vadhavkar and Abhay Chhabra, for ALT Balaji networks. 

The show boasts its fabulous star cast that includes an incredible star cast making the show so loved by the audience. 

The cast of the show includes, Rohan Shah staring as Ketan, Siddharth Sharma staring as Armaan Malhotra, Roshan Preet staring as Uzi, Jovita Jose staring as Tia, and Omkar Kulkarni staring as Rocky These are the main characters in the story.

The characters in supporting roles include, Jasmine Avasia staring as Bianca, B. Santhanu staring as Bhonsle, Aarti Dave staring as Nirupa Desai, Chaitanya staring as Little Rocky, Ambuja Naik staring as Isha, Sejal Vishvkarma staring as Little Sanjana, Shonita Joshi staring as Sinha Ma’am, Minoli Nandwana staring as Kaniska, Sheetal Tiwari staring as Anjali, Prerna Wanavri staring as Sanjana, Vivek Tandon staring as Gabba and Krissann Barretto staring as Payal.

These are the incredible actors and actresses who worked hard and brought up the characters of the show to life making the show look real and so loved by the audience.

Review Of The Show CyberSquad.

Season 1 of the show was a blockbuster show and also the most loved show by the audience. The fans are thus waiting for its sequel for so long. The show has looked real to people and has helped them gain knowledge about cybercrime as well. 

This is all for now about the CyberSquad season 2 release. We will be adding to it further. Stay Tuned!

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  1. 1. How many seasons and episodes are there in TV show CyberSquad?

    The makers of the show CyberSquad have till now released only 1 season of the show with a total of 10 episodes on August 24, 2017.

  2. 2. In which OTT platform is the show available?

    The show is available on ALT Balaji’s OTT platform.

  3. 3. Is the show liked by people?

    Yes, season 1 of the show was liked by the people so much and thus, they are waiting for the show’s sequel impatiently.