Sky High Season 2 Release Date: Has Netflix Renewed The Series For Another Go?

What will happen if you get to know that your close and loved one is harmed? You will probably want to destroy the whole world and avenge your loved one. It is what normal humans do. When you love somebody dearly, you cannot bear to see them suffer. You want to protect them from all the harm and love them endlessly. However, life does not give such a chance to everybody. Fate is cruel, and fate can change everything if it wants to. Even if tragic, it is the fragility of human life that we all have to bow down to. 

Sky High is one series that deals with this exactly. The series is going to be based on the Spanish film of the name. Accurately enough the series is going to be a sequel to the film. The series is going to contain all the action and drama that you will want in your life right now. Brace yourselves up because this series is going to be amazing and going to keep you hooked. We already know that Spanish web shows are chef’s kisses. They are amazing and do we require any further proof after Money Heist and Elite? Probably not. 

Sky High Season 2 Release Date

The Sky High film was released on 22nd August 2020. The film was released in Spain on 18th December 2020. Sky High was directed by Daniel Calparsoro. The story of the film was written by Jorge Guerricaechevarria. The cinematography of the film was taken care of by Josu Inchaustegui. Vaca Films was responsible for the production of this film. 

The story of the film focused on Angel, this present series will focus on Sole and Rogelio. 

Sky High series is going to be released on 17th March 2023. The series will be made available on Netflix. The series has again been directed by Daniel Calparsoro. Sky High is scheduled to have eight episodes under itself. 

The series has been shot in Spain. The creators have decided to bring us the story of the film once again. However, the creators have not yet decided if there is going to be a second season of the brand-new series. Sky High series itself is the sequel to the 2020 Spanish thriller film. It completely depends upon the creators if they are going to bring the story one more time after its sequel has been dropped. Well, the fate of the series is probably going to depend upon its reception by the audience. 

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Sky High Story

As stated earlier, the film focused on Angel. The series is going to focus on Sole who is Rogelio’s wife, or ‘was’ to be exact. Sole is distressed because she has lost the love of her life, Rogelio, her husband to some mafia gangs. She wants to avenge her husband and at the same time give a good life to their child. She sets forth to play the role of both a bad bitch and a caring mother. 

The mafia business is now taken up by Sole after her husband’s demise. What will Sole do? Will she be able to avenge her husband? Will she be successful in her job? Well, we will get answers to all our questions when we sit down to watch this thriller series. 

The story for the second season of the show has not been decided as of now. If the second season comes, it is probably going to focus on another member of the gang. However, it is just speculation. Nothing has been confirmed about the series’ second season currently. The second season can only happen if the first is received positively by the audience. 

Sky High Series Cast

The cast of the Sky High series includes Asia Ortega as Sole, Luis Tosar as Rogelip, Alvaro Rico as Fernan, Richard Holmes as Poli, Fernando Cayo as Duque, Patricia Vico as Mercedes, Ayax Pedrisa as Motos, Alejandro Marzal as Antonio, Jarfaiter as Tono, Dollar Selmouni as Gitano, Alana La Hija del jeque as Rosa, Carmen Sanchez as Marta, and Marcos Zan as Traductor jefe mafia china. Besides them there are other cast members included as well. 

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Sky High Trailer

The trailer of the series has been released. You can find the link attached at the beginning of this article. 

FAQS About Sky High

1. Is there a Sky High film?

Yes, Sky High film was released in 2020. 

2. When will the Sky High series be released?

The Sky High series has been dropped on 17th March 2023. 

3. What is the plot of Sky High film?

The plot of the Sky High film revolves around Angel. 

4. What is the plot of the Sky High series?

The plot of the Sky High series is based on Sole as she takes over the mafia business. 

5. Sky High is in which language?

Sky High is in Spanish. 

6. Where to watch Sky High?

You can watch Sky High on Netflix but with a subscription. 

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