The Good Bad Mother Season 1 Episode 1 Recap And Ending Explained: Do Both The Characters Gets Separated?

K dramas have always been something that we have loved and something that has been giving us many great releases over time. However recently there has been a lot of hype regarding this series and that has been quite because of the unique name and the story of the series which we have seen in the teaser as well as the trailer of the series. For those who are wondering what this is about, we all love our mothers, right? But sometimes we end up being in a fight with them and at the same time, we say or assume many things bad about her, whereas the only thing that she wishes for is our welfare. It’s about such a mother, who has got quite strict ways which may not be approved by all, but at the end of the day she wishes for the best for her child and that has ended up messing with how the son turns out to be. The first episode of the series has been really touching and it tells us the main back story from where the history started between our mother.

Now as we know the series has got quite long episodes, and if we look at the ending of the first episode, you all are surely going to get a bit messed up, as the episode ends there comes a scene where the son does the entire wrong which the mother has been trying to worries however if you have been confirmed because we will cover the entire recap of the episode as well as explain the ending very well.

The Good Bad Mother Season 1 Episode 1 Recap

The first episode starts with somewhat of a very bright start, and there we get to see, Yeong Soo riding her truck and delivering cattle feed to everyone because she runs a small business of it, or as we may say she is an employee there. Now she ends up receiving gifts instead of payment which ends up angering the owner of the shop, but when he listen that he has received a gift from the woman he likes, he ends up being distracted. Soon we see a handsome young man, bring a pig to the shop and Yeong is very excited and happy, soon the man gets on his knees and tries to propose to Yeong with a ring tied to the pig, but the pig ends up running away and they both chase the pig, finally catching it, we realize Yeong has been proposed and they both marry each other.

Following that we see a time skip, where the couple is very happy and they are expecting a baby very soon, but their happiness completely dies, where because of the Olympics, the husband is being threatened with clearing the pig farm or demolishing it as it will be near the torch bearers run and will be telecasted to the world. However he opposes and gets into a fight, he launches a complaint and visits a lawyer, but soon we get to see that the goons end up burning down the farm in the middle of the night. The case moves up to the court of law, but because of every witness even the man’s friend lying, they lose the case. However soon he confronts the friend and gets proper evidence and takes it to the prosecutor, but that doesn’t work anyhow as the prosecutor is bought with the goon’s money, and he ends up telling the goon about the evidence.

Soon we get to see that the goons end up killing the man and portraying it as a suicide which leaves Yeong completely devasted. She moves the house and goes to a local neighborhood where she ends up opening the pig farm again but she is close to the delivery. When the locals complain about keeping a pig farm in the locality, she gets into a fight but that ends up breaking her water, and the delivery is made in that instant at home only with the help of localities, and solving most of the problem with the pig farm. We also get to see that another woman who is pregnant breaks her water and Kang  Ho the newborn child of Yeong gets his first friend who is born in their house as well.

From childhood only, Kang Ho has got no life as her mother only allows her to study as she asks him to be a prosecutor and bring justice to his father, because of this Kang is often bullied in school and is under social pressure, whereas the only person who stands beside her is Mi Joo his first friend. They end up being really close and due to some prank pulled on them they get locked up during their school time, and bringing chaos to their family, Yeong gets very mad because of the fact that he was spending time with Mi Joo and doesn’t like it. However Kang ends up dating Mi and during his last exam, mi has come to wish him luck, however, she gets into an accident which makes Kang miss his exam and Yeong reacts. That is when Yeong and Kang confront each other and Kang calls her a bad mother and sets his goal to become a prosecutor and get away from his mother’s hand.

However we again see a time skip where Kang is a prosecutor now and he does the same thing to some other family which his father’s prosecutor does, and he ends up telling the goons about the evidence that he receives from the victims.

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The Good Bad Mother Season 1 Episode 1 Ending Explained

The ending is not quite complicated but who haven’t been following the story, it will be a little difficult to understand, kang’s father died because of the fact that the prosecutor to whom he had submitted the evidence betrayed him and told it to the goons who ended up taking his life. Now Kang though he has become a prosecutor, isn’t a good person, because of the constant hatred he has borne in his heart towards his mother and ends up doing the same thing to some innocent family, who trusted him with the evidence of their innocence.

Now when it comes to Yeong, she has got the same bad relation with Kang because of creating excessive pressure on Kang, and in the end they both end up getting distant from each other.

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