Accidental Farmer And Co. Season 2 Release Date: The Dreams To Fly Are Still High!

Laziness is a streak each one of us possesses, don’t you agree? It doesn’t have to be a negative point always, right? Well, okay, it isn’t anything to be proud of. Sony Liv’s new Tamil tragedy, Accidental Farmer And Co. will surely prove that to you. Being lazy for a while is no easy feat while maintaining it is even more tough. The village wastrel, Chellakannu (Vaibhav), proves that he can handle this tough task graciously. He roams around the village, Manmadha Gramam, flaunting his skills efficiently. He could be the brand ambassador for laziness, innocence and bland dreams.

No matter how absurd the storyline might sound, it does make for a good laugh. The comedy genre isn’t flourishing for no reason, is it? Now, regarding the Accidental Farmer And Co. Season 2, let us get the updates!

Accidental Farmer And Co. Season 2 Release Date

Directed by Sugan Jay and licensed by Sony Liv, Accidental Farmer And Co. follows the story of Chella as he is suddenly forced to take responsibility after his grandfather’s death. He has a glimmering dream, a lady ruling his heart and a debt-crusted land weighing on him. It is one of those absurd movies you cannot help but admire. Season 1 debuted with a bang and left with one as well, opening the door to questions regarding the future of the sequel.

Accidental Farmer And Co. Season 2 hasn’t received approval yet, nor did it receive stellar ratings from the audience as well. Most film critics have chalked the movie to a one-time watch. It threatens the future of the franchise heavily. That’s not to say the makers aren’t planning for a sequel. They haven’t just revealed the said plans yet. Accidental Farmer And Co. could premiere sometime in the third quarter of 2024 if the series is greenlit by Sony Liv soon.

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Accidental Farmer And Co. Season 2 Story: Will The Village Loser Turn Into A Quirky Winner?

Accidental Farmer And Co. Season 2

The premise of Accidental Farmer And Co. is your typical turn-the-useless-hero-reliable-by-putting-him-under-pressure kind. When the village’s loser, Chella, is forced to pay off the debt left by his grandfather, his life is turned upside down wholly. Chella is a carefree young man–or more like he was before life threw a curveball at him and he has 20 Lakhs and a debt to his name. His crush, Sheela (Ramya Pandian), is amid a nasty divorce case and dodges his subtle advances easily.

Chella has always dreamt of having his own house in Finland, the country of happiness, but never tried to make his dream come true. His laziness always weighs down on him and Chella ends up meandering here and there. Now, in order to pay off the debt, he starts ploughing on the land and finds a so-called medicinal herb growing on his land. Chella sells this herb claiming that it has medicinal properties without knowing he’s trading marijuana and his land is infertile. Well, ain’t he the epitome of innocence?

If we get to witness a sequel of the season, it will most likely portray Chella’s struggle to make his dream come true. Of course, there isn’t much the makers could do with the existing storyline. They would have to come up with something intriguing and fresh for Accidental Farmer And Co. Season 2 to be a hit.

Who Could Be In Accidental Farmer And Co. Season 2 Cast?

This Tamil drama revolves around very few characters including the leading protagonist Chellakannu who is portrayed by Vaibhav. As you now know Chella is an epitome of innocence and is as kindhearted as they come. The next main character of the series is Chella’s lover, Sheela, who is enacted by Ramya Pandian. Sheela is a levelheaded woman who doesn’t cover anyone.

Aside from these two protagonists, the other characters that hold enough importance in the series are Vatithiyar Moorthy, Nallamakka and Sevale. These characters will probably be seen in Accidental Farmer And Co. Season 2 again!

Accidental Farmer And Co. Season 2: FAQs

1. What Is The Accidental Farmer And Co. Series About?

It is a Tamil comedy-drama directed by Sugan Jay. It centres around a carefree jobless villager, Chella as his life is turned 360 degrees after his grandfather’s death.

2. Is Accidental Farmer And Co. Season 2 Confirmed?

No, it isn’t confirmed yet.

3. When Will Accidental Farmer And Co. Season 2 Premiere?

Though the release date isn’t confirmed yet, it is expected that Accidental Farmer And Co. Season 2 will premiere in mid-2024.

4. Is The Accidental Farmer And Co. Series Worth Watching?

If you are looking for a lazy binge and a quick laugh, you won’t be disappointed by picking up this movie.

5. Is A Trailer Available For Accidental Farmer And Co. Season 2?

No, there is no trailer available yet.

6. Where To Watch The Accidental Farmer And Co. Series?

You can stream this series on the Sony Liv app.

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