Why Is Unexpected Season 6 Delayed? Will TLC’s Popular Get A Release Date?

Reality TV shows are gaining tremendous popularity these days, right? Sometimes we all like to leave all the scripted dramas and delve into some real-life stories. And what better than TLC’s Unexpected series? Revolving around real-life teen moms, showcasing their personal stories and connecting with us on a deeper level, the Unexpected series has become a fan-favourite for years now.

It has been over a year since we got to witness TLC’s infamous teen pregnancy show, Unexpected season 5. It goes without saying that Unexpected season 6 has been a hot topic amongst the millions of Unexpected fans. So, why the delay? Are the makers planning to cancel the series? Or they are preparing us for another controversial season? Well, let’s find out!

Unexpected Season 6

Glorifying teen pregnancy and elaborating on their journey, Unexpected series has quickly become a beloved series. Watching the teen moms struggling through the pregnancy, trying to find a stable income source and secure their child’s future is marvelling. It is a novel series that not only helps the world know about the struggles of pregnancy–especially teen pregnancy–but also gives these moms the credit for it. It celebrates motherhood in a unique manner and justifies the need for celebrating it immensely.

While it has been surrounded by steamy controversies, its fans have had their eyes set on season 6. We have all been awaiting TLC’s confirmation but so far we have nothing to go by–aside from hopes that is. Even though the makers have kept their lips sealed, some of the cast members have revealed tidbits of information. Some have hinted at joining the series for one more season while the other cast members have cleverly hinted that the makers are planning on season 6.

Even though it has been more than a year since Unexpected season 5 premiered on TLC, the makers are not yet ready to reveal anything regarding season 6. If it were any other series, we would have started to lose hope by now. But since it is TLC’s immensely populated series, we are extending our hopes for season 6. If the makers decide to release Unexpected season 6, it would be around the third quarter of 2024. If not by then, we would have to stop thinking about season 6 ever happening. Let’s hope it doesn’t come down to that.

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Unexpected Season 6: What Is The Reason Behind The Delay?

Unexpected Season 6

Now that we are talking about Unexpected season 6, it would be unfair not to pinpoint the reason it is being delayed. Season 5 was probably the most popular season of TLC’s Unexpected series. But it wasn’t just a famous one, it was the most controversial one as well. With new cast members added to this millennial show, the plot had become quite intriguing.

No surprises there since TLC cherry-picks the most dramatic stories for us. But this time, in Unexpected season 5 TLC has outdone itself. By bringing in Jason Korpi and giving him such prominent access to abuse his girlfriend, TLC has taken a huge risk. And though most of the Unexpected fans are revolting against TLC’s decision, there are multiple other fans who are defending TLC’s decision. They claim that TLC has been letting Jason and Kylen deal with their problems in their own way. 

And while that seems such a TLC thing to do, it should have drawn a line when Jason was throwing things at Kylen and throwing random accusations. Especially the part where Jason’s family members tried to justify it should have been intercepted by officials rather than the cast members. It is probably the reason why Unexpected season 6 is so highly anticipated and why it is being delayed as well.

Unexpected Season 6 Is Under A Lot Of Pressure

If we get to witness another season of the Unexpected series, we are kindling high expectations from it. We have seen multiple couples in this series who have been a disgrace to watch. But ever since we witnessed Jason and Kylen’s unhealthy relationship, our expectations from the show have increased. We never want to witness any couple like this before. More specifically, we don’t want TLC to approve of such behaviour ever again.

Since the series deals with teen pregnancies and the way the families deal with it, we cannot expect the Unexpected series to not show unsupportive families. We just want these families and especially the to-be fathers to understand the thin line behind abusing and going against the would-be mothers. There are over a million fans demanding the same, they even took to Twitter to express their desires. Hopefully, TLC and the Unexpected series’ makers would finally listen to these fans before releasing Season 6.

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Unexpected Season 6: Who Will Be In The Cast?

Unexpected Season 6

Aside from the unyielding controversies and spicy dramas, the Unexpected series is flooded with a vast cast ensemble. Each season, we get to witness different would-be mothers and their families weaving through unexpected pregnancies. So far, there haven’t been any confirmations regarding the Unexpected season 6’s cast members. Since TLC hasn’t yet opened up on the approval status of the series, we have no idea who could be in the cast this time.

If speculations are anything to go by, the fan-favorite teen mother, McKayla Adkins could rejoin the series. But since she is not a teen anymore and is due to deliver her third baby, we are not kindling high hopes for her return. Moreover, many fans are wondering whether Reanna Cline and Taron Ward would be coming back after their hiatus. But as of now, there is no confirmation regarding the cast of Unexpected season 6. Let’s hope the makers reveal the details regarding Unexpected season 6 soon!

Summarizing The Entire Unexpected Series

If it were any other series, summarizing the entire 5 seasons would be a tough endeavor. But in this case, it is surprisingly easy given the show’s format. The first season of this series introduced us to many couples who were facing an unexpected pregnancy crisis. There were many memorable couples such as Adkins and her boyfriend Caelan Morrison who made this series such a binge-worthy delight. As the seasons start to proceed further, we get to meet many iconic couples. Of course, some couples made the show a disaster, there were many couples who delivered heartfelt stories. 

Seasons 2 and 3 went by quickly, narrating many heart-warming teen pregnancy series, Then arrived Season 4 which introduced us to many characters who caught our eyes with their emotional stories such as Tyra and Alex. Then there arrived season 5 and literally blew away the show’s reputation. No pregnancy is the same and neither are their stories, TLC’s Unexpected has been highlighting this fact for 5 seasons so far. And if season 6 is confirmed, it would be a welcome addition to these stellar seasons.

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Unexpected Series Review: Stream It Or Skip It?

Unexpected Season 6

You must have understood what the Unexpected series is about by now. It chronicles the struggles of teen moms from being just a teenager to becoming unexpected mothers. It isn’t an easy journey of course. Convincing their parents of their unexpected, unplanned pregnancy is a tough endeavour that we all know. Going through all the sudden changes and bearing those harsh glares from everyone around her, no teen mom would want to go through that.

But do we need such an elaborate series to celebrate teen pregnancy? Many of the Unexpected viewers have been raising this question significantly. Why is TLC promoting teen pregnancy? Is it necessary? Well, this is certainly something that influences our decision to watch this series. It depends on your area of interest and sums it down to what you enjoy. Many people have enjoyed the series while others have been appraising it for discovering this trope. If you think you could enjoy this series and watch teen moms dealing with pregnancies and raising their children, you should give this series a try.

Unexpected Season 6: FAQs

1. What Is Unexpected Series About?

It is about unexpected, unplanned pregnancies faced by teen mothers. It revolves around their journey from receiving the news of their pregnancy to raising their child, all while dealing with the accusations and snarky glares that accompany teen pregnancies.

2. Is Unexpected Season 6 Cancelled?

No, season 6 isn’t cancelled yet but it isn’t confirmed either.

3. Why Is The Unexpected Season 6 Delayed?

It is assumed that the controversies season 5 ignited have delayed Unexpected season 6.

4. Is The Unexpected Series Worth Watching?

If you enjoy watching teen pregnancy stories and are looking for some inspirational yet dramatic scenes, you can give this series a try.

5. Is A Trailer Available For Unexpected Season 6?

No, there is no trailer available for the Unexpected season 6 yet.

6. Where To Watch Unexpected Season 6?

You could watch the Unexpected season 6 on TLC when it arrives. Meanwhile, enjoy the rest of the seasons of this popular reality show.

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