Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 6 Recap: A Ghost From The Past Throws Sung-Han Off-Kilter!

With each episode that we witness, the makers take us a step closer to Shin’s dark past. What happened to Shin’s sister, Shin Ju-Hwa, is a mystery we are all trying to unearth somehow. We all were suspecting that Ju-Hwa’s ex-husband, Jeong-Guk, was somehow involved in the tragedy. Now, that Netflix has released Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 6 a few hours ago, our suspicion has started to grow deeper.

Divorce Attorney Shin, Netflix’s latest courtroom comedy is charting high on our list of binge-worthy K-dramas. Blending in cosy romance, dark mysteries and a swoon-worthy friendship, Divorce Attorney Shin makes for a perfect weekend binge. In this Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 6 Recap, let’s explore what suspense the makers have in store for us!

Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 6 Recap

Whenever Shin gets behind the piano, his agony seems to pour out in waves. But this time, in Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 6, Sung-Han’s agony is brought to us vividly. The episode begins with showcasing Shin surrounded by graves and past memories. He’s talking to his late sister’s grave, blaming her for leaving him alone in this cruel world. Throwing accusations at Ju-Hwa and his late parents, Shin sits alone in the graveyard.

Back in the office, Choi Jun, Seo-Jin and Sae-Bom are all lazing around, wondering why Shin is running late. But Hyeong-Geon and Jeong-Sik know what made Shin saunter into the office harbouring the expression of a storm. They know how difficult of a day it is for Shin but Seo-Jin is left concerned. The episode is brimming with surprises, the most interesting one being the sudden entry of a ghost from Shin’s gloomy past.

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Who Is Ma Geum-Hee?

The lady sauntering into Shin’s office with full authority and an aura of invincibility is none other than Ma Geum-Hee, Ju-Hwa’s ex-mother-in-law. But the main question is; why such a dramatic visit? Since Geum-Hee is more of a cut-to-the-chase-directly kind of person, she wastes no time calling out Shin on his bluff. She knows it is Ju-Hwa’s death anniversary and realizes it is probably the worst day of Sung-Han’s life. Still, her brief visit to Shin makes little sense. As it happens, Geum-Hee is fond of Shin and loved Ju-Hwa deeply.

But Shin doesn’t share her sentiments, he is barely able to keep a straight face in front of Geum-Hee. When she claims that kindness is a weakness and that Shin should forego it, he is quick to remind her how his kindness has kept her seat in his office. As she walks away from Shin’s office and into her son’s place, Geum-Hee is struck with grief, too. Especially when she witnesses how Jeong-Guk and Ju-Hwa’s son, Gi-Yeong, is being treated by Young-Joo. The dynamic relationship between Geum-Hee and Young-Joo is probably the most gripping and interesting scene of the episode. At least there is someone who can stand against the tyrannical diplomat, Young-Joo.

Attorney Shin Secures Another Victory

Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 6 Recap

As we saw in the last episode, Shin has agreed to take upon Jung-Ho’s controversial divorce case. In this episode, we get to witness how Shin manages to convince Jung-Ho to try and withdraw his insurance so that they could record Jung-Ho’s wife’s reaction. And what a colourful reaction it is, strung by a literary of curse words. Park Ji-Yeon not only opposes her son’s offer to donate his liver to Jung-Ho, but she also tries to beat up Kim Ji-Sook, the hairdresser who is in love with Jung-Ho.

Even though Young-Joo has employed Yu-Seok against Shin, she can hardly let Shin breathe in peace. Yu-Seok tries to exert as much information as he can from Choi Jun who doesn’t give away anything to him. We are still undecided whether Jun is tricking Shin or Yu-Seok even if his loyalty seems to be reclining on Shin’s side. Well, even after employing so many people against Shin, our incredible attorney secures another win. He shows the recording of Ji-Yeon to the mediator even though it is illegal to do so but the meditator agrees to listen to what Shin wants to convey. But this time, even after securing another victory, Shin doesn’t seem to be ecstatic at all.

Jang Hyeong-Geon Pays His Final Tribute To Ji-Eun

When Seo-Jin breezes past Shin’s office door and finds him harbouring a melancholic expression, she cannot help but ask out Shin. His answer doesn’t only make for the cosiest moment of the episode but also the most endearing one. Shin claims that when he was fighting for Seo-Jin, her entire focus was on her son while Jung-Ho and Ji-Yeon are merely considering themselves. A swoon-worthy compliment from someone who considers Seo-Jin a mere employee, right?

While Seo-Jin and Sung-Han are getting closer, Hyeong-Geon has finally decided to let go of Ji-Eun. He has come to terms with Ji-Eun’s relationship with another man and has brought an expensive stroller for Ji-Eun’s unborn baby. Even though it breaks Hyeong-Geon’s heart to bid Ji-Eun goodbye, it is probably for the best. He simply cannot hold onto someone who is not even the slightest bit interested in him.

As the episode nears ending, Seo-Jin sits for consultation for the first time after being motivated by Shin. As the timid woman relays how her husband is using her past mental condition to Seo-Jin, we know episode 7 would be as intriguing and enthralling as Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 6 has been.

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