Who Killed Muzan In Demon Slayer? – Examining the Culprit Behind the Demonic Menace

If you are an Otaku, you will know exactly who Muzan is. Muzan is the villain from the famous manga/anime Demon Slayer. The anime Demon Slayer has gained massive recognition, and people have immensely loved the manga. Now that the manga is over, everybody is relieved after the ending of the manga. Although the anime has not adapted all the arcs of the manga, people have high expectations from the anime. Most of the otakus have loved Demon Slayer immensely because of the gripping storyline and the most deserved ending. The ending of the show is a contending one. 

Who Killed Muzan?

As mentioned earlier, Muzan is the villain of Demon Slayer. He is extremely powerful and has been living continuously for thousands of years. Nobody could ever beat him, and he has been taking the lives of human beings for a long period at the beginning of the anime/manga. Throughout the manga, his presence has been constantly there. No matter how many villains came, nobody can get as powerful as Muzan. He is more powerful than the hero of the story. Does not this remind you of Ra-One, where the anti-hero is more powerful than the hero? 

In order to know who killed Muzan, you will have to understand the synopsis of the whole plot and how he came to play an important role. The name of Demon Slayer has probably made you conscious of some slaying act that must be going on in the manga. Yes, you are correct. Demon Slayer revolves around the plot of slaying demons to put it in simplest words. However, the story is not this simple. Demon Slayer is not based on the present times, the story is completely based on the Taisho era in Japan. 

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It was during this era when a group of humans was carrying out the acts of slaying demons and cleaning the population of harmful demons. Muzan played the most crucial role in the creation of these demons. It was he who turned humans into demons by forcefully administering his ‘demon’ blood into the bloodstreams of the said humans. As a result, he created a huge army of demons that went on massacring the human population of the area. 

Tanjiro Kamado, who is a humble teenager in a village and also our hero, encounters this malicious devil when he discovers his family being mercilessly killed one day after returning from work. The demons did not even leave Tanjiro’s little sister; she was transformed into a demon, but she was different from the conventional demons. In the promise of killing Muzan one day, he is taken up by the head of the group of Demon Slayers. This becomes the starting point of his journey. 

Now, coming to the Final Battle Arc of the manga, the killing of Muzan is the most important episode. Muzan is such a powerful demon that he cannot be killed by any one of the demon slayers. In order to kill him, everybody has to work together in unity. 

Everyone, who was fighting against Muzan, had to incorporate massive attacks on him to finish him once and for all. When Muzan saw that he was losing his strength, he administered his ‘demon’ blood into Tanjiro in hopes of him becoming the new powerful demon king after Muzan dies. Muzan knew that his end was near. By the end of the battle, he was weakened by everybody. Eventually, Muzan perished under the sunlight. 

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As it is known that demons get killed when they are decapitated, when poisoned with the fluids of Wisteria flowers, or when they are exposed to sunlight. Muzan faced his death when he was weakened by the attacks of the demon slayers and brought under the sunlight. 

In short, it can be concluded that Muzan was not killed by any one demon slayer. He was weakened by all of them, mainly our hero Tanjiro, and he died under sunlight which is his arch enemy above all. No matter how powerful he became, he could never survive under sunlight which was his weakest point. Hence, the manga came to an end with Muzan being killed and everybody rejoicing days happily without the existence of demons any longer. 

FAQS about Muzan and Demon Slayer

1. Who kills Muzan?

Muzan is killed mainly by sunlight and by all the demon slayers who were fighting against him. 

2. Does Muzan get killed?

Yes, the end of the manga shows the death of Muzan. 

3. Is Nezuko a demon?

Yes, Nezuko has been turned into a demon, but she shows certain human qualities. 

4. Does Demon Slayer have a happy ending?

Yes, the manga has a happy ending. 

5. What is Tanjiro’s age?

Tanjiro is a teenager. He is 15 years old. 

6. Has the manga of Demon Slayer ended?

Yes, the manga came to an end on 18th May 2020. 

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