Is Bob Barker Still Alive? Why Is This Question Viral?

Is Robert William Barker dead? Has he retired from the industry? Is the veteran TV star coming back to the glam world? Where is Robert Barker now? Why has he backed off from the industry? Well, there are a bunch of questions out there, regarding the very existence of Robert William Barker! It is indeed quite true that Barker is no longer seen in popular celebrity get-togethers or award ceremonies! This explains why people are assuming him to be dead! Moreover, it has been quite a few years now, but we still haven’t received any major updates about him. Robert William Barker, popularly known as Bob Barker has suddenly vanished from the industry, but a few sources confirmed that he is still very much alive and breathing to survive! 

Is Bob Barker Still Alive? 

Is Bob Barker Still Alive? 

A few months ago, some online sources confirmed that Bob Barker is no longer alive. His fans were highly upset and worried over this news. But according to our complete studies, the rumors are absolutely false and baseless, the renowned TV host, Bob Barker is very much alive! Hopefully, this year the veteran TV personality will be celebrating his complete century. Yes, you have heard it right, Bob Barker who is currently 99 years old, will soon be crossing the mark of 100.

Back in the late 90s, he used to host the iconic game show of all time. When talking about Robert, how can we ever forget about his long-standing TV show, The Price Is Right? We could have never guessed that the show would complete a timeline of almost 35 years. It was indeed an extremely long journey for him, he has learned a lot and used to love being a continuous part of the show. But unfortunately, with increasing age, his health conditions were also deteriorating. Thus, he decided to retire from the industry.

But hey there, you better not assume him to be dead! Bob Barker might have left the industry but we can guarantee you that he is not dead. We already mentioned above that Bob Barker is soon going to celebrate his 100th birthday and we are super excited to learn more about this topic. Hopefully, around the end of this year, particularly December 2023, we will get more information regarding his 100th birthday and health conditions. 

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How Is Bob Barker’s Health Nowadays? Is He Hospitalised? 

Almost four to five years have passed by, but we still haven’t heard a word about Bob Barker’s medical condition! It was 16th September 1999, when for the very first time Barker was hospitalized. Sources confirmed that he had a partially blocked left carotid artery. Fortunately, he got the treatment at the right time, and the blockage was removed and the operation was indeed successful! But again, after a gap of only three years, he had a major stroke.

Sources revealed that back then, he was filming for The Price is Right Season 30. He was immediately rushed to the hospital and thus, he managed to survive the dreadful attack. Further studies revealed that the veteran TV personality had undergone one prostate surgery as well. Moreover, a few years later, Barker updated us about his skin cancer issues! Yes, you heard it right, he was diagnosed with skin cancer as well. Fortunately, with the help of a dermatologist, he was able to get the right treatment for skin cancer!

Bob Barker Has A Habit Of Losing His Senses!

Is Bob Barker Still Alive? 

In October 2015, he was again taken to the hospital for serious injuries! Studies revealed that suddenly when he was walking on the street, he has gone senseless and fainted down! Thankfully, two police officers who were passing by from the same street noticed him and called the ambulance to help him out. Hopefully, by now you all have got an idea that Barker has a habit of collapsing down suddenly.

The exact reason behind this is yet not known to us! In 2017 as well, he was seen tripping down at his own house. Thankfully, his maid was there to help him out! Again, in October and November 2018, Barker experienced severe back pain. It seems like hospital visits have become a part of his life now. That’s all for now, to learn more about other veteran celebrities, stay connected with us just right here. 

Is Bob Barker Still Alive? – FAQs

1. What is Bob Barker’s full name?

Bob Barker’s full name happens to be Robert William Barker.

2. Is Bob Barker dead?

No, Bob Barker is not dead.

3. What is Bob Barker’s current age?

As of May 2023, Bob Barker’s current age happens to be 99.

4. Is Bob Barker hospitalized?

His medical condition is surely not well, but we don’t think that Bob Barker is currently hospitalized!

5. How many children does Bob Barker have?

Unfortunately, Bob Barker never had any kids with his wife!

6. Does Bob Barker have cancer?

Yes, Bob Barker was once diagnosed with skin cancer.

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