Is Thiruvin Kural Based On A True Story?

Thiruvin Kural is a recent release in the Tamil-Telgu film industry. It is a psychological and thriller movie that shows the father-son bond. This is a story to be watched with family. The story of the film has gained both appreciation as well as critical reviews. 

The story revolves around the son who is dumn=b and deaf and his father being injured in an accident and admitted to the government hospital where he isn’t safe and is in the hands of murderers. The staff of the hospital tries to murder Thiru’s father for their benefit.

Let us see what the story has to say us further.

Is Thiruvin Kural Based On A True Story?

However, the makers have yet not released the truth behind whether the story of the film is a real-life based story or not. But, yes to the audience’s reviews, it is found that the filmmakers have tried to make the film look like a real-life story through their storyline, actions, and drama scenes.

The story of the film however looks somewhat like a real-life story but still, as it isn’t officially announced about the film’s story, nothing can be said. But you can go and enjoy the film on the big screen as it is already released at your near theatres and find out whether the film is based on a true story or not.

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Storyline Of The Thiruvin Kural Movie.

Thiruvin Kural is a Tamil family released on 14 April 2023. The film is a complete psychological and thriller film that makes the audience go in complete shock and unhinted about the truth of the story.

The story begins by showing a peaceful and small-loving family of Thiru who is unable to hear and speak and lives a happy life with his father Bharathiraja. The film also introduces us to Bhavani who is Thiru’s supporting girlfriend and they both are planning to tie knots of life with each other.

Thiru and his father were living happy and peaceful life but suddenly something unwanted accident happened in their life changing their life’s state upside down.

Thiru’s father met with an accident at the construction site and was admitted to a government hospital. The hospital where patients get a new life but this was the place whose staff members in greedy for money don’t even think twice and kill the patient. This is the time when Thiru’s life will take a turn and will manage things and get his father out of this living hell safely. How will Thiru manage to save his father despite his disabilities?

The hero has to fight throughout the film with the villains of the film forgetting his main aim of saving his dad. The villains of the story even make the film a better one to watch. But as per the audience they were expecting something new and interesting in the plot of the film and not a straightforward storyline like this.

The audience liked the film because of the actors and actresses acting but not because of its storyline as there was no drama and thrilling story else it was just a straightforward story of father and son, with the son fighting with villains and saving his dad. 

Overall, the film is a good one to watch but is boring somewhere as it holds the same story as usual. The fans expect more twists and turns in the storyline of the film.

Cast Of The Thiruvin Kural Movie.

The film’s cast members have this time made the film loved by the audience as the fans didn’t like the plot of the film. But, only the actors’ and actresses’ hard work saved the film from being a flop at theatres. 

Thiruvin Kural is a Tamil-originated movie that is both directed and written by Harish Prabhu. The film is produced by Subaskaran along with Lyca Productions.

The film has one of the most fascinating crews including, Arulnithi starring as Thiru, who is the protagonist of the story, Aathmika starring as Bhavani, who is Thiru’s girlfriend, Bharathiraja staring as MArimuthi=u, who is Thiru’s father, Subatra Robert starring as Thiru’s elder sister, Monekha Siva, starring as Thiru’s niece, AR Jeeva, starring as a ward boy of the hospital, Harish Somasundaram, starring as a security guard of the hospital, Savukku Sankar, starring as Aarumugam, a lift man in the hospital, Mullaiarasi and Mahendran starring as a morgue worker.

All these staff members which are the lift man, ward boy, and morgue worker along with a few other colleagues made up a group of villains who used to kill patients for money. And Thiru, the hero of the film has to fight with these cruel men in the hospital to save his father from them.

Overall, the film is a good one yet rated as 2.5-5/5 by the audience and marked as a boring film with a straightforward and no twisting storyline. Just the crew of the film have made it a bit to be loved. This is all that w can say about the film. Stay Tuned!

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  1. 1. Is Thiruvin Kural film based on a true story?

    No the film isn’t based on a true story, else it is a myth that is in the minds of people about the film being based on a true story.

  2. 2. Is the film’s storyline being liked by the audience?

    The audience calls the film storyline to be quite boring and the film without any twists, turns, or suspense.

  3. 3. Is the movie released in any OTT platform?

    No, the creators of the film have yet not released the film on any OTT platforms.