In Real Love Ending Explained Why Did Shivam Left The Show Midway? 

IRL is now streaming exclusively on Netflix, we couldn’t have asked for a better reality show. Their social experiment worked out pretty well. At the end of the day, love won and that’s what matters. But hey there, we also witnessed a few saddened moments in the show. Just like Shivam, Sakshi too wasn’t pretty much satisfied with her dates! Shivam abruptly left the show and Sakshi ended up alone. These were the two major twists of the story.

Well, if you still haven’t got a chance to binge IRL, then what are you waiting for? Another highly dramatic and enticing Indian reality series is here, this time it’s not on MTV but on Netflix! Four incredible bachelors are on our radar. All are looking for the “right one”. It would be quite interesting to see how they handle the heat of feelings and complicated relationships and dates.

In Real Love Season 1- Why Did Shivam Left The Show Midway? 

In Real Love Season 1- Why Did Shivam Left The Show Midway? 

We didn’t see this coming, it was indeed a very emotional moment for us. Rannvijay and Gauhar said it right, Ananya had too many options to choose from. Initially, out of 8 real dates, she picked up two extremely lively boys to continue the show with. Similarly, through her online matches, she again got two more options to choose from. But at the end of the day, she did what her heart told her! She felt a strong connection with Dhruv and ultimately decided to give the ring to him. When Shivam entered the Boy’s Connection House, he was excited to catch up with Ananya. They connected really well through the video call session but in real life, it all went down the drain. After all, how could we forget about the game night? We are pretty sure Shivam didn’t enjoy the charades! 

That man could clearly sense a strong connection between Dhruv and Ananya. Again, when Shivam was given the option to marry, kill, or hook up, he decided to marry Sakshi, kill Dhruv, and the last one was given to Ananya. There was a clear communication gap between the two, or should we just accept the fact that Ananya didn’t give Shivam a fair chance? Again, when Shivam called Dhruv a “Danav”, Ananya made a blunder out of it as well.

It was all quite disturbing and insulting for Shivam and thus, he decided to quit the show. Everyone liked his presence a lot, even Dhruv was very much fond of him. He knows how to make people laugh and he could be a great company for everyone in the house. Sifat and Shimona were very upset when they heard about the whole news. It was indeed a very huge shock for them. 

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Did Sakshi Make The Right Choice By Choosing Sahib? 

In Real Love Season 1- Why Did Shivam Left The Show Midway? 

Well, we all know by now that Sakshi was the only one who didn’t get a genuine connection in the show! Forget about her online date, but in real life as well, things were extremely jumbled up for her. She genuinely had feelings for Sahib, they had a few nice dates, but it’s quite clear now that Sahib didn’t feel the same way for her. Yes, they are looking for meaningful connections but again forcing love is not the right thing to do. The water kept boiling and finally in the last episode of the show, the truth came out. 

He didn’t say this out directly but it was quite evident that he felt more inclined towards Vidushi but again the two clarified that Vidushi would want to end up with Chiragg, not Sahib! This was one of the most heartbreaking scenes for us. Despite everything, Sakshi decided to propose to Sahib but we all know what happened after her proposal!

It was quite a sad moment for Gauhar Khan as well. All in all, we do think that Sakshi didn’t choose the right boys for herself! That woman got so many options to choose from, but ultimately every guy she went on a date with, extremely disappointed her. Whether it was Pratham or Sahib, unfortunately, nothing worked out for her. By the end of her dating experience, she got to know what was right and what was wrong for her and this life lesson would stay with her forever. 

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