From Me To You Review And Ending Explained: A Sweet Yet Powerful Tale Symbolizing The Power Of Love!

You don’t always need to have a dark past, a string of secrets or outlandish confessions. Sometimes love can bloom beneath a cherry blossom tree and get celebrated with a bowl of ramen as well. Adapted from the award-winning manga series, Kimi Ni Todoke: From Me To You, written by Karuho Shiina, Takehiko Shinjo has brought forward a live-action series. Featuring on Netflix, From Me To You, is a moving story of love and acceptance. It portrays the depth of innocence, the strength of friendship and the necessity to embrace your true self.

But, this isn’t an inspirational, outlandish series. Rather, From Me To You is a cosy romance drama that dropped on Netflix a few hours ago. In this, From Me To You Review and Ending Explained, let’s break down this 12-episode Netflix series! Take a look at the story of Sawako Kuronuma and Shota Kazehaya and whether they can find what they have been searching for.

From Me To You: Someone Finally Sees Sawako As Herself

The series begins with introducing us to our main protagonist, Sawako Kuronuma standing beneath a cherry blossom tree. Popularly known as the ghost from the Ring, Sadako, Kuronuma gives off eerie vibes. She is a considerate high-school student who has a passion for helping people. But she is often misunderstood and perceived to have telepathic abilities. Tired of being ostracized by her classmates, Sawako doesn’t open up to anyone not because she doesn’t want to have friends but because no one else can look past her appearance.

On the contrary, Kazehaya is a cheerful extrovert who befriends everyone he meets. Due to his kindness and encouraging smiles, Kazehaya is the most popular guy in Kitahoro High School. So, when Sawako and Shota meet under a cherry blossom tree, Sawako doesn’t expect him to be pleasant to her. While most of her classmates treat her like an invisible shadow, Kazehaya contradicts everyone. He stands up for Sawako, encourages her to become the best version of herself and soon becomes her inspiration. While Sawako starts to idolize him, Kazehaya harbours deeper feelings for her.

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It’s The Season Of Embracing Feelings

From Me To You Review and Ending Explained

Chizuru Yoshida and Ayane Yano, Sawako’s classmates take a shine to her. The three of them start to develop a strong bond over ramen and shopping sprees. Chizu is an athletic, boisterous and tomboyish of them all and yet she is too shy to express her feelings to Toru, Ryu’s older brother. While Chizu considers Ryu as her best friend and little brother, Ryu doesn’t share her sentiments. He often goes out of the way to keep everyone away from Chizu, even keeping his brother away from Chizu despite knowing her feelings.

The same is going on with Kazehaya, too. After Kento Miura joins the class and starts to get comfortable with Sawako, Kazehaya isn’t able to hold back. It doesn’t matter if Sawako is with Ryu or Kento, Kazehaya gets territorial and insecure, often believing that Sawako would choose them above him. Though Shota isn’t self-conscious like Sawako is, his feelings often get the better of him. Eventually, he ends up confessing his love for Sawako, who stares at him in utter disbelief. Riu and Kazehaya have wholly embraced their feelings but Sawako and Chizu are left dumbfounded.

Would Graduation Be The Goodbye?

It takes time for the girls to accept their feelings and gather the courage to express them. Sawako, being the demure, insecure girl she is, gets flabbergasted upon hearing her idol express his feelings to her. She is perplexed initially, torn between her feelings and her sullied reputation–which has started to sort out now that Sawako is willing to come out of her shell. Eventually, after mulling over Shota’s words and discussing them with Chizu and Ayane, Sawako has her answer. Sawako finds Kazehaya in the classroom alone and starts pouring her heart out.

On the other hand, Ryu is ready to accept that Chizu would probably never return his feelings. He has laid out plans for the future, away from Chizu in a foreign town. But, our rage-filled Chizu isn’t able to accept that. She halts him by confessing her love for her. While she isn’t ready to let Ryu leave the town initially, she eventually accepts that Ryu wouldn’t give up on his dream. Meanwhile, Ayane and Kento’s flourishing relationship is going downhill. Each of the couples is standing at a crucial phase in their relationship and is nearing graduation, burdened by a heavy question. Would graduation be the goodbye?

From Me To You Ending: The Timespan Doesn’t Matter, Commitment Does

From Me To You Review and Ending Explained

Pin Arai, the homeroom teacher and mentor, helps Sawako, Ayane, Chizuru and the other students decide their career paths. Kazehaya has finally convinced his menacing father that he would take over the family’s sports departmental store and be a baseball trainer at the same time. Sawako has decided to become a teacher and study at Sapporo University, away from Kazehaya and the rest. Ayane is also leaving Tokyo and Chizu decides to work at Tetsuryuken.

As each of them leaves the town, they get certain that their friendships and relationships will never change despite the distance and time. Kazehaya gives Chizuru a heart-shaped ring, promising that he will replace it with a wedding ring as soon as Sawako arrives back. And he does fulfil his promise by waiting for Sawako beneath the cherry blossom tree, a place where they met for the first time.

From Me To You Review: Karuho Shiina’s Imagination Needs To Be Applauded

Adapted from the Japanese manga series by Karuho Shiina, From Me To You, is a heartfelt tale of love and acceptance. This manga series has had 30 volumes so far and has been adapted into an anime, a live-action film and now a live-action series by Netflix. This coming-of-age Japanese romance drama does justice to its genre. The cast members do a stellar job bringing forward Karuho’s dream characters. Moreover, they stick to the plot and don’t try to overdo things.

The simplicity of From Me To You would steal your breath, its charm lies in its streamlined plot. Each character has a distinct personality and each of these personalities are intriguing enough. Moreover, the chemistry between Sawako and Kazehaya keeps sizzling throughout the series. Of course, many people could argue that the episodes seem to drag a bit but that’s what From Me To You is known for. It isn’t a hindrance but a highlight of the series.

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