Chainsaw Man Chapter 130 Release Date: Important Information That Otakus Must Know

After the release of famous manga like Jujutsu Kaisen, The Tokyo Revengers, and Hell’s Paradise, the world of anime has recently come up with the manga titled Chainsaw Man. Right from the beginning of the manga, fans have been going gaga over it because of the action-packed storyline and also due to the protagonist named Denji. Denji has won the hearts of the Otakus, and we want the best for him because he deserves it. The manga of Chainsaw Man is ongoing. The chapters are still getting released. If you want to know about the latest chapter, keep on reading for more information.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 130 Release Date

The previous chapter of Chainsaw Man, that is chapter 129, was released on 10th May 2023. The latest chapter made fans go crazy because the creators returned to the manga after a small hiatus. For fans who have not read the chapter yet, you guys should read it as soon as possible. Since the latest chapter of the manga was dropped yesterday, fans who have already read it are now wondering when can the next chapter be launched. Worry no further because we have collected all the necessary information regarding the upcoming chapter.

Chainsaw Man chapter 130 is going to be released on 24th May 2023. Yes! The release date of the manga’s chapter has been confirmed by the creators, and we will have to wait for a few more days before we have chapter 130 to ourselves. The chapter will be released at 12 am according to Japanese Standard Time. You guys can calculate the release time according to your location. The new chapter is going to bring us closer to the end of the school arc. Before we move on to the new chapter, let us first have a brief recap of chapter 129.

A Glimpse Of Chapter 129: Chainsaw Man Chapter 129 Recap

Chapter 129 was released after a gap of a week. Fans were waiting for this chapter, and now the chapter has finally been released. Chapter 128 ended on a cliffhanger, but in Chapter 129, that cliffhanger was kind of resolved. Chapter 129 reveals the second chainsaw man or the Fakesaw man. Yes! The Fakesaw man has returned, and we are yet to know many things about this imposter. Well, although chapter 129 does not reveal much about Fakesaw, we witnessed Denji and Asa narrowly escaping the situation after the sudden attack that Denji had to face in chapter 128.

Chapter 129 gets interesting because we see Asa and Denji working together. While Asa is possessed by the War Devil who is constantly pressurizing her to finish off Denji, she does not listen to him. Instead, Asa works to help out Denji. She even saves Denji’s life because he was growing weak after the attacks that he had to encounter. After both of them became stable enough to escape, they did not waste any more time and stole a bike to run away from the whole situation.

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What To Expect From Chapter 130?

Chapter 130 of the manga will of course be a continuation of chapter 129. We will probably witness Asa and Denji working together till the end of this arc. We love both of them, don’t we? This chapter will also show us what happened to the Fakesaw Man and the Falling Devil. As mentioned earlier, we are coming closer to the end of this arc. Hence, it will be a treat to witness how Denji and Asa work to end this arc.

The Basic Storyline Of Chainsaw Man

The story of Chainsaw Man revolves around Denji. He had a devil by his side named Pochita who was increasingly useful to him. But, due to some unprecedented attacks from a group of devils, Denji had to face his death. However, Pochita did not let that happen. The little devil fused with Denji, giving him a second life and making him the Chainsaw Man. Thereafter, the story continues about how Chainsaw Man becomes a devil hunter and starts living a life that he had always dreamt of.

Chainsaw Man Anime

Chainsaw Man was released during the last quarter of 2022. This anime was taking the world by storm because MAPPA Studios got the license to make it. As of now we only have season 1 of the Chainsaw Man anime. However, it can be said with surety that Chainsaw Man will be continued for a second season considering the immense popularity that the anime gained and the hype surrounding it. Also, since the manga of the anime is ongoing, Chainsaw Man anime creators will not fall short of material to cover in its second season.  

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