Zoe Kazan Movies And TV Shows: A List For You To Binge Watch!

Now we are here to talk about one of the most talented artists in the industry right now. Zoe Kazan maybe just be 39 years old, but she has spent nearly 20 years of her life being a part of the acting industry and has made quite a huge name, with an extremely huge fan base spread all over the world. Now this is not only because she is completely gorgeous and many people out there have got a crush on her, but we also need to consider the fact that she is an amazing actress, screenwriter as well as a playwright.

Now following this, if you have been a Zoe Kazan fan, and are looking for movies, where she has excelled in her artistry, then don’t worry, we have listed down all the works she has ever been related to in her life.

Zoe Kazan Movies And TV Shows

1. Swordswallower And Thin Men

Zoe Kazan Movies And Tv Shows!

This movie came out in the year 2003 and is basically the story of how a love story falls apart and when nothing is in our hand, and someone wants to move on, we can hold them onto us. There are various aspects to the story and Zoe played the role of Samantha who is the main character in the movie. This movie marks the start of her career.

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2. The Savages

This movie came out in the year 2007 and is one of the less-known works of Zoe, she acted as one of the side characters in this movie, and it’s the story of two siblings who have ended up in such circumstances that they have to take care of her father and nothing is in their hands. They slowly understand what family responsibility is.

3. Fractures

This movie also came out in the year 2007 and is basically one of those movies which have Zoe just as a side character and nothing more, it has Zoe playing one of the side characters in the movie.  It is basically a detective story, where the main detective is looking for a case to get a promotion but ends up confronting a mastermind.

4. In The Valley Of Elah

This movie also came out in the year 2007 and again has got Zoe as a side character but that doesn’t change the fact that she did a splendid job in the character. In this movie we basically see an ex-army guy, participating with the local police with the intention of saving his son who has disappeared out of nowhere.

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5. Medium

This is a 2007 tv series in which also we see the appearance of Zoe, however, she was only a guest for a few episodes after which she was not seen, for those wondering what is this show related to, it is a supernatural show, the show is basically the story of a medium through which souls interact with humans and the experiences of people around her.

6. August

Again as this was just the start of her career, in this 2008 movie, she got a very small role, but the movie was an excellent watch, which is based on a small startup company that will achieve different heights in the future and the founder of the company.

7. Me And Orson Welles

We all know who Orson Welles is and this movie is basically the story of when a small boy is cast in the theatres, to play a character in Julius Ceaser and that play is directed by Orson Welles himself when he used to be young. The experience and everything were signified in the play and following that here too Zoe played quite an important role.

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8. The Revolutionary Road

Revolutionary Road is one great movie on this list and one of the finest works, Zoe has been involved in, this movie stars Leonardo DiCaprio, and following that it’s a romantic drama where a couple while trying to raise their kids, face problems in doing so and they also have personal issues to deal with.

9. The Exploding Girl

It’s basically a 2009 movie, and one of those where Zoe ended up getting the main role finally and people started recognizing her talent. In this movie, we get to see a love story that buds between a girl suffering jaz syndrome and one of his childhood friends.

10. The Private Lives Of Pippa Lee

It’s another movie where Zoe played quite an important role while she belonged to the Lee family, its basically the story of a woman who was married to a published and in her past, she had some traumas related to her parents, now after staying in binding for all these years she has decided to break them off and leave.

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11. I Hate Valentines Day

This movie came out in the year 2009 and Zoe stars in it as another side character but this time again as an eminent one, the story is a romantic comedy, where a girl who has a philosophy of never going on more than 5 dates with a man, changes when she meets a new guy who moved in her neighborhood.

12. It’s Complicated

As the name suggests this 2009 movie is quite complicated, it’s the story of a divorced couple, who end up falling in love again during their son’s graduation, but this time one of them is married and things end up being completely different.

13. Happy, Thank you. More. Please.

It’s basically a compilation of stories, we follow various couples, who end up being connected to each other in some way, but at the end of this 2010 movie, we find out Zoe is playing a role as one of the couples, and overall, not a great show but can be given a try.

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14. Meek’s Cutoff

This 2010 movie is actually a great watch and though there have not been many names for it, you can give it a try, where we see a group of travelers stranded in a desert while their guide meek is quite confused about the region which makes the travelers lose trust in him, and they end up trusting someone whom they were not supposed to.

15. Bored To Death

Now Bored to Death is a tv series that came out in the year 2011 and was quite funny Zoe played the role of Nina and was seen for almost 4 episodes, and It’s basically a comedy show here a writer who acts as a private detective goes on different cases and ends up messing things up more. It’s written funny but not that popular.

16. Ruby Sparks

Now ruby sparks are one great movie, that you all should go for it came out in the year 2012 and has Zoe starring as one of the main characters, here a writer is struggling with writer’s block when he starts falling in love with an imaginary girl and started writing about her but suddenly she ended up being real and everything the boy wrote about her came to be true.

