Queen Of The Masks Season 2 Release Date: Exploring The Possibilities!

Queen of The Masks is a melodrama full of revenges, and hatred showcasing the friends turning into enemy for just silly reasons. The series is a K-Drama that revolves around the story of four female friends who got stuck in a murder case. but instead of solving the case together the three cunning girls decide to put blame of everything on the fourth one and then she has to go through everything alone.

The article below covers everything that you need to read, including the show’s characters, plot as well the release date.

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Queen Of The Masks Season 2 Release Date

Queen Of The Masks Season 2 Release Date

The show has just started on April 24, 2023, and has completed its 16 episodes total. The makers have not yet announced the release of the second season of the series.

The audience however wants to know about the prolonging of the series further. But as there is no official announcement by the makers we cannot say anything about the release.

Queen Of The Masks Season 2 Cast

Do-wan and directed by the famous director of K-Drama Kang Ho-Joong. The series has been produced by Kim Dong-rae, Kim Gyeong-tae, and Oh Hwan-min. The executive producer of the series includes Park Jong-eun. 

The main cast of the series includes the four friends, Oh Yoon-ah, Kim Sun-a, and Yoo Sun starring as Go Yoo-na, Do Jae-yi, and Yoon Hae-mi respectively.

The actors in the supporting roles are Song Young-chang, Jang Eui-soo, Lee Jung-jin, Jeon Jin-ki, Shin Ji-hoon, Oh Ji-ho, and Lee Yeon-do starring as Kang Il-goo, Cho Yong-Pil, as Song Je-hook, Jung Goo-tae, Cha-Leo, Choi Kang-hoo, and Yoon Hye-mi respectively.

Queen Of The Masks Season 2 Story

The main theme of the series is to show how people turn enemies against their friends once they are in trouble.

The series is full of mystery, revenge, and thriller genre. It shows how four friends get struck in a murder case. When they can’t do anything three of the friends turned against one and then she has to fly off to another city. But after a few years, the fourth friend returns to the place with full proof of plans to take revenge on her three friends.

The story shows how the lives of four women are at stake due to one man. 

Do Jae-Yi is shown as the famous human rights lawyer whose work is to defend weak people? She is quite an ambitious woman and she is trying to fix the dirty work done by the mayor of the city.

Ju Yu-Jeong is the chairwoman of the art foundation of her city. She is married to a strange man who appeared to her once when she was in difficulty.

Yoon Hae-Mi is the vice president of the Hotel Mariana. She worked hard to reach her position. She is a hard-working woman who knows to work hard for her desires.

Go Yoo-Na is a woman involved in the murder case who was betrayed by her friends, so she flew off to the United 

States and started a new life. she was happy in her family with a daughter. but now after 10 years, she has to come back to Korea to find her daughter as she is missing and has to face those 3 friends who betrayed her then.

The makers of the series have not revealed much about the story. But the only thing we can say till now is it is a storytelling about a friend getting betrayed by three others and was accused of murder due to the lies of three other friends. The accused then returns after 10 years and take revenge on all three. 

The series is still ongoing series with 16 episodes on air every Monday and Tuesday at 22:30. The series is loved by the audience as it is a kind of thriller, mysterious and revengeful series. 

This is all that can be said for now about the series and its story line.

We will be uploading the news as soon as there is an official announcement. So keep visiting our website daily and read daily news about the world here. Stay Tuned. 

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  1. 1.What is “Queens Of The Mask” K-drama?

    The “Queens Of The Mask” is about the four friends friendship, betrayal, and revenge.

  2. 2.Who are the main characters in the show?

    The main characters of the series are, Do Jae-Yi, Ju Yu-Jeong, Go Yoo-Na and Yoon Hae-mi.

  3. 3. When did the show air?

    The show air on April 24,2023, on Channel A.

  4. 4.What is the genre of the show?

    The show is a mysterious, thriller, and revengeful series.

  5. 5. How many episodes are there?

    The show has a total of 16 episodes in season 1 of the series.