Is The Oshi No Ko Manga Finished?: Everything We Know About The Manga Till Date

Just a decade ago we were not familiar with how the idol industry works. But now we are familiar with it. Being part of various fandoms, we know very well and clearly how toxic the fandoms can be. The recent Amazon Prime web series Swarm is about this. Based on this very phenomenon of real life, the manga Oshi No Ko has been created. This is a fairly recent manga. Oshi No Ko started to be created in 2020. The recent anime adaptation of the manga has been appreciated by all the fans. As of now, fans are wondering if the manga has come to an end or not.

Is The Oshi No Ko Manga Finished?

As mentioned above, Oshi No Ko manga began to be serialized in 2020. Since then it has been three years, and the manga is currently an ongoing one. It has completed 100 chapters, and more of it will come in this year. The manga is taking interesting turns as the idols are slowly discovering various truths about the dirty past. As of now, we can have the liberty of enjoying the manga.

Like the manga, the anime is also an ongoing one. The anime has only received two episodes for now. We are expecting the first season of the anime to have 12 episodes that will cover some parts of the manga. Oshi No Ko manga currently has 11 volumes. Each volume of the manga comprises 10 chapters. Now, manga chapters are long, as we already know. Hence, a volume consisting of 10 manga chapters is more than enough, to be honest.

Currently, we have received no information regarding the end of the manga. The creator of the manga wants to continue it further, but it will probably come to an end soon, and that ending will surely not at all disappoint us.

Creation Of The Oshi No Ko Manga

Aka Akasaka and Mengo Yokoyari are currently invested in the task of writing and illustrating the manga Oshi No Ko respectively. Shueisha is the Japanese publisher of the manga. Oshi No Ko English versions are getting published in North America by The Yen Press. The manga panels appear in the Weekly Young Jump.

Following the creation of the manga, the Doga Kobo production unit took it upon themselves to come up with the Oshi No Ko anime version.

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Let Us Know The Story Of Oshi No Ko

Aka Akasaka has come up with the manga Oshi No Ko which looks upon the entertainment industry and the hazards of it. The manga, to some extent, becomes realistic when it delves into the atrocities carried out by certain crazy fans on their idols. Love for the idols becomes extremely violent in certain cases which can lead to dangerous acts.

Ai Hoshino is a famous idol in the manga. The story unfolds with her. At the beginning of the manga, she is pregnant and is under the supervision of Dr Gorou Amemiya. Everything was going fine. As a result, Ai was happy with her life, and she was also excited to become a mother. However, happy things do not last very long. Her happiness is cut short when her doctor and she both get murdered. Ai is murdered after the birth of her twins.

Will the twins avenge their mother? How will they know the secrets about themselves? Are the twins going to know ever that one of their family members is involved in the murder mystery? You will get answers to your questions once you read the manga.

The murder of Ai Hoshino

Ai Hoshino gets murdered in the manga, as has been already stated. She gets murdered by none other than a crazy fan of hers. But why will a fan murder their idol? That idol whom they are crazy for. There lies the mystery. The crazy fan does the job of murdering their idol, but who, in reality, is behind the pathetic deed? That will be revealed to us by the twins, Ai’s children.

Ai Hoshino’s Kids

The kids of Ai Hoshino have followed in the footsteps of their mother. In the manga, Aquamarine Hoshino and Ruby Hoshino have both grown up to become idols. Now that they have got a strong foothold in the entertainment world, they can dig up the case of their star mother’s mysterious murder. The interesting fact about Aquamarine Hoshino is, he is a reincarnation of the doctor Gorou who was supervising the pregnancy of Ai Hoshino.  

FAQS About Oshi No Ko

1. Has the Oshi No Ko manga been adapted?

Yes, Oshi No Ko manga is getting adapted into an anime version.

2. Is Oshi No Ko available online?

Yes, Oshi No ko manga is available online.

3. What is the recent volume of Oshi No Ko manga?

The 11th volume is the recent volume of the Oshi No Ko manga.

4. Which twin is the reincarnation of Dr Gorou?

Out of the twins, Aquamarine Hoshino is the reincarnation of Dr Gorou.

5. Why was Dr Gorou murdered?

Dr Gorou was murdered because he was supervising the pregnancy of Ai Hoshino.

6. Is Oshi No Ko good?

Yes, Oshi No Ko is a good manga.

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