Rocket Boys Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Story And Predicted Spoilers!

Let us go back to history, do not worry, it will be interesting. 1914 marks the year of the first world war that ever happened in the history of human civilization. During the period of this war, various advanced technologies were used by the countries that were engaged in the war. However, fast-forwarding to the second world war, the scenario changed drastically because now science was involved in the foreground of the war. Huge tanks and bombs were used by the powerful nations to defeat the others. It became the first ever world war to use nuclear weapons. 

How was the nuclear weapon concept used? In 1941, Japan attacked Pearl Harbour which forced America to intervene in the war. This intervention led Japan to pay a great prize for 1945 was the year that saw the usage of nuclear bombs for the first time. The 6th and 9th of August respectively marks the dates of the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Since that very moment, the whole world understood the importance a nation can hold if it has access to nuclear weapons. America built the pathway for this realization. 

Coming back to the present, most of the nations of the world have nuclear weapons. This includes India as well. India is furbished with nuclear weapons that the country can use whenever a dire situation occurs. This power to nuclear weapons was not handed over to India, India had to snatch this power from the most powerful nation in the world, America, to establish itself as a nuclear superpower. This story of how India took this power has been documented in the very recent series of Rocket Boys. 

Rocket Boys has won the hearts of thousands of Indians. The series shows how Homi J Bhaba and Vikram Sarabhai helped India take a historic step towards advancement in the field of nuclear technology. 

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Rocket Boys Season 3 Release Date

The first season of Rocket Boys was released on February 4, 2022. The first season of the series is composed of 8 episodes. The first season of the series was directed by Abhay Pannu. The second season of the show was released on 16th February 2023. The second season too comprised eight episodes that have been directed by Abhay Pannu. All eight episodes of the second season have been released, and if you have not watched it yet, you can watch it now. 

Before stating the news of the third season of the series, let us first understand what exactly happened in the second season of the show. 

In brief words, the second season of the show was completely thrilling and gripping. There was not a single moment that would have made you feel bored. Rocket Boys season 2 is a continuation of the story of Homi J Bhaba and Vikram Sarabhai, about how they help India in establishing itself as a powerful ‘nuclear’ nation. Season 2 of the show has got a perfect and concrete ending with India performing the first-ever nuclear test under the eyes of Americans without even letting them know one single thing about the test. 

Hence, since season 2 of the show has received a perfect and concrete ending, it can be said with surety that the show is not going to return for another season. Season 2 has shown how India became successful in its mission. Also, with Homi J Bhaba and Vikram Sarabhai dead, we cannot expect the show to return for another season. They were the two main pilots of the show without whom the show cannot continue any further. 

Although the creators of the show have not mentioned anything about the show’s renewal or cancelation, in our speculation, keeping all the evidence in mind, it is concluded that Rocket Boys season 3 is not going to happen because there is no storyline left to be covered. It has been shown that India has already performed the test successfully, and every crumb of the storyline has been covered in the show. 

Rocket Boys Story

Rocket Boys Season 3 Release Date

Everybody knows who Homi J Bhaba was. Homi J Bhaba was a physicist who is best known for his works in the field of nuclear science. If you have watched Parmanu, you will know little about the Pokhran test in 1974. The idea and setup of the nuclear test mission were carried out by Homi J Bhaba and his mate Vikram Sarabhai. Both of these men had immensely helped India in achieving its position as a nuclear superpower. 

Rocket Boys is a story of how Homi J Bhaba and Vikram Sarabhai’s collective efforts in the field of nuclear science technology helped India to progress. They were the first ones who came up with the idea that India should not fall behind in terms of nuclear weapons technology because most of the superpowers of the world by then were busy incorporating these weapons into their nations. While India wanted to carry out the program peacefully, Americans did not allow us to do so. The Central Intelligence Agency, or the CIA, was constantly picking on us and trying its best to stop us. 

However, Bhaba and Sarabhai did not fail in their efforts. They were successful, and people remember them today and will continue remembering them, who were the fathers of this whole Pokhran project that happened in 1974. This whole story has been documented in the series Rocket Boys. 

