18 Best Furry Anime That Will Leave You Purring For More!

The anime world is filled with strong, bold, and unique characters. From exceptional ninjas to extraordinary martial arts experts, you will be amazed to know how diverse and dynamic this epic animated world is. Not only humans, but animals as well have a special place here. This brings us to the most fascinating discussion of all time, the furry anime animals. Don’t go on their cute faces as every one might not be cute and easy to handle, some are extremely notorious, while some can also give you a tough time! As we mentioned above, the anime world is bigger than your imagination, so our focus for today will remain confined to only 18 of the popular anime animals out there. 

Best Furry Anime

Ready for some quirky anime series? From Kuma Miko to Konohana Kitan, we are about to scan it all today. There are a bunch of furry anime series out there, but we have selected the best for you. They are cute, bold, adorable, and fascinating. These anime tales will surely melt your heart. Upon popular request, here are the top 18 furry anime series of all time. 

18. Kuma Miko: Girl Meets Bear

18 Best Furry Anime

As the above name suggests, who doesn’t know about this duo? Since her childhood, Natsu has been the sole guardian angel of Machi, and guess what, unlike other bears, Natsu is extremely smart and intellectual. This bear is not only adored by Machi but also highly loved by the audience out there. What makes him different is, Natsu is not at all lazy or harmful, this explains he is not among the normal bears. Again, we cannot overlook the fact that Natsu was the one who was training Machi for the tough city life.

17. Hyper Police

18 Best Furry Anime

This brings us to Natsuki and Bob, the half-human and the genius cat! Well, Natsuki is half human and half cat, while Bob is Natsuki’s permanent guardian angel who has been taking care of her since she was 14. It is quite fair to say that in this particular anime series, Natsuki is the most powerful character of them all. She holds the mindset of a human and the powers of a cat. Moreover, Bob has really taken good care of this little girl and trained her to be the best of her being. Apart from Bob, Natsuki is also accompanied by a clever and smart werewolf. 

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16. The Helpful Fox Senko-San

18 Best Furry Anime

Not all foxes are mean and problematic, some can be extremely nice and humorous as well. This brings us to Senko-san, the fox demigod. She appears to be a human but then you notice her fox ears. Who could have thought that this creature would one day help out a human being? But guess what, she will do everything to make Nakano’s life better. After all, how long will he continue to live a tiring and depressing life? 

15. Spice and Wolf 

18 Best Furry Anime

Are you excited to meet the wolf-deity? This brings us to Holo, she has always been kind to the people of the town. But for a few years now, she has seen a rapid change in the village, the countrymen are no longer dependent on her for the seasonal harvest, and they have forgotten to worship her in the right manner. This made her realize that she no longer wants to sit in the same place forever. Thus, she decides to move from the village and explore more of the world and in this epic hustling adventurous journey, she has Lawrence as a companion and adventure partner. 

14. Konohana Kitan

18 Best Furry Anime

You might think they are humans, but in reality, they are nothing but a unique version of half human and half fox! Get ready to meet the fox girls of the hot springs. Don’t go by the name, as this heart-warming anime series doesn’t portray any act of violence or killing. It all starts with Yuzu getting her first job. Despite knowing nothing about the hot springs, her unique character adds a special charm to the inn and thus begins her journey of learning new things. 

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13. Cat Planet Cuties 

18 Best Furry Anime

This love story will truly melt your heart. It all starts with Kio falling for Eris. Kio is a normal human being but Eris is not. She is an alien from another planet, she might look like a normal being but then you notice her unusual cat ears. Kio will do everything to protect Eris, but little did he know that planet Earth has been raided by creepy organizations, all looking for him and Eris. It will be interesting to see how this duo works out to use the best of their powers and abilities.

12. Uma Musume: Pretty Derby

18 Best Furry Anime

Next on our list is the popular anime of all time, Uma Musume: Pretty Derby. This series doesn’t have any human beings, but you may call them horse girls. The previous two seasons of the anime have brought up a fresh tale for us and the third one is also expected to be based on a new plot! You will be amazed to see how competitive these unique horse girls are, everyone is dealing with something or the other, and only time will say who will back the top position of being the best horse girl! 

11. Brave Witches

18 Best Furry Anime

They are brave, bold, and beautiful. Don’t mistake them to be nice and calm, you will be shocked to see how powerful these girls can be. This brings us to the bad batch group of girls. You may call them mystical flying soldiers but each holds a unique power of her own. They are all set and ready to be the first elite fighter group of females.  

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10. Aggretsuko

18 Best Furry Anime

Get ready to meet the chubby and talented red panda named, Retsuko. Who would say that she is a metal singer? But have you ever watched her perform in the bar? Well, you may say she lives by her extremely boring accounting job but then if given an opportunity she might think twice before focusing on her singing career. Not only her job is boring, but so are Retsuko’s colleagues. But just when she thought her life couldn’t get any worse, it will all turns upside-down. 

