Is Mimi Based On A True Story? What Is The Actual Story?

When a woman becomes a surrogate, she often wonders whether her child will ever come to know about her existence! Most of the time, we have seen that surrogate mothers are told to sign a contract agreement, after all, it’s a two-way deal. The couple gets their newborn while the woman who carried their child will be paid for the nine months she was pregnant.  But what we tend to forget is the mother’s attachment to that particular child! 

Well, this brings us to the main topic of our day, ‘Mimi’, a movie which truly brought tears to our eyes. Two years have passed by, but Kriti Sanon is still praised by many for playing the role of Mimi Rathod. The movie truly enhanced her acting skills. But what’s even more shocking is the creation of “Mimi”. It seems like the rumors are true, Mimi is not just a movie, but a true story!

Is Mimi Based On A True Story?

Is Mimi Based On A True Story?

Before Laxman Utekar planned to make “Mimi”, the people of India had already seen this story from the lens of Samrouddhi Porey. Mala Aai Vhhaychy, an intriguing Marathi movie bursting with emotions, which was released back in 2011 didn’t fail to grab our attention. All thanks go to Samrouddhi for the beautiful creation of this epic movie. Even in 2011, the film was well-acknowledged by the Marathi Film Industry, and ever since then, the story has never failed to impress us. Before we take you through the synopsis of the movie, let us reveal the answer you all were waiting for. 

As we mentioned above, the movie represents true facts and data. There was once a foreign couple who were looking for a surrogate in India and fortunately enough they got the right womb for their child. Everything was indeed working smoothly, the process of surrogacy was successful and now they just had to wait 9 months more to receive the newborn. But after a gap of six months, the doctors reported that the child will be born with some shortcomings and this worried the foreign couple. Fearing that the child will not be a normal one, the foreign couple decided to back off from the terms of the contract. 

On one hand, the surrogate was already six to seven months pregnant while on the other hand, the couple who wanted the child were in no mood to accept the same. Unfortunately, abortion was not possible now as this would have directly risked the surrogate’s life. She had barely any options left. Moreover, she didn’t want to kill the child and thus decided to raise him as her own. Interestingly enough, the child was born beautiful and healthy, that too with zero disabilities. This particular news was somehow discovered by the foreign couple and thus they were back to take the kid abroad. Sadly, we will never know how the story actually ended in real life, but in the movie, the kid was given away to the surrogate!

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A Memory Down The Lane – Recapitulating The Story Of Mimi!

Is Mimi Based On A True Story?

Mimi Rathod’s true love for her son Raj will surely melt away your heart. The movie not only pulls up the true story witnessed by Samrouddhi Porey but also throws light on the fact that how women of rural areas are ready to provide this service for a reasonable cost. It was indeed heart-breaking to see the struggle of a pregnant woman. The way she tries to fight for her son, the way she bears the pain of giving birth to him, truly touches our hearts. But what’s worth eye-catching is, unlike other surrogates, Mimi had some true dreams to chase. She wanted the money to shape her acting career. 

But little did she know, that fortune has different plans for her. When the couple decided to abandon the kid, she accepted the little one as her own and this brings us to the very last part of the story. She couldn’t have left him alone and that’s why for four prolonged years, she took care of him like her very own son.  But then one sudden day appears the legal parents and thus began another traumatizing phase for Mimi. On one hand, she doesn’t want to give away her son while on the other hand, John and Summer are determined to take Raj back to America! To know what lies in their future, you have to binge the complete story of “Mimi”, exclusively just on Netflix. 

Is Mimi Based On A True Story? – FAQs

1. Is the Bollywood film, Mimi a true story?

Yes, the Bollywood film, Mimi portrays a true story.

2. Was Mimi a Bollywood re-creation of Mala Aai Vhhaychy?

Yes, Mimi was a Bollywood re-creation of Mala Aai Vhhaychy.

3. Is lawyer Samrouddhi Porey the writer of Mala Aai Vhhaychy?

Yes, Samrouddhi Porey happens to be the writer, director, and producer of Mala Aai Vhhaychy.

4. Was Samrouddhi Porey originally a lawyer?

Yes, before joining the film industry, Samrouddhi Porey was an advocate.

5. Can you watch Mimi online?

Yes, you can stream Mimi online! Search for the same on Netflix!

6. Is there any Telugu movie centered around the story of Mala Aai Vhhaychy?

Yes, Welcome Obama is another epic Telugu movie that is centered around the story of Mala Aai Vhhaychy.

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