Hazbin Hotel Characters: Exploring the Unique and Colorful Cast | A Comprehensive Guide

Many of you out there may have heard of the series Hazbin hotel, however, if you have not heard of it, you are actually missing out on a lot of stuff. Now many of you have watched the series lucifer right> how about we tell you this is the animated musical series version of that show, just that it involves the same main character along with that the main motto of the show has changed quite a bit.

We see the happy hotel which is actually quite a complicated concept and a creation of the main character Charlie Morningstar who is the princess of hell and her main idea revolved around making souls better. Now as we all know that hell is the place where sinners go, however, Charlie has got no idea how bad the sins have been committed to ending up in hell.

The pilot episodes or the first episode which has been in the talk for quite a long time is something very notable about this show because people from all over the world have actually showered it with love and a lot of hype which has ended up making this show’s next installments quite anticipated as of now.

However, those who are new to the show, don’t worry because many new things are on the way and you don’t have to worry about knowing everything about the show. There is a set of characters who are mainly required to be known to understand this series and down below we will be listing them all down and letting you know all about them.

Hazbin Hotel Characters

1.  Charlie Morningstar

List Of Hazbin Hotel Characters!

The first name as we have already mentioned in the previous lines is the princess of hell and she sees that every soul can change and no sin can be as dreadful which would make them deserve as bad as hell.

Thus she has built the happy hotel where sinner souls can rehabilitate themselves and leave hell before the annual day comes, of angels descending to hell and killing off all the demons out there. She is actually a very nice soul and has got a very pure idea in her mind, however, she is actually very naïve for this crooked world and has got a lot of things to learn. She has got some cool abilities like flying and at the same time using her demonic form.

2. Vaggie

Hazbin Hotel Characters

The next name on the list is the very adorable Vaggie whom many of us have loved from the previous release of the show. She is also basically a sinner who has ended up in hell at a very young age, and she has been serving Charlie and has also been her girlfriend for a long time.

Now the main role of Vaggie in this show is basically that Charlie can’t handle the hotel all alone and she needs the help of someone. So Vaggie acts as the manager of the hotel and handles everything while believing in the vision of Charlie.

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3. Angel Dust

Hazbin Hotel Characters

The next name on the list is actually Anthony whom most of us know very well as angel dust. He is basically an adult movie star who has ended up in hell because of his way of life and many other acts. Now he is one of the main characters of the show because Charlie took him as the first patient of the happy hotel and since then he has just been living rent-free in there and just creating a lot of chaos so that his rent-free stay doesn’t go away anyhow.

4. Alastor

Hazbin Hotel Characters

Alastor is basically the main evil character on this list and he is basically a radio demon and one of the big heads in the entire hell. When he came to know about Charlie’s plan, he was laughing at it but tried to help her out in running the hotel, with the main aim that he will be able to entertain himself with the daily acts that go on inside there.

5. Husk

Hazbin Hotel Characters

Husk is another main character from the show, who is basically another sinner but he is a worker in the happy hotel and his basic job is to be the front door clerk. He is too chaotic and at the same time the bartender of the hotel too. He is quite a lazy chap with no interest in his work.

6. Nifty

Hazbin Hotel Characters

The last name on the list if Niffty, she is basically another sinister demon and a fellow associate of husk. She and husk got into working at the happy hotel at the same time and she is basically doing the job of a cook and a maid in the hotel. She is a regular in most episodes of the show.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Stola’s wife?

Stella is actually Stola’s Wife.

2. Who is Alastor dating?

Alastor is dating Mimy according to the show.

3. Is Alastor the main villain of the show?

No he is just a bit evil minded but not the villain of the show.

4. What gender is Angel Dust?

According to the pilot episode Angel is actually a cisgendered man.

5. Who is Cherry Bomb in love with?

She is currently in love with an unnamed demon.

6. Who is the youngest character in Hazbin Hotel?

Though it is not confirmed, Crymini has been described as the youngest one in the show.

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