Is Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway Based On A True Story?

Mothers are indispensable human beings. No child can live without their mother. Although there are various cases of children growing up without their mothers, we all know when that happens, the children become miserable. The relationship between mother and children is sacred, and nobody has the right to violate that relationship. It is our mother who has to go through the pain of bearing us in her womb for nine months. This is not an easy task, right? 

Such is the story of Mrs. Chatterjee v/s Norway. The film encapsulates the fight of a mother against a whole nation for her children who are taken away from her. If you have watched the film, you may be having questions if the film is based on a true story. In this article, we will know about the possibilities. We intend to provide you with all the necessary information that has gone behind the making of the film. 

Is Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway Based On A True Story?

The simple answer to this question is Yes. The film Mrs. Chatterjee v/s Norway is based upon a real-life incident that happened with a couple almost 12 years ago in the year 2011. Before delving right into the story, let us first get to know about the storyline of the film which will help you to connect with the actual plot of the real-life incident. 

The story of the film revolves around a Bengali couple and their children. Mr. and Mrs. Chatterjee moved to Norway after they got recently married to each other. After a year, Mrs. Devika Chatterjee got pregnant with her first child, Shubh Chatterjee. However, the incidents did not start here. It was after the birth of the second child, Suchi Chatterjee that the government of Norway started to send their people into the Chatterjee household to check if the parents were suitable enough for the children. 

However, according to the Norwegian childcare system, the Chatterjee couple was framed as unfit parents for their children, and hence the children were taken away and sent for adoption. It was during this time when Mrs. Devika Chatterjee did everything under her control to get her children back from the custody of the government. 

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The story of the film has been taken from the real-life incident that happened to Sagarika Chatterjee and Abhirup Chatterjee in 2011. This Bengali couple had two children named Abhigyaan Chatterjee and Aishwarya Chatterjee. Mrs. Sagarika Chatterjee was deemed an unfit mother because she used to feed her kids by her hand and treat her kids as normal Indian mothers do. She was framed to be a threat to her children. Charges of domestic violence and an incompetent husband and father were placed upon Abhirup Chatterjee by the Norwegian government. 

As a result, Abhigyaan and Aishwarya were taken away from the couple forcefully. Mr. Chatterjee, who was desperately trying to get his citizenship in Norway confirmed, did not take the matter seriously. At one point he even gave up on his children. However, Mrs. Chatterjee did not give up on the battle. She fought against her husband and the Norwegian government. Sagarika Chatterjee went as far as involving the government of India when one of our country’s officials went to Norway for trade purposes. She pleaded to the Indian government to help her out of the situation, and her pleas were responded to a positive reaction. 

However, she had to face trouble with her in-laws’ family when her children were sent back to India under her brother-in-law’s custody. Her case went up to the Kolkata high court and was ultimately dismissed there. 

Although the situation was extremely difficult, Sagarika Chatterjee managed to navigate through all the problems and get her dear children back to her. 

Mrs. Chatterjee v/s Norway Cast

The cast of Mrs. Chatterjee v/s Norway included Rani Mukherjee, Anirban Bhattacharya, Jim Sarbh, Neena Gupta, and Barun Chanda. Besides them, others are also included in the cast who have played important supporting roles in the movie. 

Mrs. Chatterjee v/s Norway Ratings

Mrs. Chatterjee v/s Norway has gained a rating of 7.5/10 on IMDb which suggests that the movie is one of a kind. 

FAQS About Mrs. Chatterjee v/s Norway

1. Where can I watch Mrs. Chatterjee v/s Norway?

You can watch Mrs. Chatterjee v/s Norway in the theatres. The film is still available in your nearest theatres. 

2. Is Mrs. Chatterjee v/s Norway a true story?

Yes, Mrs. Chatterjee v/s Norway is based upon the real-life story of Sagarika Chatterjee and Abhirup Chatterjee. 

3. Is Norway’s government strict about children?

The Norwegian government is concerned about the children of their country, and they can take any measure which they deem to be fit for the good care of the children. 

4. Is Mrs. Chatterjee v/s Norway worth the watch?

Yes, most definitely. Mrs. Chatterjee v/s Norway is worth the watch

5. Is Jim Sarbh there Mrs. Chatterjee v/s Norway?

Yes, Jim Sarbh plays the role of Daniel who is a lawyer of the Norwegian government in the film. 

6. Did Sagarika Chatterjee involve the Indian government?

Yes, Sagarika Chatterjee did involve the Indian government in her case. 

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