Doctor Cha Episode 8 Recap And Ending Explained! The Dots Are Being Connected, The Whole Picture Is Now In Front Of Jung-Sook!

Netflix’s latest medical-slash-family drama premiering on weekends introduced a major twist in Jung-Sook’s life! When Jung-Sook began her journey towards achieving her dreams 2 decades after pursuing a degree in medicine, we all knew Doctor Cha will be an entertaining ride. In mid-April, Cha Jung-Sook arrived on Netflix and has become a source of our entertainment ever since. The last episode left us with such an enamouring scene, I knew Doctor Cha Episode 8 would be a fun-filled ride.

When Professor Seo In-Ho, Jung-Sook’s husband and Doctor Roy Kim, Jung-Sook’s colleague and best friend, rushed to her, their concern was dripping openly. After Jung-Sook fell down the building along with Mr Hwang, In-Ho, who repetitively pushed her away, snatched her hand and his emotions almost gave away his well-constructed armour. Meanwhile, Kim went a step ahead and embraced Jung-Sook tightly much to In-Ho’s dismay. I was as excited as you to know what happens next. So, let us start with Doctor Cha Episode 8 Recap and Ending Explained and get to know how Jung-Sook reacts!

Doctor Cha Episode 8 Recap

Doctor Cha Episode 8 Recap And Ending Explained

Cha Jung-Sook, the dutiful wife, the caring mother, and the passionate doctor redefines the word perfectionism, doesn’t she? When her husband, In-Ho, forbids her from revealing their relationship to anyone, she agreed. Jung-Sook didn’t question In-Ho regarding their son, Jung-Min, being recognized as In-Ho’s son in the Gusan University Hospital. To her, it was for the best since she didn’t want to tarnish her already fragile reputation. But now, as the entire hospital and media witness In-Ho’s deep concern towards Jung-Sook, things seem shaky.

Rumours regarding an alleged affair between In-Ho and Jung-Sook flourish wildly. On the other hand, Kim and Jung-Sook’s relationship has become a hot topic in the hospital as well. Seung-Hee, In-Ho’s girlfriend, is extremely jealous while her daughter, Eun-Seo, is orchestrating an attack. The last episode affirmed our belief that Eun-Seo is Seung-Hee and In-Ho’s daughter. She has always been bitter towards her so-called best friend, I-Rang, In-Ho and Jung-Sook’s daughter.

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Eun-Seo Plays A Clever Trick On I-Rang And In-Ho

Both of them, I-Rang and Eun-Seo, are aspiring artists with ambitions to get into a reputed arts college. Seung-Hee tells In-Ho about Eun-Seo receiving an award and convinces him to meet Eun-Seo for a lavish dinner and congratulate her. When Seung-Hee narrates the ordeal to Eun-Seo, she expects her to be exhilarated. Eun-Seo has a different reaction to the news though.

Eun-Seo is a bold and assertive girl who has witnessed a terribly lonely childhood due to her father being busy with his family. In-Ho never recognized Eun-Seo as his real daughter, never connected to her or had expectations for her. His actions didn’t only slice her deep, they also become a reason for his downfall–or the beginning of it anyway. Eun-Seo arrives to meet In-Ho but she isn’t alone, she has dragged I-Rang to the hotel as well. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what In-Ho, Seung-Hee and Eun-Seo are, does it?

The Entire Family Has Become Accomplices In-Ho’s Secret Unwantingly

Doctor Cha Episode 8 Recap And Ending Explained

I-Rang is terribly shaken upon learning about her father’s secret family and sordid affair. She refuses In-Ho when he offers to pay for her tuition and art college–something he denied initially–realising it is a bribe. In-Ho doesn’t want Jung-Sook to discover his relationship with Seung-Hee, but Eun-Seo is desperate for that to happen. So, to deny her satisfaction, I-Rang refuses to tell Jung-Sook anything.

Meanwhile, In-Ho’s mother, Ae Sim also learns about his relationship with Seung-Hee and Eun-Seo. Although initially, I perceived Ae Sim to be blind regarding In-Ho’s actions, that’s not true. She is strictly against In-Ho’s actions as well. The only person that did not know about this mess was Jung-Min but he isn’t left oblivious.

He comes across Seung-Hee’s message on In-Ho’s cell, asking him to meet her soon. Jung-Min catches them red-handed and is left disappointed and distraught since he is the one closest to Jung-Sook. Given that Jung-Sook recently went through a drastic ailment and liver transplant, her health isn’t in great condition. To preserve the backbone of their house, the entire family decides to keep Jung-Sook away from In-Ho’s alleged relationship.

Doctor Cha Episode 8 Ending: Jung-Sook Is Now Aware Of Her Husband’s Cheating

They try their best no doubt. I-Rang holds her disdain. Jung-Min tries not to give away any negative emotions. Ae Sim tries to organize Jung-Sook’s birthday to keep her family together and her daughter-in-law away from her son’s deeds. Kim tries to expose In-Ho in front of Jung-Sook as well but she brushes him off and rushes towards the dinner her family planned.

She is just about to leave the hospital when her fellow colleague coos over Seung-Hee’s Instagram profile. Jung-Sook, being the curious kitten she is, takes an interest in that as well. She then discovers the numerous locations Seung-Hee travelled to and connects the dots. In-Ho either took sick leave or pretended he went to a conference at the same time Seung-Hee posted a picture. 

In the climactic scene, Jung-Sook walks into the hotel, well-groomed and well-aware of In-Ho and Seung-Hee’s relationship. Jung-Sook does the same thing Eun-Seo did, dragged Seung-Hee along with her. Doctor Cha Episode 8 ends with In-Ho’s face being a canvas of dread. The next episode couldn’t come fast enough!

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