9. Brand New Animal

You can stream this series on Netflix! Ever thought if humanoid animals existed for real? Well, this one might give chills to your nerves. For years they have been living in the cockpit of darkness. But enough of the tragedy as they are ready to explore more of planet Earth. This sci-fi series is filled with unique and intriguing characters. Don’t forget to give us your opinions on the same.

8. Inuyasha

18 Best Furry Anime

Are you ready to explore the mystical land of magic and deadly demons? It all comes down to Kagome’s fifteenth birthday, that’s when she was shifted to Japan’s Sengoku period. In this past parallel universe, she is no longer Kagome but has been reincarnated as Kikyo, a warrior priestess. The twisted complications of the anime series begin when she bumps into Inuyasha, who looks like a human but in reality is a version of half human and half demon! Only time will tell, whether it’s a beginning of a love story or a tragic bitter tale of madness and magic! 

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7. Wolf’s Rain

18 Best Furry Anime

When humans turn into monsters when nature goes against you when your homeland and brothers are destroyed in front of your eyes, what do you do? This is their fight to save their kind. Wolves are on the edge of extinction and thus begin their journey of survival. They must act accordingly to save their vanishing kind. This is when they start disguising themselves in the form of humans. There is only one way to save their kind and it is only possible if they master to behave like humans. 

6. Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

18 Best Furry Anime

Get ready to meet Tohru and Kobayashi, the marvelous dragon humanoid and the depressed working soul. It all starts when Tohru starts working as a maid for Kobayashi. Little did the office worker know that Tohru is not a normal being, but how long can you continue to hide your true self? Their complicated yet highly intriguing love story impressed us a lot and just like other sources, this anime tale is recommended from our side as well. 

5. Loveless 

18 Best Furry Anime

It wasn’t a mere accident but a brutally planned murder. It all comes down to the ultimate question, who killed his brother? Ritsuka will do everything possible in his force to hunt down the truth behind his brother’s mysterious death. This brings him to Soubi, or should we say she reached out to him? As we move ahead in the tale, we will see how Ritsuka learns everything about the “Septimal Moon”. Call it a love story or a thriller anime tale, this astonishing anime series will surely entertain you a lot. 

4. Our Home’s Fox Deity

18 Best Furry Anime

Get ready to meet the Takagami brothers. They have returned to their homeland, Mitsukawa. But little did Tōru know that deadly creatures are waiting for him in Japan. Upon facing one such disaster, Noburo decides to protect his brother and that’s when he releases the fox deity. This brings us to Kūgen Tenko, the one who knows how to handle each type of envious force out there. Now, it is the responsibility of Tenko to shield the Takagami brothers!

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3. Shirokuma Café

18 Best Furry Anime

Penned by Aloha Higa, this heart-warming anime series will surely entertain you a lot. After all, is there anyone who wasn’t a fan of Shirokuma Café? We present to you a world where animals live in harmony with humans. This brings us to the ultimate modern cafe in town, which is solely run by a polar bear. But as we move ahead in this unique comedy tale, we will see how a lazy panda and a talkative penguin start accompanying the workaholic bear. Binge all the episodes of Shirokuma Café to learn more about this unique trio. 

2. Beatstars

18 Best Furry Anime

We greet you in this unique world of herbivores and carnivores. This anime series is filled with unique creatures and interesting animals. Welcome to a world where eating meat is strictly prohibited. From a weird love triangle to jealousy, rivalry, betrayal, and a suspicious murder case, everything you have been looking for is here. This anime series is filled with a bunch of highs and lows. It all starts with the brutal murder mystery of Tem the alpaca, that’s when the real twist begins. 

1. My Neighbour Totoro 

18 Best Furry Anime

Last on our list is one of the oldest yet highly entertaining and intriguing anime series of all time, My Neighbour Totoro. This was originally released back in 1988. Their mother is hospitalized and the doctor has delivered his final words. In this terrifying situation, Mei and Satsuki will do everything possible to fill in some hope in their mother’s heart. They will not let her die and thus decides to shift to a new house closer to the hospital. In this weird house, they bump into Totoru, an unusual giant rabbit, who is a spirit in reality! 

18 Best Furry Anime – FAQs

1. Is My Neighbour Totoro available online?

Yes, the anime is available online, you can stream My Neighbour Totoro exclusively just on Netflix.

2. Is Shirokuma Café available online?

Yes, the cute and quirky anime tale of the Polar Bear Café aka Shirokuma Café, is available on Crunchyroll.

3. How many total seasons are there in Inuyasha?

To date, Inuyasha holds a total of 7 Seasons.

4. Is Inuyasha available on Netflix?

Yes, all the episodes of Inuyasha are available on Netflix.

5. Is Konohana Kitan renewed for Season 2?

As of March 2023, we haven’t heard much about the renewal of Konohana Kitan.

6. Where can you watch Kuma Miko: Girl Meets Bear?

This anime series is also available online. Stream all the episodes of Kuma Miko: Girl Meets Bear, exclusively just on Crunchyroll. 

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