Missing: Dead Or Alive Ending Explained And Review!

Netflix has given us some great documentaries in the last few years and 2023 can officially be called the year of docuseries, because every month we end up getting some great ones, which are absolutely goosebump worthy and can hook anyone to watch the series, in one single go. And Netflix for that reason only, is making this series very short so that people can easily watch this series whenever they want and do not have to wait for their free time to binge the series. Missing Dead or Alive is one of those docuseries which is completely based on true incidents, it isn’t like all of the incidents have got something very significant related to the history of the country or something like that.

It is related to the missing department that is out there and is always working in the United States because there are more than 1500 people disappearing every day and there are some who can be traced out while many are there who ended up disappearing for always or dead. Now this series is very small, has got only 4 episodes, and each episode covers a single case which has got different outcomes. Some may end on a good note, whereas some end on a very bad note.

We see a team of officers who spend most of their time, on different cases, where people have gone missing, and most of the time it has got to be somewhere because of the family’s fault. The first case was actually the longest one and the one which will affect you the most because we can never think of treating our mother like that and as the story unravels more, and we get to find out the mother after a long search, we get to see how much the mother has suffered that she decided that she will have to leave and start a new life.

Missing: Dead Or Alive Ending Explained

Missing: Dead Or Alive Ending Explained And Review!

Now all those who have watched all four episodes of the show, do know about the four cases that have been shown to us, the two cases that have been very mysterious to us are the second last one and the last one. The second last one was the case where we find David Taylor dead even before the missing report was filed and that was actually heartbreaking for the police force as well as the family to which David belonged. The entire case where he ended up abandoning his van in the middle of the road and finally heading to the woods, because of the meth he had taken, and then as a result of that only, he ended up dying alone in the woods.

This entire incident made us realize how tough it can be for the police forces to investigate cases like this and how much mental toil they have to go through to come to work every day and see something like this which will end up scarring your memory for life.

For the next one, we have the case of a 17-year-old girl who lives in her foster home and has been living there for many years because her father was neglecting her basic needs, now something that was really concerning is the fact that the foster home was in a locality where there was prostitution and drug dealing happening. Now following the missing reports, the first suspects were of human trafficking and stuff, but soon as the case proceeded and as the police officers started tracing the whereabouts of her friends and people who hung out with her, we came to know that she had been to a party and after that only, there was no find about regarding her.

Following this we see that she is finally found out, the main reason for her disappearance was the fact that she went to a party and the next day when she ended up seeing the police and everything, she ended up panicking and using her best friend’s help, she ended up escaping town and somewhere where she won’t be blamed for what she has done. It was also the case that the girl had some criminal offense in her hand, because of running over a lady with a car when she was underage.

At the end of the show, something that we also see is the fact that Inspector Vicki Rains, who is active on most of the mission has been asked to return back to the crime department, but she finally understands that the missing department needs her more and decides to stay there.

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Missing: Dead Or Alive Review

The show is a depiction of original cases that have happened in the past, and some of them are even the stereotypes of what we very often see in the country because drugs, violence, and adopted kids, all have led to the disappearance of thousands and thousands of people. The missing department of the police forces is always active for this task only, and if you don’t think they are not working as hard as the other departments such as crime, you need to actually trace a person can be very difficult and needs quite a lot of effort and time, along with that these cases are kind of very sensitive and the amount of mental toil that these police officers go through are worth a watch.

Following this, the ratings and the reviews of the show, have been actually very nice, based on how the response has been we can also expect a following season of the show. Though the chances are very thin. The show is a great watch if we are looking for documentary series and it may not be covering any significant events, but it is surely covering something that we don’t pay attention to in our daily lives.

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