Is Evan In Bupkis Based On A Real Character?  Did Pete Davidson Have A Real Assistant Named Evan? 

The very handsome, funny, talented, and witty, Pete Davidson has caught our attention again. It seems like he was recently part of a TV series and we can’t stop talking about the same. Bupkis has indeed changed the whole game for him. All episodes of the intimidating drama series are now available online. His fans were undoubtedly impressed by his acting skills. If you have been a long-term follower of Pete Davidson, then this series must be on your binge list. After quite a few years, a fine-style action comedy-drama has surfaced on Peacock and we can’t wait to tell you more about it. But before we dive deep into the drama series, let’s quickly address few of the most interesting questions out there. 

Is Evan In Bupkis Based On A Real Character?

Is Evan In Bupkis Based On A Real Character?  Did Pete Davidson Have A Real Assistant Named Evan? 

Bupkis, the popular comedy series is not a true story but can be categorized as a partial representation of Pete Davidson’s life. As for Pete Davidson, he has always been highly close and friendly towards his assistants and co-workers. We already know by now how he rose to fame! His stand-up comedy videos are surely unforgettable. But ever since the audience got a chance to see Bupkis, many have been questioning us about the existence of Evan. The audience is highly curious to know whether Pete Davidson has ever hired a person named Evan or not! Well, according to the information collected by us, Evan happens to be a fictional character. As of May 2023, Pete Davidson doesn’t really have a long-term assistant. 

It would be quite fair to comment that Evan just represents a mix of characters that Davidson might have noticed in few of his early assistants. Tim Sarkes who used to be Pete’s assistant has also come under the gossip. Sources revealed that previously Pete had a tie-up with Brillstein Entertainment Partners. Thus, Tim Sarkes was appointed by the company as his full-time assistant. But sadly enough, a year back, Pete decided to end his partnership with this firm. Nonetheless, a few sources strongly suggest that Tim played a major role in Pete’s life and there could be a high chance that Evan’s whole character has been centered upon Tim Sarkes’ personality. 

Is Evan Centered Upon Pete’s Dear Friend Alex Panagos?

Is Evan In Bupkis Based On A Real Character?  Did Pete Davidson Have A Real Assistant Named Evan? 

Another dear friend and assistant of Pete happen to be Alex Panagos. You can give him the title of a temporary assistant, but he surely hasn’t served Pete for a continuous period. But we cannot forget the fact that we have often seen Panagos on his side. Whether it was the production of The Suicide Squad or Meet Cute, Alex feels lucky enough to work alongside Pete Davidson. Moreover, just like Evans, Alex as well is very much addicted to social media. He loves updating people about his whereabouts and love life! 

If we compare, Tim and Alex’s character with Evan, then we do think that Alex might have been the right inspiration for Pete. In the reality series, Evan happens to be a very near and dear friend of Pete. Some of his conversations with Davidson were truly quite entertaining for us. Since very less is known about Tim Sarkes, it would be quite fair to say that the character of Evan is mostly developed around Alex Panagos. 

Bupkis Story Overview!

If you plan to learn more about Pete Davidson and his personal life, then Bupkis is a must-watch for you all. It’s not an exact tale of Pete’s life, but a funny take on his journey to become a renowned celebrity. In the series, we will see how Pete finds it difficult to strike a balance between his career and family issues. From his high-take stand-up comedy events to his messy love life, we will be witnessing it all here. The series is mainly made on an entertainment basis, so many a time, you will find it difficult to predict which part is true and which part is fictionalized. But all in all, it is surely worth bingeing once! After all, who wouldn’t like a sneak peek at Davidson’s life? Moreover, the series also gives us an overview of Pete’s mental health conditions! 

Is Evan In Bupkis Based On A Real Character? – FAQs

1. Has Pete ever hired an assistant named Evan?

No, Pete Davidson never hired an assistant named Evan.

2. How many episodes are there in Bupkis?

The recently launched Peacock series, Bupkis holds a total of 8 episodes.

3. Can you watch Bupkis online?

Yes, all the episodes of Bupkis are present on the Peacock network.

4. Is Bupkis a true representation of Pete Davidson’s life?

No, Bupkis is not an exact representation of Pete Davidson’s life.

5. Is Bupkis renewed for Season 2?

As of now, we haven’t received much information on Bupkis Season 2.

6. When will Bupkis Season 2 premiere?

As per our estimates, Bupkis Season 2 might premiere around the end of 2024.

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