Rocket Boys Season 2 Recap

Rocket Boys Season 3 Release Date

Season 2 of the series includes the tragic death of Homi J Bhaba and Vikram Sarabhai. The Americans desperately wanted to stop India from carrying out the first-ever nuclear test. As a superpower, they have always believed that they can stop other nations from progressing if it somehow threatens their position as a global superpower. The CIA was behind the killings of Bhaba and Sarabhai. Although both of their deaths were masked under the causes of natural deaths, we know that was not the case. 

Everybody thought India would not able to perform its first nuclear test with Bhaba and Sarabhai now gone. However, our national leaders did not let that happen. APJ Abdul Kalam and Indira Gandhi extended their hands in carrying out the test after three years after the death of Bhaba and Sarabhai. 

By the end of season 2, the tension in the series increases as the Americans start to suspect India’s motives. On the day the test was supposed to be carried out, the Americans had set up a meeting with Indira Gandhi. Meanwhile, APJ Abdul Kalam was determined to carry out the test on the same day as it was planned. He did not care about the ongoing sandstorm and immediately chalked out a plan to carry out the test with power from the car batteries. 

As a result, season 2 ends with the first-ever nuclear test being performed in India by concealing the plan from the Americans, thus fulfilling the project of Homi J Bhaba and Vikram Sarabhai. The Smiling Buddha test was successful in its mission, and henceforward, India took galloping steps towards being known as one of the nuclear superpowers in the whole wide world today. 

Rocket Boys Cast

The cast of Rocket Boys includes Jim Sarbh as Dr. Homi J. Bhaba, Oshwak Singh as Dr. Vikram Sarabhai, and Rajit Kapur as Jawaharlal Nehru. Arjun Radhakirishnan Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Charu Shanker as Indira Gandhi, Regina Cassandra as Mrinalini Sarabhai, Saba Azad as Parwana, T.M. Karthk as C.V. Raman, Dibyendy Bhattacharya as Raza Mehi, Namit Das as Prosenjit Dey, K.C. Shankar as Vishwesh Mathur, Neha Chauhan as Kamla Chawdhry, Rajeev Kachroo as JRD Tata, Darious Shroff as Jehangir Bhaba, Anahita Uberoi as Mehreen Bhaba, Mark Bennington as Robert Crowley, Ed Robinson as Agent Miller, Benedict Garrett as William Colbu, Rahul Dey Shetty as Raja Ramanna, and Nilanjan Datta as Pranab Rebatiranjan Dastidar. 

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Rocket Boys Crew

Rocket Boys has been created by Nikkhil Advani. It has been written by Kausar Munir and Abhay Pannu. Abhay Pannu has also been responsible for the direction of both seasons of the show. The screenplay has also been taken care of by him. Achint Thakkar has taken care of the music of the show. The executive producers of the show are Marvika Khatri and Rameshchandra Yadav. The producers of the show have been Siddharth Roy Kapur, Monisha Advani, and Madhu Bhojwani. The cinematography has been taken care of by Harshvir Oberai. The editor of the show has been Maahir Zaveri. 

Rocket Boys Trailer and Episodes

The trailer for the second season of the show has been provided at the beginning of the article. 

Rocket Boys has two seasons comprising eight episodes each. The show is available for watching on SonyLIV app.

FAQS About Rocket Boys

1. Will there be Rocket Boys season 3?

No, there will be no Rocket Boys season 3.

2. Has the second season of Rocket Boys been released?

Yes, the second season of Rocket Boys has been released.

3. Who plays the role of Homi J Bhaba in Rocket Boys?

Jim Sarbh plays the role of Homi J Bhaba in Rocket Boys. 

4. Rocket Boys have how many seasons?

There are two seasons of Rocket Boys. 

5. There are how many episodes in the Rocket Boys series?

There are eight episodes in each of the two seasons of Rocket Boys. 

6. Where can I watch Rocket Boys?

Rocket Boys is available on SonyLIV for watching

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