How Did Homi Bhabha And Vikram Sarabhai Die?

Two of the biggest names which have to be remembered whenever we look back at India’s achievements in the field of science just after independence was achieved. The concept that Homi introduced, is that even after 17 years of independence, the country was still slavery under the Americans and the bond Homi and Vikram had shared was such an admirable one, almost every one of us deserves someone like Vikram in our life.

Now one of the biggest mysteries or confusion that the world doesn’t know is regarding the deaths of these two personalities. Whenever anyone of them moved towards achieving the dream of creating the atomic bomb and making India a country that doesn’t have to be scared of anyone and at the same time dependent on anyone for anything, they faced a lot of challenges from all over the world and even the people from the Indian government. Now, these things would have been known this well until and unless we would have watched the rocket boy series, which is indeed one of the best creations we could have received in 2023. The series finally comes to an end and the long-running journey ends with a lot of success.

However at the same time, the success was received at cost of many, we have got some very notable characters who have died for achieving great things in India, and that includes Homi Bhabha himself, followed by Vikram Sarabhai and Mehdi Raza was also one of the people who sacrificed his life for the greater good. We had some cunning organization such as the CIA behind all of this and here we are to bring light on the entire situation because whatever happened surely was amidst a lot of confusion.

Homi Bhabha’s Death

How Did Homi Bhabha And Vikram Sarabhai Die?

Moving towards the death of Homi Bhabha, we will actually cove all the instances when Homi would have nearly died and finally his death which was a big shock to the country. The first time, Homi felt a lot of danger and his friendship broke with Raza was when there was a mishap in the nuclear reactor room and Mathur planned it with the CIA to plot everything and finally finish off Homi. Now Mathur actually went and cut the door switch for the lab and told Homi that Raza wants to meet him in the lab and the same thing he told Raza, soon when Homi was alone in the lab and Raza was not there, Mathur created a radiation leak within the lab and Raza in no way with the malfunction in the system doors could save Homi. However, Homi saved himself from the radiation by hiding inside a fridge which has lead coating and dint let the radiation come in.

Then we also find a scene when Homi meets a man in the airport who is basically trying to threaten Homi, he is an American and he does it in a manner so that Homi doesn’t know what he is going to do, but at the same time, he made sure Homi understood the intention that they didn’t want him to work on the bomb and finally Homi reacted the way he normally would, and that is he wasn’t moved at all.

Finally, the day comes, when everything changes, it was just a day before Indira Gandhi was elected as the prime minister of India, and the Americans said that they wanted to give a gift to her in the form of Homi’s death. They planned it with the CIA and changed the briefcase that Homi was carrying, using the help of Mathur, even though Raza came to know about this and tried to save him, he wasn’t believed at all by Homi and finally, he boarded the flight after Mathur switched his bag and took away the proof that India was making a nuclear bomb and soon the plane suffered a blast which was done by the Americans and that’s the end to Homi Bhabha.

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Vikram Sarabhai’s Death

Now Vikram Sarabhai’s death was actually quite an interesting one, it happened much after Homi’s dead and even after his death, Vikram was strict against the plan of making a bomb. However there were certain changes and he understood how much the Americans were against the idea of making India able to fight back, and that happened because of kalam’s and Ramana’s mindset. Even Indira Gandhi played a huge role in it and it was Vikram who said that he is finally ready to make a bomb. Soon after that, it took a lot of time and after he was all set to work on the mission, he started writing a letter to Indira Gandhi, requesting the fact that it should only be used for peaceful purposes, and before that he even made things right with Mrinalini, which were since the starting of season 1 very messed up.

It was a huge burden on him, as he never understood how Homi wanted it and at the same time, he is slowly understanding the true need of the country, after writing the letter he goes back to his bed, reading a book all alone, and soon we move to the scene where we get to see Kalam is rushing back to Vikram’s house where he has suffered from a cardiac arrest and Indira Gandhi is sending this news to his family. That’s how the mysterious death of Vikram Sarabhai happened, one of those characters for whom none of us wanted to die.

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