What Does Heather Jones Do Now And Where Is She?

You might be shaken by watching Tiller Russell’s latest documentary series, Waco: The American Apocalypse, right? This documentary series has introduced us to various aspects of the Branch Davidians, a religious cult. Be it the standoff between the government and this religious cult or be it the stories of the victim, Russell has got us covered in this Netflix documentary. Not only are we moved by it, but we are also left wondering about the victims of the Waco siege. Or more importantly, we are left to wonder about one particular victim; Heather Jones.

The story of the then-9-year-old Jones has made every viewer of this documentary series root for her. Surviving one of the deadliest attacks in America is no joke, after all. But Heather hasn’t just survived this attack, she has been through an even bigger tragedy. Want to know more about Heather Jones and her survival story? Then, let’s begin!

Who Is Heather Jones?

We wouldn’t have been talking about Heather Jones at all if it weren’t for the Waco siege–and of course Netflix’s latest documentary. But now that Jones has come forward and expressed her heart-warming story, we are left to wonder more and more about her, aren’t we?

Heather Jones, born to Branch Davidian cult members, Kathy and David Jones, is a true warrior. She has fought with her past, her so-called religion and the monster who claimed to be a messiah. Going back in time, Jones reminisced about having a huge family. But was it a family? Jones resided in the Mt. Carmel Center with her grandparents, parents and everyone else. She had a flock of people who surrounded her always. But as time went by and her mother left, she started to become the centre of David Koresh’s attention.

Koresh, the cult leader, was supposed to be her guardian. Since he had a distinct ability to manipulate people, David brainwashed Jones’ parents as well. But he wasn’t the messiah he portrayed himself to be, he was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. David began treating Jones as if she were beneath the other girls who were trained to strive for becoming his wife. If the brutal spankings and constant taunts from David weren’t enough, fate was planning something bigger for Heather.

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Heather Jones: The Only Jones Survivor

Heather Jones

In February 1993, when the Waco siege began, there was nothing but destruction and death looming in the air. Amid all of the David mess, Heather was also being hunted by the FBI. Not only Heather, of course, many other children, too. David agreed to let Heather go but he didn’t let his family have the same luxury. But they were adults and could handle themselves better than Heather could have around a sadist like Koresh.

While the FBI saved Heather, she couldn’t be truly rescued. Her parents and other family members had to taste death, or more like they chose to taste death. The FBI members hinted that the Branch Davidians lit the fire and chose to destroy themselves. Even though the fire took away Jones’s tormentor, David Koresh, it also took away her parents.

What Does Heather Jones Do And Where Is She Now?

When Heather finally decided to open up about her horrible experience, she left everyone teary-eyed, didn’t she? And though we have all seen Heather alive and healthy in Waco: The American Apocalypse documentary, we still wonder how she left the destruction behind her. As it happens, Heather lost one parent but gained another. Katya Jones has left the religious cult and her children but when she heard about Heather’s story, she couldn’t contain herself.

Heather was then taken by her mother and has been provided with a stable childhood. But the first decade of her life has left a deep scar on her. A scar that she still harbours even after three decades. Now, Heather Jones is living in Texas with her children and trying to live her childhood through them. She is speculated to be a stay-at-home mother who is trying to heal her scars but these rumours aren’t confirmed yet. Of course, no matter how long it has been, Heather still cannot completely forget her past.

Heather Jones: FAQs

1. Who Is Heather Jones?

Heather is the survivor of the 1993 Waco Seige that ended up destroying more than 50 Americans.

2. Was Heather Jones A Part Of The Branch Davidians?

Yes, Jones was a part of the Branch Davidians not by choice but by blood.

3. Was Heather Jones Hurt In The 1993 Waco Seige?

No, Jones wasn’t physically injured in the siege.

4. How Old Was Heather Jones At The Times Of Waco Seige?

Heather was around 9 years when the Waco accident occurred.

5. Does Heather Jones Still Practice The Branch Davidian religion?

No, Jones doesn’t practice any religion.

6. Where Is Heather Jones Now?

Currently, Jones is in Texas, living her life away from the cult and their beliefs.

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