The Collar X Malice Anime Release Date Is Scheduled In Two Parts, Both Releasing Soon!

What’s your idea of justice? Well, everyone has a different answer to that. So does Ichika Hoshino, her idea of justice is to let everyone have an equal and fair chance. To pursue this idea, Ichika embarked on a journey to becoming a police officer. When she was a child, the foundation of her dream was laid down firmly. Now, out to present her journey to us, Ichika is arriving–this time in the form of an anime. Collar X Malice is centred around the classic police-criminal chase with Ichika Hoshino leading the show.

While the plot might sound flat to you right now, it isn’t the case! As heroic as Ichika might come off, she is actually as clumsy and naive as they get. And the antagonists are the definition of the word “malice”. Want to know more about this upcoming anime film series, Collar X Malice? Here is your chance!

Collar X Malice Anime Release Date

In 2016, a visual novel video game was launched by Idea Factory under the same title. It has been appraised widely by the audience, being Japan is famous for such visual novel video games. A global release ensued a year later and received optimistic remarks for its character-building and plot setting. 2 years later, Studio Deen, adapted this novel video game into an anime film of two parts. The official announcement regarding the same was broadcasted in June 2019.

Delayed due to the pandemic, Collar X Malice is all ready to premiere soon! The first part of Collar X Malice is scheduled to release on May 26, 2023. The second part will premiere almost a month later on June 23. The OTT platforms licensing this two-part anime film are yet to be unveiled. Get ready to meet Ichika and join her on the journey to hold onto her belief when she is collared and cornered starting May 26!

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What Is Collar X Malice Anime About?

Collar X Malice Anime Release Date

Collar X Malice anime follows the story of Ichika, a rookie police officer with a strong sense of justice affixion towards becoming the best out there. There is a little issue here though, Ichika is nowhere closer to achieving her goal since she lacks most of the skills required by the police officers. Since Ichika is a newbie with little survival skills, she isn’t able to defend herself upon being attacked–who attacked her is yet to be unveiled to her but it is Zero, the leader of Adonis.

She survives the attack but is now collared and cornered to assist these terrorists. Their goal is to investigate the X-Day Incident, a string of murders committed by a group of terrorists collectively known as Adonis. Due to this collar around Ichika’s neck, she is now forced to abide by her ringmaster’s orders. She is joined by a group of police officers but her journey proves to be more thorn-laden than expected. Collar X Malice is Ichika’s action-packed journey that will premiere soon!

Who Is In The Cast List Of Collar X Malice?

For such a simple storyline, Collar X Malice sure has a comprehensive cast list. It is led by the rookie police officer and our main protagonist Ichika Hoshino, voiced by Kaede Hondo. Though she doesn’t realize it, Ichika has captured the attention of Adonis’ leader, Zero, who wants to recruit her into his team. Collaring her is Zero’s way of testing Ichika’s true capabilities.

The next main character is Aiji Yanagi, voiced by Masakazu Morito is a former cop. He is obsessed with X-Day Incident. The other characters in the anime include Kazuki Hoshino, Rei Mikuni, Keisuke Sanjou and more.

Collar X Malice Anime Release Date: FAQs

1. What Is The Collar X Malice Anime About?

It is an action-packed anime film centred around a rookie police officer, Ichika Hoshino. She is collared and so has to investigate the X-Day Incident which refers to the day of mass murders.

2. Is The Release Date For Collar X Malice Confirmed?

Yes, the release date is confirmed!

3. When Is Collar X Malice Part 1 Releasing?

The first part of Collar X Malice is scheduled to release on May 26, 2023.

4. When Will Collar X Malice Part 2 Release?

Collar X Malice Part 2 will premiere on June 23, 2023.

5. Is A Trailer Available For Collar X Malice Anime?

Yes, a trailer is available for Collar X Malice!

6. Where To Watch Collar X Malice?

The online streaming platforms for Collar X Malice are yet to be unveiled.

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