Outlast Season 2 Release Date Can Be Put On Hold! Here Is Why!

When all the fictional dramas and dramatic thrillers get boring, we all turn toward reality shows, don’t we? Outlast is one such reality show that prioritizes survival and brings forward a journey of survivors. These survivors have to bear the Alaskan wilderness, live on a few necessary supplies and strive to live for as long as they could in such a place. To us, Alaska symbolizes snow but to these survivors, Alaska means the struggle for survival.

Who doesn’t enjoy watching true warriors weaving through hunger and wilderness to emerge as winners? Certainly, we all do! Ever since its release Outlast season 1 has garnered appraisal from the audience. And while we all enjoyed season 1 and its heart-racing finale, we are all a bit concerned over Outlast season 2. Here is why!

Outlast Season 2 Release Date

Outlast is all about survival and winning, it symbolizes human nature in all its messed-up glory. Reminding us of the stone age when there were minimal supplies and a lot of struggle, Outlast certainly has a unique plot. But it isn’t the only show that has followed this trope, we have all witnessed series like this several times. Even though Netflix is in its early stages of exploring this genre, we are no strangers to it.

There are many unique elements in the show, and the makers have added their personal touch to it intricately. But it seems to be more of an experiment in its early stages. This is why Outlast season 1 is under heavy pressure and season 2 is on the verge of being affected by it. If season 1 performs well, Netflix would most probably renew it. 

The flip side of the coin is Netflix will not approve this series if season 1 doesn’t garner enough audience. Since the prize money, audience viewings and shooting conditions in Alaska are huge hurdles, Outlast Season 2 could be put on hold initially before Netflix cancels it. Let’s just hope it doesn’t come to that.

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Outlast Season 2 Cast: Will The Same Teams Compete Again?

Outlast Season 2

One of the most alluring prospects of this series is its setting. The makers have hand-picked 16 contestants who are lone wolves, who are natural leaders and those who couldn’t follow orders. Then, they asked these contestants to form four groups amongst each other. They are exposed to severe conditions and are expected to survive as a team. Imagine how these members would react when combined together into a team. Yes, the internal conflicts start to chip at their armour more than the outside hurdles.

That’s not the only catch though. Outlast series allows the teams to make other teams’ survival as chaotic as they could. The contestants decide which team they want to play in, how long they can survive and if they are compatible with their team members. Since this is a team reality show and all the players have had their chance, we cannot expect the same teams to compete once again. If we get to witness Outlast Season 2, there would be new contestants and new struggles!

Outlast Season 2: Is It Worth Watching?

It begins with freezing cold and later transforms into a burning match between four teams. The cast members have done a stellar job picking up the contestants. These survivors can hardly tolerate anyone meddling in their business but that’s exactly what the show is about. Surviving in bone-chilling cold, amid people who are making your life hell with hardly any resources isn’t a dare. It is a nightmare, one these survivors have brought on themselves.

And Outlast is being appraised immensely for it. Its focus on team importance and the 1 million winning amount has become the highlight of Outlast. But there are times when everything starts to feel dragged and a bit too dramatic. The series has 8 episodes and all those episodes portray struggle and survival perfectly. If you can accept its pace and the mind games, Outlast is certainly for you.

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1. What Is The Outlast Series About?

It is a reality show centred around 16 participants who all compete in teams to survive the weather, mind games and challenging circumstances.

2. Is Outlast Season 2 Cancelled?

No, it isn’t cancelled either.

3. Who Won Oulast Season 1?

Team Charlie proves that true survival is through struggle, not manipulation. They won season 1 while Team Alpha emerged as second-winners.

4. Is Outlast Series Worth Watching?

If you are into survival reality shows, do give this series a try.

5. Is A Trailer Available For Outlast Season 2?

So far, there is no trailer available for Outlase season 2.

6. Where To Watch Outlast Series?

You can stream this reality show on Netflix.

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