The Magicians Elephant Review And Ending Explained: Beware! You Might Watch It Again & Again!

What if I tell you there’s a huge elephant waiting for you to take you to tour destiny? Sounds pretty adventurous right? Well, not possible in the world we live in, but animated movies do these jobs for us.

The magician’s Elephant has just been released on Netflix and is making everyone ‘aw’—a perfect blend of the unique storyline, hilarious characters, and mind-blowing animation.

I have always been a fan of animated movies that starts with a pretty unique storyline, are hilarious the whole time, and end with me crying my eyes out. The Magicians Elephant is that kind of movie. Let me just explore the story a little bit, the story is about an orphan boy, Peter whose parents died in a war, and who is now being raised by a soldier (Vilna Lutz).

He thought his sister died in the war too, but he shockingly came to know that his sister is alive somewhere and now he is on a mission to find her long-lost sister. And the only way to find her sister was to follow the elephant (though there were no elephants in the town of Baltese). So, the story explores how he finds his sister with the help of a magician’s elephant. But before we get into the story and spoilers, here’s my review of it.

The Magicians Elephant Review

The story is adapted from a kid’s novel of the same name and the creators have done a fantastic job in animating it. You are going to love the characters in the movie. Peter, her cute little sister, and specially the King of Baltese.

The characters are fantastically created. And I also loved the humor they brought in small scenes. They are a mere 2-3 seconds but you are going to laugh. There is no complexity in the story, just a unique storyline explained very quickly in a beautiful manner.

In addition to this, there are very few climaxes, but that didn’t bother me while watching the film, as there was very little need for climaxes required, so I might skip it and don’t mind it. The three tasks given to Peter to win the elephant were pretty hilarious yet interesting too.

The part I loved the most was the ending, a perfect ending to the perfect story. Everything works out for peter. He meets his sister and the elephant meets his family too. What else could you expect from the ending?

And there won’t be a single moment where you will feel bored or skip parts, everything is perfect. Some of the things that could have been better were removing the fillers in between and a few more funny elements to keep the audience hooked.

The movie was generally made for kids, but I don’t think so! Everyone will enjoy it. Overall I would give it a 7/10 and suggest you watch it.

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The Magicians Elephant Ending Explained

The Magicians Elephant Review

I have already mentioned the gist of the story, and if you haven’t watched the movie yet, skip this part as there are major spoilers ahead!!

A Fortune teller tells Peter that the only way to meet her sister or find her sister is by following an elephant. There are no elephants in the town but suddenly a magician who is very bad at magic was trying to bring lilies for a madam but ended up getting an elephant.

The countess decides to get rid of the elephant for the safety of the town, but Captain Leo who knew the King always needs some kind of entertainment messages him to come and visit the elephant. So, getting rid of the elephant stuff is postponed.

Now as the King visits Bartese, Peter tells him that he wants the elephant, and as the King is kind of a weirdo, he says to own the elephant he would have to do three impossible tasks, if he succeeds, he can take the elephant.

The King tells him to fight his most prominent soldier and he wins. For the second task, he tells him to fly and wins that too. The third task was to make the countess laugh, at first, he lost but the elephant helped his friend and he won the third task too.

But until then, Peter’s mind changed and he decided to bring the elephant back to his family. When he won, he met with the magician so he could take him back to where he came from. The magicians finally succeeded with it and the elephant was sent back.

And what next, the long lost brother and sister met again, they were reunited and the movie ends!

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