The Former Beatles Star Rests In The Grave: How Did John Lennon Die?

Reminiscing about the past never feels old, right? Going down memory lane, we often get lost in the memories of our beloved ones. John Lennon, the former Beatles star was no less than a musical legend. The 70s musical star has brought some ground-breaking melodies to us. But his career was short-lived and so were his moments on the planet. When Lennon’s career was supposedly at its peak, he was brought down brutally.

2023 would have marked the 82nd birthday of Lennon but as it happens, this year marks the 42nd anniversary of his death. As a celebrity, you should be able to deal with some over-obsessive fans, right? But when the said fans cross every height of insanity, there is hardly anything you could do. If you are wondering about John Lennon, or more specifically his death, you don’t need to look any further!

How Did John Lennon Die?

Lennon has been one of the most criticized singers of the decade. Some claimed that his lyrics were merely jumbled words and his presentation was poor. While the others had a different opinion and appraised John for his attempts and music. But there was someone who overstepped his boundaries and was a huge fan of Lennon. He was such a die-hard fan that he ended up killing John. Now, you must be wondering why he did so, right?

Well, this is a typical case of insane fandom, of worshipping your idol to the point you lose your sentience. When Mark David Chapman put a bullet in John’s back and shoulder, John was promoting his latest album with his wife entitled Double Fantasy. This musical couple was receiving backlash for creating what is supposed to be an artistic betrayal. But then, when Lennon was killed drastically, this album started to garner attention and became one of the most commercially successful albums of John. 

So, was all of this planned? Is John’s wife, Yoko Ono, to be blamed for his death? Certainly not. Lennon’s death is all on Mark, who single-handedly put four bullets into Lennon’s back and sat there reading from a novel as some kind of nerd–insane nerd actually.

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Would John Lennon Have Been Ruling The Music Industry Now If He Were Alive?

How Did John Lennon Die?

Ono has been Lennon’s best friend and co-worker first, their relationship has been exemplary. Even now, Ono opposes Mark’s parol. It wasn’t Ono who planned John’s death but Chapman. Mark’s obsession with John and each word he said led Lennon close to his death. Mark’s wife, Gloria, knew her husband opposed John’s recent albums and egoistical comments but she didn’t find it alarming. Even when Mark showed her the gun and the bullets he wanted to use on John, Gloria chose to stay quiet.

Chapman’s obsession with the Beatles star started to turn deadly to the point of no return. Eventually, as Mark started to read the novel, The Catcher in the Rye, he wasn’t able to control himself and wound up killing John brutally. Many claim that he did it for publicity and while it was part of the reason why Mark became obsessed with John, it isn’t just that. John’s comments and Mark’s unhealthy mental state led dark thoughts to seep into Mark’s brain until eventually, he started to act on it. If Chapman would have tried to run away, many other legendary music stars would have had the same fate as John Lennon.

Back to the question, Lennon would have certainly been one of the most popular music stars. Even though his music wasn’t celebrated widely, John was onto manifesting better albums. Only, his giant ego and self-centredness–and of course, Mark’s schizophrenia–cost him his life and career. Had John Lennon been alive, he would be the centre of hundreds of controversies and thousands of music albums. He would have been a huge name in the industry. Nonetheless, Lennon is still deeply missed by his peers and family.

John Lennon’s Death: FAQs

1. Who Was John Lennon?

John Lennon was a songwriter, composer, singer, author and popular guitarist.

2. How Did John Lennon Die?

Lennon died due to excessive bleeding and 4 gunshots to his back and shoulders.

3. Who Killed John Lennon?

Mark David Chapman killed Lennon.

4. Why Did Mark Chapman Kill John Lennon?

Lennon’s egoistical comments that compared him to Jesus led Chapman to get angry at Lennon. His anger turned into an obsession and Chapman ended Lennon by putting bullets into John’s back.

5. When Did John Lennon Die?

Lennon was murdered on December 8, 1980.

6. Was John Lennon’s Killer Arrested?

Yes, Lennon’s killer, Mark Chapman has been arrested and sentenced to life.

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