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17. Some Girl(s)

It is a 2013 movie that has been talked about quite a lot and has git Zoe starring as one of the main actors in the movie, it’s basically a comedy movie, where we get to see a man who is all set to get married, goes around visiting all his exes whom he has mistreated once in his life and he may have ended up with them, but things didn’t end up being that easy by the end.

18. The Pretty One

The pretty one is one of the finest works of Zoe Kazan, where we get to see them as the main character in the movie, but she plays two roles and both being of twin sisters. One is a celebrity and the other is not that able and dreaming of the life the other one leads, but due to some circumstances the notable one has to take over, but will she continue being a fraud or not will only unravel as the story proceeds?

19. The F Word

Another great masterpiece came out in the year 2013 and we also know this movie as What If, we get to see Danielle Radcliff, as well as Adam Driver, starring in this movie with Zoe Kazan, and it’s basically a romantic drama where a guy with many failed relationships, finally meets a girl who is just perfect for her and they start falling in love in the veil of friendship because the girl already has a boyfriend.

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20. In Your Eyes

This 2014 movie is another masterpiece by Zoe Kazan and she plays the lead character in this movie, it’s a complex movie but at the end of the day it’s a romantic one, where we get to see two people from very different places start getting a telepathic connection using which they can feel each other surroundings while both go on different journeys. It’s a beautiful movie and absolutely a great watch if you are looking for something very amusing and romantic.

21. Olive Kitteridge

This beautiful mini-series came out in the year 2014 and was great work, to be honest. This series didn’t achieve much fame but is actually based on a very famous novel of the same name, however here we get to see Zoe in all four episodes of the series and it’s the story of an old retired school teacher who has been suffering from depression and many other personal problems and is finally going to deal with it.

22. Our Brand Is Crisis

A consultant was asked to help a politician in getting into power and the only way she could think of bringing him to power was through calamity so she ends up bringing the crisis to the state and letting the rivals fight against each other. This movie came out in the year 2015 and though it was quite hyped the movie was actually not a hit, and though Zoe played quite an influential role in the movie, it is not that great of a watch.

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23. My Blind Brother

This 2016 movie has got Zoe playing quite a side character but practically the movie is very funny and worth a watch as there is a great story that follows two brothers chasing the same woman, one being very qualified and blind while the other being physically able but incompetent in other aspects. The ratings of the movie were also quite good and the comedy character that involves Zoe is quite worth a watch.

24. The Monster

Another great watch, where we get to see Zoe playing the role of a mother however not a good one to be honest. It’s a horror movie and it is not meant for weak-hearted ones. The movie follows the road journey of a mother and daughter while they end up hitting a wolf with their car and encountering a monster who is scared of light, but will both of them escape the monster alive, or the mother and daughter duo will both end up getting slaughtered by the monster in the woods.

25. The Big Sick

It’s a 2017 movie that is a complete rom-com, almost every one of us loves this kind of movie and it tells us the story of two people from different cultures who end up falling in love but end up clashing in the near future because of their cultural differences. However, when one of them falls extremely sick, the other realizes his true feelings for his partner and ends up acting as the responsible one.

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26. The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs The Kindness Of Strangers

This 2017 movie is a Netflix production and it’s basically an American tale of the 90s and has got lots of different characters and brings forward a dramatic story representing the loves of those times and the different cultures that used to exist back then.

27. The Deuce

This show received a total of 3 seasons and was quite an engaging show back then. The first season was released in 2017 and it tells us the tale of the 1970s when everything in the underworld ended up being shady it was controlled by two brothers who had drugs, pornography, and every illegal thing at their fingertips but also had got some dark things to deal with.

28. The Plot Against America

This is a mini-series which became very famous and it is quite interesting as well from the reviews we have received. We get to see Zoe playing a quite significant role and starring in many episodes and overall the show is basically a different type of American history where in this hypothetical world, some leader has turned America into a fascist country, and the Jewish family here are struggling.

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29. Cryptozoo

This movie doesn’t actually belong on the list as it came out in the year 2021 and is based on some NFT-based concept which is itself very confusing and has no proper meaning behind the movie. This movie has only got Zoe giving the voice to some characters and nothing more than that.

30. Clickbait

This 2021 mini-series has got Zoe Kazan playing quite an important role and it exposes the dark side of social media, in most of the episodes of the story we find a father who has got missing and suddenly he appears on social media a video where if his video reaches 5 million views, he will end up dying. The dark secrets now need to uncover.

31. She Said

This movie is a 2022 must-watch on the list and here we get to see Zoe Kazan in action after a long time, she stars as a reporter who is all set to bring out the cycle of sexual assault that has been going on in Hollywood for years and while she tries to do many things come her way, but she doesn’t forget her duty as a journalist.

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