Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 5 Recap: Another Baffling Case Awaits Sung-Han!

Currently, on its fifth episode, Divorce Attorney Shin keeps bringing us new cases and new drama! It is brimming with hilarious absurdity, cosy romantic moments and gripping drama. This courtroom K-drama has quickly become a fan favourite, we all look forward to witnessing more of Shin’s story, don’t we? Even though we get to witness two episodes every weekend, it doesn’t seem enough, right?

Now, a while ago, Netflix released the fifth episode of this highly-appraised series. And it is nothing short of what we expect from Divorce Attorney Shin. It is flooded with surprises, melodramatic scenes and emotions that keep us going through the entire 1-hour-long episode. Let’s get to the Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 5 Recap quickly and explore what the makers have brought for us this time, shall we?

Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 5 Recap

The series began with Shin Sung-Han, a pianist turned lawyer who is on a quest to help people get their rights. It is his unyielding belief in letting everyone have a fair chance at getting a divorce that has kept him going through years of struggle. When we first met him, he was a successful lawyer and a clumsy person. His personality was enthralling but the agony he hides behind that smile is captivating since it leads to his story. And that’s the centre point of the Divorce Attorney Shin series.

In the previous episodes, we witnessed how Park Yu-Seok, Shin’s competitor and enemy, has started to stir troubles for Shin. Yu-Seok has employed an intern of his law firm against Shin. He wants to take down Shin and is willing to do anything for that. Of course, their paths clashed once and now they are running parallel. We wouldn’t be enjoying Divorce Attorney Shin if it were just about Shin winning numerous cases, would we? We wait for the episodes of this series with bated breaths to discover Shin’s gloomy past and dark secrets. This episode takes us a step closer to Shin’s past and helps us get a glimpse of Shin’s attorney armour.

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Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 5: Shin Now Has A New Employee

Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 5 Recap

The episode begins with introducing us to June Man–the one who leaked Shin’s piano-playing video. And guess who it is? Yes, it is Attorney Choi, the intern employed by Park Yu-Seok. Choi is Shin’s huge fan and wants to work with him. His proposal is brutally rejected by Shin at first though. When Choi accepts that he is the one who recorded Shin pouring his heart out and singing his pain, Shin loses his temper. Thankfully, Jang is there to save Shin as always.

Jang Heyong-Geun, Shin’s assistant and best friend, acts as a mediator here and snuffs out the fire burning in Shin’s eyes. Shin reluctantly agrees to let Choi work with him since he knows about his involvement with Yu-Seok. Of course, Shin doesn’t have any idea how deeply Choi is involved with Yu-Seok. But later in the episode, Choi calls on Jang’s help and confesses it all to Shin. Since he is a huge fan of Shin and doesn’t want to hamper what little trust Shin has put into him, Choi decides it is better to come out clean.

Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 5: Did Shin Take Upon Professor Choi’s Case?

While Jang is working as a mediator here, his life is still in chaos. His almost ex-wife, Ji-Eun, suddenly calls him and asks for his help since she is suffering from a nasty stomach. And since Ji-Eun is pregnant and Jang is a kindhearted man that way, he decides to help her. But Heyong-Geun is too drunk to drive. Kim So-Yeon, the ramen shop owner and sort-of friend of Shin, Jang and Jeong-Sik, offers to help him. What she doesn’t know is Ji-Eun is still Jang’s wife and he is still harbouring feelings for her. Maybe, we have another love story aside awaiting us in the upcoming episodes.

As for our favourite couple, Shin and Seo-Jin, things have started to progress. And though our cute couple is nowhere close to acknowledging their blooming feelings for each other, they are certainly getting closer. When Attorney Choi and Jeong-Sik start to shower Seo-Jin with their undivided attention, her discomfort seems palpable. Especially when Jeong-Sik brings flowers for Seo-Jin, her self-esteem issues take hold of her sanity. She can hardly think straight but Shin calls her to sit through a consultation.

Shin now has another complicated divorce case awaiting him. The man who wants to file a divorce is suffering from liver cancer and needs to have a liver transplant. His wife isn’t ready to do so but his girlfriend is. To have his liver transplanted, he needs a divorce. Of course, Shin was sceptical about this case and didn’t want to entangle himself in such a mess. But when Seo-Jin asks him to do so, he happily obliges. Now, all we have to do is wait for Divorce Attorney Shin episode 6 to discover whether Shin wins this lawsuit or not.

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