Unseen Season 2 Release Date, Potential Story, Cast & Spoilers!

The title of the series itself suggests that something sketchy is going to occur in the series. Netflix is moving forward with works from countries all around the world. The platform is no longer stuck with series either from the USA or the UK. The platform is giving a chance to shows that deserve to be known all around the world. One such show is Unseen. This brand-new show is making to the headlines even before its release. You must be thinking what is going to be so special about the show? Well, as we move forward, we will provide you with all the information. 

In this article, we will discuss about the possible release dates of the show, the story of the show, its cast and also about the show’s trailer.

Unseen Season 2 Release Date

The new Netflix series Unseen is going to be released on 29th March 2023, Wednesday. We are going to get the series within a few hours, and some of us are interested in this show. The title of the show is intriguing, and we want to know what remains ‘unseen’ within the show. Season 1 of the show is going to comprise six episodes. All six episodes have been scheduled to be released once and for all on the mentioned date. The series will be launched on Netflix. 

The second season of the show has not made it to the discussions yet. There is no information regarding Unseen season 2. However, this is not the end. Unseen may have a second season. Everything is dependent on the first season of the show. If the first season of the show reaches the expectations of the audience, the demands from viewers all across the world will bring a second season to the show. However, as of now, we do not know if the creators have pre-planned to drop a second season despite the audience’s reviews. 

We do not know how the first season of the series is going to end; hence, it is difficult to predict the exact news about Unseen 2. Nevertheless, as the series gets launched, we will get to have an idea if the second season of the show is going to come. As mentioned above, there are chances that we may get a second season of the show but that is heavily dependent upon the audience. If there is any further news regarding the show, refer to our website to know the latest news. 

Unseen Season 2 Story

The story of the unseen revolves around the tasks of a woman that are ‘unseen’ to the police and some of the people. Since Zenzi Mwale is a woman who carries out cleaning tasks, nobody focuses on her presence. Hence, she is ‘unseen,’ but she uses this point to her advantage. 

Zenzi Mwale’s husband has gone missing after he has been released from jail. She does not know where to find him and where he is. She tries her best to search for her husband because, come on, who will not search for their husband if they go missing suddenly?

It is in this search that Mwale finds herself getting involved with some dangerous gangsters. She does not have any intention of killing anybody, but in the process of searching for her husband, she kills one of the members and calls doom upon herself. 

To save herself, she has to use her profession of a cleaning lady as a disguise as she keeps on killing people who get to know her truth. She does all these for that one person, her husband. Will she be able to reunite with her husband? Is her husband even alive? To get our questions answered, we will have to wait for the series to launch on March 29, 2023. 

Unseen Cast

The new Netflix show is from South Africa. Hence, the cast members of the show are South Africans. The cast comprises Gail Mabalane, Shimmy Isaacs, Vuyo Dabula, Abduragman Adams, Brendon Daniels, Hein De Vries, Mothusi Magano, Ilse Klink, Dineo Langa, Waldermar Schultz, Rapulane Seiphmo, SHamilla Ismail Mille, Lehasa Moloi, Clifford Young, and Collin Moss. 

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Unseen Trailer

The trailer for Unseen season 1 has been released by Netflix. You can watch the trailer by clicking on the link given above the article. 

FAQS About Unseen

1. Has the trailer of Unseen been released?

Yes, the link for the trailer of Unseen has been provided above. 

2. When will Unseen be released?

The Unseen 2023 Netflix series will be released on March 29, 2023. 

3. How many seasons of Unseen are there?

There is only one season of Unseen that will be released. 

4. The new series Unseen has how many episodes?

The unseen 2023 Netflix series will have 6 episodes. 

5. Is the new Netflix show South African?

Yes, the Unseen 2023 Netflix series originated in South Africa. 

6. Where can I watch the new Unseen series?

You can watch the new Unseen series only on Netflix with a subscription. 

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