Was Mehdi Raza From Rocket Boys A Real Character And What Happened To Him At The End?

Now as we have seen rocket boys’ series has been one of the most iconic series of all time for the Indian web series industry, the journey of Homi Bhabha and the first atomic bomb of India, was not a very simple one and it included many big names along with much opposition from the entire world except the soviet unions and along with that we can’t forget that many people didn’t want Homi to succeed in anything and belonged to India itself. The character of Mehdi Raza was quite a unique one and one of the most hated ones throughout the first season of the series. However the second season of the series which came out in 2023 actually changed the perspective of many people regarding it .yes, he may have been a big competitor to Homi, and because he was a fellow scientist, he always envied Homi throughout the first season of the show, but what was the truth behind his intentions was clearly unexplained till the end.

Along with that, there have also been some comments regarding the series that rocket Boy isn’t very accurate regarding all facts when we go on looking back at history. Yes, we accept that whatever political situation was depicted along with the achievement of Sarabhai and kalam’s entry into the entire project was true, but according to most reports many other characters were put into the story just to spice things up, but the big question that remains is that whether Raza who played such a big role throughout the two seasons, was one of those fictional characters only. And his death was also something that was quite complicated.

Was Raza A Real Character?

Was Mehdi Raza From Rocket Boys A Real Character And What Happened To Him At The End

The answer to this question is no, Mehdi Raza was not actually a true character, he was a fictional character who was introduced by the makers of the story to spice up the first season of the show, as he was seen as one of the main oppositions to Homi. He was basically a Bengali scientist and his character actually resembled other scientists of those time, the only difference being he was Hindu and Raza is Muslim. His name was Meghnad Saha he is very well known for creating the cyclotron and Homi at that point in his life was surely well aware of him.

Now moving on to another question and that is regarding why was the character of Raza introduced, it was mainly because he was one of those characters who had received hatred from the start of the series, and Homi always needed someone, to push him and act as his competition, however, Raza always betrayed him and tried for the limelight. Soon towards the end of the first season of the show, we get to see that the final project atom bomb which was finally approved by Nehru had three members as heads, one was Homi himself, the other was Mehdi Raza and then we have the cunning Mathur who was actually under the influence of CIA.

Though Mehdi Raza was not a real-life character, something we can all say is that by the end of the second season of the show, everyone has got a special place for him in our hearts because even after being falsely accused and being Homi’s opposition, he respected Homi and lastly wanted to save Homi’s life as a fellow scientist and friend.

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What Happened To Raza By The End Of Season 2?

Now by the start of the series, we have seen that Raza was actually on the team of Homi and they worked in the reactor altogether. He was one of the people who build this reactor alongside Homi, however, it was one of the plots of the CIA along with Mathur that Homi was actually locked in a chamber where nuclear reaction started leaking and Mathur was so clever that Homi would be killed that day according to the plans of the American and Raza would be accused for it because he was the one who asked Homi to meet there as far everyone knew and even Mathur said so. However, there was another reason Raza was seen as the accused one although he worked for so long in the reactor he couldn’t manually operate the door and bring Homi out, though due to Homi’s intelligence, he was actually saved.

Then Raza was thrown out of the facility and he went on a search of proving that it was Mathur who had done it and blamed it on Homi. Now at some point, Mathur was very scared of Raza as he was already suspicious of him and if he would have found some proof then he would be in grave danger. Though till the end of the series, we get to see that Raza tried contacting Homi many times he was thrown out, he tried contacting Sarabhai too, but again he was falsely accused to bear some risk against Sarabhai’s family and was thrown out.

Now moving forward, just before Homi’s death Raza even found out about the briefcase that was altered, and other than that the entire way Homi’s life is in big danger, and though he tried to prove Homi he was not able to. Soon even Raza sent some photographs to Sarabhai through a studio but he was eventually murdered even before Sarabhai got those images from the CIA.

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