The Family Chantel Season 5 Release Date: The Possibilities Seem To Dimish Each Day!

Surviving through four seasons and being on the top isn’t an easy task for any show, right? Especially for a rom-com that revolves around the same couple for the entire four seasons. It has to constantly bring forward something that keeps it engrossing or else we would lose our interest. It seems like The Family Chantel has stooped to that point where its future depends heavily on an intriguing plot. So far, until season 3, things have been working in their favour.

But as season 4 neared its ending, The Family Chantel dropped in a huge shocker. The show stars Chantel and Pedro have filed for a divorce. What’s worse? This divorce has proved to be as controversial as captivating for fans. Will Chantel and Pedro’s divorce become the reason why The Family Chantel season 5 is cancelled? Or it would serve as a base for season 5? Let’s find out!

The Family Chantel Season 5 Release Date

The 90 Day Fiance stars Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno have got some juicy tales to share. Their iconic chemistry landed them a separate TV show entitled The Family Chantel. It has walked us through their relationship and the complications they have faced to have their happily ever after. When such an endearing couple decides to split, it is rather natural their fans would wreak havoc.

Ever since Pedro filed for a divorce lawsuit, at the end of season 4, we have our eyes set on The Family Chantel season 5. We are all curious to know what TLC is planning, and whether we’ll get to witness season 5 or not. It has been almost a year since we got to witness season 4. With each day the makers are stalling, The Family Chantel season 5 possibilities are diminishing. 

If they were interested in bringing forward another season, we would have had confirmation by now. Either it is a marketing strategy to work up the audience or they are genuinely not sure about The Family Chantel season 5. Alas, all we could do as an audience is waiting for a confirmation. Hopefully, we would get it soon!

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The Family Chantel Season 5: What Could Be The Plot?

The Family Chantel Season 5

If the makers decide to come up with The Family Chantel season 5, the plot is going to be highly intriguing but hardly surprising. Since the last season ended with showcasing Chantel and Pedro’s heart-breaking divorce, season 5 is expected to pick up from there. It would be centred around Chantel and Pedro’s separate lives. Maybe season 5 would be highlighting their struggles to stay away from each other.

Though that seems highly unlikely for Pedro who seems to have moved on. But Chantel, the clumsy cute nurse, was trying her best to keep it together. She did everything to save her marriage but in the end, even her determination couldn’t out win Pedro’s stubbornness. If The Family Chantel season 5 arrives, it could focus on the actual reason behind Chantel and Pedro’s divorce.

Or, as fans are demanding, it could let Chantel finally meet someone who would love her and support her wholly. After having her heart broken drastically, it would be quite difficult for Chantel to get acquainted with anyone else. And it would be a delight for Chantel’s fans to see her move on. Let’s see what the makers have in store for us!

The Family Chantel Series Cast Guide

The Family Chantel is the first spin-off series of 90 Day Fiance that is centred around Chantel and Pedro’s intercultural relationship. They are faced with several hurdles throughout their 4-season relationship but in the end, they split up. It is a reality TV show and mostly unscripted as well. The highlight of the series is its real-life characters, Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno.

Chantel is a nurse while Pedro has recently established his foot in the real estate world. Their families have been against their relationship right from the start but Pedro’s endearment and Chantel’s adamant words have convinced them to an extent. Though speculations claim that the Jimenos won’t be arriving on the show again if The Family Chantel season 5 happens. All the way better for us, right? We will finally get rid of the Jimeno’s constant objections and maybe Chantel wouldn’t have to deal with them again. Well, those are just speculations in the long haul, not confirmations.

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What Happened At The Family Chantel Season 4 Finale?

The Family Chantel Season 4

Drama, accusations and repulse seem to be at the heart of The Family Chantel season 4. While the previous seasons were full of drama as well, The Family Chantel season 4 tops it all though. Pedro and Chantel are back again but this time it isn’t to wipe off their differences or to let their relationship get stronger. It was about the hurdles an intercultural relationship has to cross, it was about holding onto love and family.

But season 4 is not about any of those, it is about Pedro giving up on his relationship. While in the first seasons, he was more focused on Chantel and less on his career, this time his priorities have shifted. He has stepped into the real estate career which isn’t doing as well as he thought it would. Pedro starts taking off his frustration on Chantel. Some even claim that he cheated on her but so far, there is no news regarding that.

Though Chantel does everything to get her husband back to where they were, she doesn’t realize her attempts are set for failure. She was hoping that it is just a phase and eventually everything would get better. But when Pedro files for a divorce without even consulting her, Chantel realizes there is no hope left for us. The Family Chantel season 4 finale is nothing short of excessive drama, overflowing tears and heart-wrenching news.

The Family Chantel: Did Pedro And Chantel Fake Their Relationship?

Isn’t this a million-dollar question? When Pedro moved all the way to Georgia to stay with Chantel, it wasn’t just Chantel who was impressed. Pedro’s surprises for Chantel and his nicknames made us all swoon as well. So, when someone this romantic abruptly ends his relationship, it becomes quite perplexing.

While many fans of The Family Chantel claim that Pedro has ended things with Chantel because he was in a secret relationship with his boss. But the rest of Chantel’s fans have proposed an even more interesting theory. They claim that Pedro has done it all for the green card. Doesn’t seem overstretched, right? 

Even if the theory is right and Pedro did it all for the green card, why would Chantel fake their relationship? While fame could be the reason, it doesn’t seem believable. On the other hand, it does make up for an engrossing storyline–the swoon-worthy romance and the ultimate breakup. Well, everything with The Family Chantel is highly perplexing. Nonetheless, no one can claim what is going on behind the cameras, right?

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Is The Family Chantel Series Worth Watching?

The Family Chantel Season 5

Starting from season 1 of this family dramedy, it is indeed alluring. The intercultural marriage trope with family objections always works, right? The forbidden romance is what makes this kind of series interesting. As we witnessed season 1 of this show, we knew Chantel and Pedro’s chemistry would hit it off. And it did work extremely well for four seasons.

Despite the Jimeno family’s objections and accusations, Chantel and Pedro managed to weave their relationship pretty smoothly. They did bicker regularly but never took it far. Even their divorce argument wasn’t as heated as it would have been in any other show. The Family Chantel series is a slow-paced romcom with several scenes that seem unnecessary at times. But it has its own fun elements and shocking twists. If you can bear the pace of the show and endure Jimeno’s sister’s and mother’s objections, you can give this series a try.

The Family Chantel Season 5: FAQs

1. What Is The Family Chantel Series About?

It is a spin-off of the 90 Day Fiance series and revolves around Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno.

2. Is The Family Chantel Season 5 Approved?

No, it isn’t approved yet.

3. Was The Family Chantel Season 4 The Last Instalment In The Series?

It is highly speculated that The Family Chantel season 4 is the last instalment in the series but there are no confirmations yet.

4. Is The Family Chantel Series Worth Watching?

If you are into romcoms and watch a series revolving around two people who struggle to maintain their relationship, you can give this series a try.

5. Is A Trailer Available For The Family Chantel Season 5?

No, there is no trailer available yet.

6. Where To Watch The Family Chantel Season 5?

You can watch this series on the TLC network and Amazon Prime Video online.

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