Doctor Cha Episode 1 Recap And Ending Explained: Jung-Sook Stands At The Threshold Of Death!

Often, we succumb to the needs of the present, to what the situation demands and not what we desire. Netflix’s latest K-drama, Doctor Cha, revolves around a doctor turned housewife, Cha Jung-Sook. She left her flourishing career and devoted herself to her children and become a stay-at-home housewife. Now, after 2 decades, Jung-Sook stands at a crucial stage in her life. Where nothing seems to work, with no one to turn to, Jung-Sook is faced to make a huge decision and choose whether she should start focusing on her career now.

Directed by Kim Dae-Jin and Kim Jung-Wook, Doctor Cha is a comedy medical drama. Starring Uhm Jung-Hwa in the titular role, Netflix has recently released the first episode of this medical comedy. In this Doctor Cha recap and ending explained, let us take a closer look at Jung-Sook’s journey!

Doctor Cha Episode 1 Recap

The setting of Doctor Cha is quite simple with a housewife now planning to turn 20 years back in her life and start fresh. She has left her medical career behind and turned into a full-time housewife. The reason, however, is still not known to us. Since Doctor Cha is scheduled for weakly release on Netflix with two episodes premiering on weekends, we will discover the reason behind Jung-Sook’s transformation soon.

Doctor Cha Episode 1 is the first step towards Jung-Sook’s transformation journey. It begins with introducing us to an unhappy wife and a troubled mother, Jung-Sook. It has been 10 years since Jung-Sook and her husband started to live in separate rooms and limited their interactions. I assume Jung-Sook and Seo In-Ho, are sticking together just for their kids, Jung-Min and Yi-Rang. In-Ho’s relationship with his colleague and best friend more than affirms my belief.

Despite having a loveless marriage and two adult kids who could take care of themselves easily, Jung-Sook finds it difficult to put herself above them. But when she hops on a bus and finds a man falling unconscious, the doctor in her shines bright. She calls the ambulance in which Doctor Roy Kim helps her calm down. The first brick of the wall has been kept here with Jung-Sook mulling over her lost career.

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The Life Of A Housewife Isn’t The Delight We Suppose It Is

Doctor Cha Episode 1 Recap And Ending Explained

Be it a housewife or a career woman, each of them needs to be credited enough but sadly they don’t often get the recognition they deserve. Housewives, especially, are considered to be less worthy even in such an advanced era. Jung-Sook represents the struggles of being a simple housewife with such significance, it is truly commendable. While serving dinner to her family, In-Ho starts to bark orders as if Jung-Sook were a mere servant. He treats her with such iciness, it has now started to impact the kids as well.

In-Ho announces his professional trip with Seung-Hee and shirks off Jung-Sook as if she is a huge bother. Witnessing In-Ho’s reaction, Jung-Sook is left to ponder over her situation. With her kids not respecting her enough, her husband’s disloyalty and her seemingly lost identity, Jung-Sook has too much to think over. Naturally, her mind wanders towards her past when she still had dreams and was driven to fulfil them.

Jung-Sook Is Diagnosed With Acute Hepatitis

Life certainly isn’t fair and Jung-Sook’s life story proves it immensely. Until now, Doctor Cha Episode 1 seems like a slow ride to Jung-Sook’s past. As the episode nears the climax, things start to spice up. Jung-Sook has been diagnosed with acute hepatitis and needs to be admitted to the hospital. Upon reaching the hospital, Jung-Sook is once again bombarded with bittersweet memories. Meanwhile, her family members are called by Roy, who is handling Jung-Sook’s case.

After dedicating 20 years of her life to In-Ho, the least he could do is stand by Jung-Sook when she is in such a terrible position. Jung-Sook needs a liver transplant and In-Ho has been recognized as a suitable donor. One would expect that he would at least have the decency to stand by his wife in such a crucial stage but In-Ho disappoints Jung-Sook immensely. Since his mother, Kwak Ae-Sam, is strictly against In-Ho donating his liver to Jung-Sook, he decides to let his wife die.

Doctor Cha Episode 1 Ending: Some Relationships Never Work

Doctor Cha Episode 1 Recap And Ending Explained

Roy tries to convince In-Ho and so do In-Ho’s children who see their father as the last alternative to save their mother’s life. Since Jung-Sook’s cousin has also refused to help her, In-Ho is the only person with a match. While lying on what could be her deathbed, Jung-Sook is devastated to witness the chaos surrounding her. She mourns her past and the opportunity she left behind her. Upon hearing Jung-Sook, Doctor Roy decides to enliven the atmosphere for her.

Roy lets Jung-Sook be his assistant for a day and since she has a valid medical license, Jung-Sook instantly agrees. After a chaotic day at the hospital, Jung-Sook’s health starts to deteriorate quickly. After Jung-Min and Yi-Ran drop to their knees and ask their father to help Jung-Sook, In-Ho reluctantly agrees. Here arrives a major twist when In-Ho’s mother shreds the papers to pieces. 

The scene suddenly shifts to Jung-Sook’s surgery and the aftermath in which she has woken up as a new person. Doctor Cha episode 2 will be showcasing a transformed Jung-Sook and I cannot wait to witness more of her journey. The first brick of the wall has been laid, let’s see how Jung-Sook will build the wall!

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