The Bad Batch Season 2 Episode 15 And 16 Recap And Ending Explained!

Now as we all know the bad batch Series from the Star Wars universe has been gaining a lot of attention since the Second Season of the show. Yes, the first Season was marvelous but come on the Second Season has put the bad batch at a completely different level, where they are completely standing against the imperial forces, and along with that the sudden change in the character of the crosshair, Echo and the continues to run and chase going on between Omega and the imperial empire is just on another level.

Now as we all know in the last few episodes nothing has been going according to any prediction, the storyline is facing many ups and downs, however, the good thing is Omega is happy, that Echo has returned and she is getting his long-lost friend after a very long time. However, something horrifying is surely supposed to happen, because come on the entire story of the bad batch cannot be that peaceful with the bad batch living on the island of Pabu. Thus, we need to wait and watch what comes next and what doctor Hemlock actually plans on doing.

The last few episodes as we have already mentioned, don’t involve the bad batch going on any further missions and have been peaceful but how long is the peace going to stay with them, we always have the imperial forces looking for omega, so what will happen after that and will cross-hair live? Everything has been answered in the 15th and the 16th episode of the show, and if you haven’t watched it yet, no worries because we are going to give you the full recap and explain the ending along with all key points to be noted throughout the episode.

The Bad Batch Season 2 Episode 15 And 16 Recap

The Bad Batch Season 2 Episode 15 And 16 Recap And Ending Explained!

For the recap of the fifteenth episode, everything starts with the bad batch finding out more information about the new advanced projects of the imperial empire, they are all set to find out more about Hemlock but they couldn’t find anything from the data files, and that is where Echo comes in with information that hemlock is going to an imperial summit in Tarkins compound, Eraidu. So, the entire bad batch has the idea of tracing down hemlock and planting a homing beacon on hemlock’s ship to trace the base of his operation and find out crosshair.

Though Hunter was a little skeptical about saving crosshair, the other members do convince and it is through echoes, and help that they end up in Tarkin without any problems and through the Security posts on the basis of some passcodes he retrieves through his sources. Though the Harkins base is very protected and to go up to there, they have to disable some surveillance and climb onto a sky rail car. So, it’s up to tech who disable it and they safely land into the base.

The base is however quite an interesting place, bad batch deal with a small number of soldiers, while Hemlock and the governor go on with their discussions, and they trace out the ship of Hemlock and using the help of Omega they are able to put the homing beacon on it. However, Echo and tech find out that there are some problems with the surveillance cameras in some sectors of the base and thus they go on to check it, where they end up finding Saw Garera and his men also in the base planning to blow up the entire thing, though the bad batch is against it, as they will not be able to find hemlocks base if that happens.

Then we See all the forces retreating as the imperial forces come to know about the intrusion and while Saw Garera and his men escape, they end up blasting the entire base while the bad batch is very near to escape. However, while all this is going on the conversating that goes on between Hemlock and the governor is related to how if he finds a way to clone using omega, then they will be making great progress for the empire, and till then he will be using the clones for experiment purposes.

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Now moving on to the 16th episode of the show, it is the most interesting thing we have Seen in a while in the bad batch Season 2. We all know that the bad batch was trapped in the sky rail while they went on fighting with the troops of imperial forces, however, the imperial forces didn’t lower down and didn’t care what happened to them. It was tech who went out and tried to restart the rail but by then reinforcements had arrived and we get to see that tech is nearly on the verge of falling off the rail.

Through Wrecker tries to save him, tech decides to let it go and let them leave first, however, they don’t make a very good leave either, they end up crashing and somehow managing out of there to Cid’s place where they find some medical assistance. After a long time, Omega awakens, but this time she is devasted that tech is not there, but at the same time the imperial forces have arrived they take Wrecker into their charge, and Hunter somehow manages to Send Omega off all alone to echo’s ship while he goes on to face imperial forces, which is accompanied by hemlock himself. Hunter and Wrecker are under their charge now and it’s up to Omega to do whatever she wants to do, the only thing that we know is that she is not ready to lose them too.

She tries to confront the imperial forces, all alone, but that’s when hemlock speaks about Nala Se, and somehow tricks Omega into lowering her guard, then captures her and leaves with her, while the bad batch manages to save themselves and fight and chase them, till then they had already left. Now we are at hemlocks base, where Nala Se finds Omega after a long time, while Omega goes on to meet crosshair, and Nala Se tells hemlock that his demands are not possible but he threatens to hurt Omega and asks Nala Se to make it possible.

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The Bad Batch Season 2 Episode 15 And 16 Ending Explained

At the end of episode 15, we see that Saw Garera doesn’t care about the bad batcha and just blasts the place and leaves them in their condition which in the end makes them hang in the air-rail and fight the imperial forces. They have also lost the homing beacon which they thought they would use to trace hemlock and by the end, the entire mission Seems to be a very much unsuccessful one, but till now every one of the members is safe.

However, when we move onto episode 16, everything changes we See tech sacrifice himself for the bad batch to leave, however, they are betrayed by Cid and somehow after a thorough confrontation by the imperial forces and hemlock, they end up losing Omega and hemlock leaving with her for his base where Nala Se is there. She also finds out about her clone sister, who works in the facility and meets crosshair, while hemlock threatens Nala Se to work on the cloning mechanism or else she will lose omega.

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