Best Seasons Of Married At First Sight: A Guide to the Must-Watch Seasons of the Hit Show

Now many of you who have been into the wedding-based reality show genre surely must have heard of this series very well and if you haven’t heard of it then you should probably go and start watching this show immediately.

This is not quite a unique concept or anything and basically can be considered as a mixer where people are just paired with each other, but for these cases, they are not mere relationships that may or may not work out, they are practically married that have to be taken care of, properly invested in and by the end of the day the final decision of choosing a partner with whom the various singles are ready to spend the rest of there lives with.

Now as we move on, the show has actually been quite a successful show and it has received over a total of 16 seasons which is just amazing based on the genre of the show it belongs to. Along with that, the ratings of the show stand at 6.2 which may not be very much high but compared to other shows in this particular genre, it is pretty moderate too.

Now as we all know there are many other spin-off series as well as other country versions of the show too, and altogether there have been more than 150 episodes in total. Now there have been many comments regarding some of the seasons of the show being very vague, whereas some of the seasons have been treated as a masterpiece and that completely depends on the fact that how well the couples hit off.

Now, for all the beginners out there, you don’t have to go around watching all the seasons of the show, if you don’t want to, as of now, we have listed below all those seasons which make this show such a wholesome show and how the marriages from those particular seasons have been going on.

Best Seasons Of Married At First Sight

1.  Season 1

Some Of The Best Seasons Of Married At First Sight!

The first name on the list had to be season one of the show, and many people might be a bit confused because during season one of the show, many things were not settled the pattern of the show has also changed quite a bit and the couple that has been shown in that seasons, haven’t particularly been quite successful or anything of that sort. However we need to consider the fact that this season of the show, was one of the main reasons that almost every one of us who have been in love with the show got hooked on it.

Along with that, we get to see a great drama between the couple Courtney and Jason, who were actually seen to be very romantic, and during the final decision towards each other, both of them immediately showed their desperation regarding how much they are into each other and want to stay married. However, we also get to her the bad news that this lovely couple has gotten divorced very recently. Only one of the couples which are of Jamie and Doug Hehner are still married from that season of the show. The first season of the show has a total of 13 episodes.

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2. Season 9

Now the second season which has to be a must-watch for you all out there is the ninth season of the show. During this season we see a lot of drama, and romance for sure during the entire period when four of the couples who star in the season spend the 8 weeks of honeymoon together after falling in love with each other at first sight and then deciding on spending the life together.

However, something that was surely different regarding this show is that we don’t get to see Dr. jessica griffin any longer in this show because she gets involved with one of the contestants of season 6 of the show, and they decide to part ways from the show. Now she has been replaced by the very talented and very well-known Dr. Viviana Coles who is actually a relationship expert in this and the upcoming seasons of the show.

The four couples of this season are Iris Caldwell and Keith Manley, who didn’t end up together by the end of the season. Then we have got two other couples who are still together and are continuing to the success rate of the show followed by another couple, who immediately didn’t hit off and those 8 weeks were like a nightmare for both of them. Season 9 of the show has a total of 15 episodes.

3. Season 5

Best Seasons Of Married At First Sight

The fifth season of the show is something to surely keep an eye on. For this time we move to Chicago where we gather or get some couples from the city of Chicago and a lot of drama is packed in this season. From the first episode of the show, there has been a lot of stuff going on, though the first part is almost everyone hits off with their partner, and the chemistry looks absolutely beautiful between all of them.

A good thing is that almost everyone wants to put the effort into the relationship and that was absolutely a new thing we get to see in the show. The contestants are Danielle DeGroot and Cody Knaperk, then we have Sheila and Nate, and along with that last but not least Ashley and Anthony.

Now after watching the show, the couple of Ashley and Anthony has always been a very favorite of all the fans out there, however, the chemistry was just still romantic for them, it seemed like they were just meant for each other and things hit off very smoothly.

For entertainment in this season of the show, we have to keep an eye on Sheila and Nate who has been going on with their own personal defensive mechanisms working since the first episode of the show. Though an interesting fact about this season is that none of the couples said no, and went forward with the relationship. The fifth season of the show has a total of 17 episodes.

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4. Season 8

Best Seasons Of Married At First Sight

Another very talked about season in the entire history of the show in season 8. Yes we know, many of you have a special place in your hearts for this season, however, based on the audience response and the comments of the critics from all over the world, this season has surely seen some chaos and if you are looking for drama you should probably go forward for this season.

This season of the show made it to us in the year 2019 and was an absolute banger. The couples whom we see from eth the first episode of the show, seem to be in love already however it all seems like a scripted thing by the end of the season. There aren’t many changes in the pattern of the show.

The show has been shooted in the city of Philadelphia and as we all know the entire scene of the show looks absolutely marvelous because of the choice of the location. The four couples in this season of the show include Kate and Luke, Keith and Kristine, jasmine and Will, followed by Stephanie and AJ. Now most of the couples were seen to be very happy and their final decisions were appreciated and loved by fans except one couple which surely received a lot of hatred and that is the one of Kate and Luke, which is mainly because of Luke’s personality. The eighth season of the show also has a total of 16 episodes.

5. Season 10

Best Seasons Of Married At First Sight

Now going forward for the most action-filled season in the history of the show, and there is no doubt that none of us who have watched the show, will have a different opinion about this season of the show.

For the firsts time in the history of the show, the makers took the risk of bringing together a total of 5 couples, which is a huge thing because it only started with a total of 3 couples, that only a lot for the fans to take in at the same time.

Now the show took place this time in the suburbs which is outside of Washington Dc and the show with a total of 15 episodes finally made it to us in the year 2020. Now as we have already mentioned there has been a lot of drama in this season of the show, there have been a lot of arguments between the couple and something or the other going on in the lives of some couple in the show.

Along with that if you have been waiting for some serious chaos, we get to see some arrests and restraining order-related scenes too in this season which surely shook up things. The couples of this season are Katie and Derek, Jessica and Austin, Taylor and Brandon, Meca and Michael and lastly, we have Mindy and Zach.

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