Doctor Cha Episode 7 Recap And Ending Explained! Does Jung-Sook Survive The Life-Threatening Accident?

Some series drip melodrama and stick consistently to it, yet we can’t help but fall to their charm. Netflix’s latest melodramatic K-drama, Doctor Cha, is one such guilty pleasure the lot of us cannot help but binge-watch. It has become our evening watch every weekend. This weekend Netflix premiered Doctor Cha Episode 7, a highly anticipated instalment of the series. The previous episode left us with some engrossing cliffhangers and major questions, making this new episode even more anticipated.

Will Jung-Sook come across her husband, In-Ho’s infidelity? Will Doctor Roy Kim finally unveil the truth? How would In-Ho react to his daughter, I-Rang’s aspirations to pursue art instead of medicine? Well, the answer to all those questions is here for you in this Doctor Cha Episode 7 recap and ending explained!

Doctor Cha Episode 7 Recap: In-Ho Throws A Childish Fit

Doctor Cha Episode 7 Recap And Ending Explained

Directed by Kim Dae-Jin and Kim Jung-Wook Netflix’s latest K-drama, Doctor Cha follows the story of a housewife-turned-doctor, Cha Jung-Sook. She is your typical mother who left her everything–be it a stellar medical degree or her identity–to sustain her new family and newborn. 2 decades later, after witnessing the death from up close, Jung-Sook decides to pursue her long-lost dream of becoming a surgeon. As she joins Gusan University Hospital, where her husband, In-Ho and his girlfriend, Seung-Hee, work, the dynamics of their relationships undergo a drastic transformation–this major revelation is yet to happen though.

Jung-Sook and In-Ho’s daughter, I-Rang, doesn’t want to continue her family’s legacy and become a doctor. While her elder brother, Jung-Min, is practising as an intern at the same hospital, I-Rang wants to pursue art. While Jung-Sook keeps secretly helping I-Rang, In-Ho is left in the dark. Now, though, In-Ho gets to know about I-Rang’s pursuit and throws a childish fit.

Well, no surprises there.

In-Ho and Jung-Sook get into a major melodramatic fight with the former throwing away I-Rang’s paintings and other stuff. In-Ho pulls off the funds and orders Jung-Sook to take care of the fees on her own. Indeed, a self-centred punk, I know. Yet, as Jung-Sook steps up and mends her daughter’s tarnished dreams, the series becomes an addictive watch.

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Does Roy Unveil The Truth To Jung-Sook?

One of the most important questions Doctor Cha Episode 6 left us with, isn’t it? Now that Roy Kim has got to know about Seung-Hee and In-Ho’s alleged relationship, the series stands at a crucial stage. The sword is dangling above Seung-Hee and In-Ho’s head, who knows when would it slaughter them?

Kim nearly reveals the truth to Jung-Sook but Ae-Sim, In-Ho’s mother, steps in and unknowingly steals the moment. Jung-Sook is still blissfully unaware of her husband’s relationship with his once-best friend, Seung-Hee. Though doubts are creeping up on her insistently, Jung-Sook has a long way to go before reaching the ultimate truth.

Meanwhile, Jung-Sook comes across a different yet significant–and may I add stupidly naive?–truth. Jung-Sook’s senior, Dr Jeon, who keeps ordering her son, Jung-Min, around, is not just his senior but girlfriend. While we knew that from the start, it is indeed a revelation to Jung-Sook!

A Major Revelation: Eun-Seo Is In-Ho’s Daughter

Doctor Cha Episode 7 Recap And Ending Explained

It seems like Doctor Cha Episode 7 is brimming with revelations. The last episode hinted at Seung-Hee’s daughter, Eun-Seo, being strangely butter towards her so-called best friend, I-Rang and Jung-Sook. Why? This new episode answers it very well. It is because Eun-Seo knows In-Ho is her father and her mother tried to steal someone else’s husband. Of course, Seung-Hee is yet to achieve the task wholly.

When Seung-Hee confronts Eun-Seo, the latter is quick to point out what a disappointment her mother’s relationship with In-Ho has been. 15 years earlier, Seung-Hee, moved to America and fed Eun-Seo a dramatic lie. Seung-Hee claimed that she divorced her husband while in fact, she never got married to In-Ho or anyone else as far as the makers have portrayed. Everyone in this series is hiding a ton of secrets and has carefully constructed a wall around those secrets.

Doctor Cha Episode 7 Ending: Jung-Sook Yearned For One, Now She Has Two Admirers!

As Doctor Cha Episode 7 nears the climax, Gusan Hospital University has become a centre of dramatic patients. After Chairman Oh, the makers brought in a new patient who suffers from a genetic disease. Though he initially tries his hardest to fight for his life, he gives up when his wife’s parents ask him to divorce her. Feeling dejected this patient ends up on the rooftop of the hospital, ready to grant his father-in-law his wish.

Jeong-Sook makes a grand entry but instead of dragging him down, she sits beside him on the rooftop. Meanwhile, a ruckus surrounds the hospital with everyone being frenzied. Kim and In-Ho race to the rooftop upon hearing that Jung-Sook is with her patient. Jung-Sook convinces her patient and it seems like he has given up as he stands up. But instead of stepping down, he jumps off the building and since Jung-Sook tries to hold his hand, she, too falls down.

She is saved thankfully by the police officers. Once again, Kim and In-Ho rush down and cause a scene in front of the whole hospital and the media as well. In-Ho, who never even talks to Jung-Sook in front of their colleagues much less embraces her as his wife, holds her hand and asks her whether she is okay. Kim, however, takes a step ahead and straightaway hugs Jung-Sook as the credits start to roll down. What a hilarious ride Doctor Cha Episode 7 has been, right?

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