Garmi Season 2 Release Date: The Sequel Of The Political Thriller Arriving Soon!

Tigmanshu Dhulia as usual did a great job making Garmi Season 1 which was released on 21st of April 2013. The movie as a regular Dhulia movie brought the complex topics including politics and student’s involvement. It involves a bit of political powers and its dynamics and involvement in student’s life. Dhulia focuses on student politics the most to attract the maximum number of audience including youths.

Story Of Season 1

The story revolves around a civil service aspirant who is an intelligent and hard working boy. He moves to the city for his preparations. However finds himself encroached and entangled in the dirty college politics. The questions arouse here is whether he will be successful in fulfilling his dreams? Will he of become a civil servant or his fate has different plans for him?

The dialogues in the movie with the simple and catchy language used was highly appreciated. However the narrative and story-line did not offer such an interesting turn. It was highly criticised because of the confusing plot. Unlike portraying characters as negative and positive, all of the characters were mostly depicted as neutral. 

Garmi Season 1 Review

In Spite of the great efforts and expectations from season 1, it did not reach that height and has been rated 2.5 by the critics. As stated by them, season 1 is not for everyone. It is not the usual entertainment movie and is quite different from real life political drama.

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Garmi Season 2 Release Date

It will be clarifying all the unanswered questions of Season 1. The rivalry between the different gangs reaches its utmost level. Arvind becomes the centre of the show with all the rage and rivalry from all sides. Season 2 will show his situation when his rage and anger takes a big turn and changes the whole scenario.

In Spite of the drawbacks in the story line, season 1 has grabbed the attention of its audience. Hence a fresh new season of the same has been expected. The sources confirm that the new season is about to get released in the coming year that is 2024 on OTT platform Sony LIV. It is expected that the next season will consist of 9 episodes of approximately 45 minutes each.

Cast of Garmi Season 2

Garmi Season 2 Release Date

The cast of Garmi Season 2 includes mostly the same faces however few new faces shall be introduced in the next season. The main characters includes Arvind Shukla portraying the role of Vyom Yadav; Bindu Singh portrayed by Puneet Singh; Mukesh Tiwari as Dilbag; Pankaj Saraswat as Jaiswal; Disha Thakur playing the role of Surabhi; Dheerendra Gautam in the role of Ajay; Anushka Kaushik in the role of Ruchita; Jatin Goswami in the role of Mrityunjay Singh; Govind Maurya portrayed by Anurag Thakur; Vineet Kumar playing the role of Bairagi Baba.

Expected Plot Of Garmi Season 2

The unanswered questions which did not get any conclusion in the Season 1 which involves the unattended questions of whether Arvind Shukla is still surrounded by all his enemies? Whether Bindu Singh is out of coma or is leading a normal life? Whether Mrityunjay Singh is still waiting for Bindu Singh to come out of Coma and capture him? Whether Arvind Singh rises from a college political figure to a bug politician of the area?

Many such unanswered questions which are revolving in the heads of the audiences are still to be answered and their wait shall get over by 2024 and the answers to all their queries and confusion shall be cleared in Garmi Season 2.

It has also been verified by the sources that a major portion of TV production and other related work of the season 2 has also been done and the announcement of the new project shall be made soon.

Dhulia’s movies are generally predictable, based on real life but by some are considered to be cringe and a replica of his previous work ‘Hasil’. The unanswered questions of Garmi Season 1 shall be cleared in the season 2 of the series. The interesting ending and the plot-twists which proved to be beneficial for the film- makers in bringing the attention of the audiences led to the making of the new season.

1. Who is the producer of Garmi Season 1?

Hemal Thakkar and Swaroop Sampat

2. Who is the Director of Garmi?

Tigmanshu Dhulia

3. Where can you watch Garmi?

It is available on Sony LIV

4. When is Season 2 releasing?

It is expected to release by Mid year of 2024

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