Who Is William Lewis Reece And Where Is He Now? Diving Into His Life Story!

Texas Killing Fields are hidden to none. Several atrocities and killings paved the way for this terrifying name: the Texas killing fields. It involved murdering and killing of people along the connecting interstate line between Houston and Galveston. It was an infamous event taking place in Texas since the 1970s where more than 30 murdered bodies were found in and around that interstate corridor. 

It was suspected that the killings were done by multiple psychopaths and homicidal maniacs. However only two of them could have been successfully convicted, namely Kevin Edison Smith and William Lewis Reece. Both of the convicts were arrested on the charges of murder and kidnapping.

However, before knowing about the Texas Killing Fields, you must be anxious and curious to know about these convicts. Well, below are the details about William Lewis Reece and the answer to the question- where is he now?

Who Is William Lewis Reece? A Criminal Or Maniac?

William Louis Reece who was a common man has become a very famous name across America after his ill deeds including murders and rapes.  In 2015 he was convicted for the murder of a young girl living in Oklahoma. His DNA matched that of the DNA present in the girl’s dress.

Later on, he also confessed to being involved in three more murder cases that took place during the incident of Texas Killing Field. Due to the extremely heinous crimes committed by him, he was convicted and is currently serving a life sentence in prison in Texas. Williams’ span of crimes started from the year 1986. He was convicted for the charges of rape of two women. It was in 1996 that he was finally released.

Even after serving a 10-year-long punishment, he did not change. No reformation was seen in him. Instead, he moved to more heinous crimes like serial killing, murdering and kidnapping. Starting in the year 1997, just 1 year after getting released from prison he started getting involved in murders. Four victims were identified to be murdered by Reece between the months of April- August 1997.

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Reece’s Early Life: Was He A Born Psychopath?

The early life of Reece was not a pleasant one. He was born in the year 1959, 1st of July in Oklahoma. Times were tough in a family with 13 other siblings. He came from a very poor background and had to quit school due to the financial burden on the family. 

To provide bread and butter for his family, he started working as a farm labourer. Later on in the year 1979, he got married to Judy Flaming. The marriage turned out to be a failed one. However, he convinced her to remarry him after the first divorce.

Flaming has filed cases of domestic violence and abuse against Reece. She also gave the statement of her husband, Reece, threatening to kill her. This made her break the marriage and give him a divorce. Later on, Reece married another woman. Even she had to face similar abuse and violence. Hence she left her within a few months after their marriage.

Victims In The Killings: The Sufferers!

The list of killings is never-ending. The first victim was a 19-year-old girl Sandra Sapaugh. He was sentenced to 60 years imprisonment in 1997. Later on in the year 2015, he was convicted for the murder of Tiffany Johnston who was murdered in the year 1997. The DNA on her dress was finally identified to be matching with Reece’s DNA.

Later his own confessions of killing Keli Cox, a 20-year-old girl and Jessica Cain, who was 17 years old were recorded. Finally, in the year 2022 June, he was taken to Texas prison and was convicted of heinous crimes of murder and kidnapping of Laura Smither, Cox and Cain and is serving a life sentence there.

Where Is Reece: The Serial Killer Now?

It is over fifty years since the Texas Killing Fields were first reported to have been in existence, and Reece has spent most of his life behind bars. He is locked up in the Allan B Polunsky Unit, West Livingston. The prison where Reece is kept is located an hour away from the Texas Killing Field.

After Reece was sentenced to life in prison for the murders of Smither, Cain and Cox, officials have confirmed working with the details on when he shall be sent back to Oklahoma prison. As Reece was also convicted of Johnston’s murder in Oklahoma, officials are planning to send him back to Oklahoma for serving the sentence in Johnston’s murder case.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When and Where was Reece born?

Reece was born in the year 1959, 1st of July in Oklahoma.

2. What was the crime, exclusively the murder span of Reece?

Reece committed murders between the months of April- August 1997.

3. Currently Reece is convicted for whose murder?

Reece was sentenced to life in prison for the murders of Smither, Cain and Cox and is currently convicted for their murder.

4. Where are Texas Killing Fields located?

Texas Killing Fields are between the connecting interstate line between Houston and Galveston.

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