Agent Elvis Recap And Ending Explained!

Who hasn’t been a big fan of Elvis Presley, and his absolutely marvelous voice which people have been in love with for years now? Elvis was one of a kind and he was blessed with something that none of us have got and that is his character and charm that he used to carry around all the time. Elvis Presley not even was just a singer whom people loved but he was a way of living and you can’t even imagine how much his style became a kind of a style statement or fashion when he started gaining fame during the great old days.

Now after a long time, there have been many documentaries regarding him and movies, based on how he lived his life and what kind of a person he was, but those things aren’t actually fun for everyone. If you are a person who has been an Elvis fan, but more of his style and charm than his singing then the series agent Elvis is actually meant for you, it’s basically how Elvis goes around the world after turning into a secret agent and working for a secret organization who was the first one to do a lot of changes with his life.

Now the entire series is basically about how Elvis used to save the world earlier, but now he has got a huge institution backing him up, much like the Elvis Presley version of James bond, and there is this one big scientific experiment, which turns voice into radiations which turn human into near cannibal or just mass murdering weapons and Elvis has got a lot of things to deal with.

The show just made it to us on the Netflix platform and based on the reports and how the show has turned out to be, we can overall consider it to be very successful and loved by fans. Following that if you haven’t watched the show, no worries because we will recap to you most of the things that happen in the first season of the show, along with the very happening ending episode towards the end of the show.

Agent Elvis Recap

Agent Elvis Recap And Ending Explained!

The first season of the show, starts with a very different starting to Elvis Presley than we can actually imagine, he is kidnapped in a limo along with his own monkey scatter who is basically like his partner in saving the world, and the monkey has been trained by NASA and he is basically just like a weapon as well as a cool weed smoking monkey at the same time.

Now after a lot of action and Elvis trying to escape, he captures the guy, who tried to kill him but Scatter ends up shooting his head off before they could find anything out. By this time, we have been introduced to Bobby Ray, who is Elvis’s right-hand man, and Miss Berite who took care of Elvis since he was a child.

Now moving forward, we get introduced to Cece, who is basically an agent who ends up saving Elvis from some fans who were trying to kill him, and she also gives him a hint regarding his name being on a kill list. After a lot of confrontation with Cece, she finally tells him the name of the man, who got his name off the kill list, and accompanies him because the man gets his friend bobby ray kidnapped. Yes, quite a lot to take, soon we get to know the information, that he is a psychopathic drugged person, who drugs others and wants to bring Elvis into the family because of his singing skills. Soon they fight them off and leave.

The second episode follows the meeting with Cece’s boss who is basically the controller of TCB, they are basically a kind of organization that runs everything around, starting from wars to everything that goes on in the world, now they can’t let their resistance be known to anyone, but we come to know about that in the alter episode, and the kidnapping was basically a test of Elvis to find whether he suitable to become an agent. The science expert of TCB is Howard Hughes. Now that episode also doesn’t end peacefully as we have got Howard getting kidnapped and many other things going on which finally gets Elvis on track with the TCB.

Finally, in the upcoming episode, the same content nearly starts where Elvis who wants to do justice in this world, gets TCB as a way of doing it and becomes an agent there with Cece as his supervisor and most of his missions include retrieving a radiation-based device which was actually invited by the TCB for some experiment but now in the hands of others, transforms music waves into radiations which turn people into mass murdering weapons, who don’t understand anything.

Other than that we also see an episode where he goes around receiving some TCB inform atom from the president’s house, and also retrieving back Timothy Leary. Every episode is the same thing where we find Elvis with his monkey and friend along with Cece completing their mission but some mishap happens, though people’s lives are saved.

However, towards the end of the season, we get to see that the real identity of TCB comes out of Elvis when the boss finally tells him that he was a big fan of his and wanted in the TCB army that’s why he listed him in the army and got many tests done on him, which just says how he has got the skills to become an agent.

Though Elvis gets very angry and after a lot of chaos, he quits the job. We move towards the ending episode, where we see a lot of drama in Elvis’s married life as his wife is upset regarding him staying away and not giving her time, whereas he has to go back on one last mission because it’s his upcoming concert which will be telecasted using a satellite and that has been affected by the radiation device.

Also, TCB has got a traitor whom Elvis catches and, in the end, saves the world from the radiation but there is a chance he dies while he goes to outer space to get the satellite working properly and some malfunction happens in the ship.

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Agent Elvis Ending Explained

The ending of the show is very happening as we have mentioned, as we all know by now, Elvis quits his role as an agent and he is not working with TCB anymore, the episode starts with a boy listing to Elvis’s album when his father caught him, who is a very religious persona and treats Elvis like the voice of Satan, soon while trying to burn the CD he ends up burning himself and dying that kid is basically Gabriel wolf and btw one thing to mention TCB had many other well-known celebrities working for them which includes Robert Goulet, who and Elvis can be considered as an enemy in the music industry, who can’t at all tolerate each other.

Moving forward so Elvis while trying to spend time with his wife is visited by Wolf, who seeks revenge but gives Elvis a friend introduction and leaves. Soon in the next scene, we see his wife getting upset with him for not giving attention to her and leaving.

The show moves on to the scene when bobby somehow ends up killing two of the agents of TCB while driving by mistake and they were basically in charge of the mission regarding Elvis’s concert and the radiation in the satellite thing. However, now the boss has to come back to Elvis and ask for help, and with the help of a jetpack which he always wanted gets him to do the mission.

Along with that he also mentions that there lurks a traitor in TCB and with a lot of action and stuff Elvis finds out that Robert is the traitor, and cuts their connection with the satellite and radiation thing, which was actually the wolf’s plan. Now moving forward, Elvis leaves for space where he ends up saving scatter, who was already sent to space, but come on he is always high and ends up nearly dying back there, and now after diffusing the satellite and everything when they decide to come back, they realize the ship has got no heat resistance and they will burn while landing back to the earth, Elvis acts as a human shield to save the plane, but what happens to him is not known at the same time we see the boss ordering his scientist Howard to start working with cloning mechanism because they may need a new Elvis.

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