Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 3 Recap: Getting A Step Closer To Shin’s Dark Past!

It’s been quite a fun ride watching Divorce Attorney Shin so far with its hilarious cast and lighthearted storyline. Even though the first episode was clouded with a torturous husband who also happens to be a dirty stalker, the series hasn’t ignited this much suspense before this episode. Divorce Attorney Shin episode 3 is now out on Netflix and it is a highly distinguishable one from its previous episodes.

The first two episodes let us get acquainted with Shin and his remarkable attorney skills. It also introduced us to Shin’s friends and let us witness the crippling story of Seo-Jin. But this episode has taken us a step closer to Shin’s dark past. And isn’t that what we all have been looking for? In this Divorce Attorney Shin episode 3 recap, let’s get to know what made Shin transform from a pianist to a lawyer!

Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 3 Recap

At the beginning of March 2023, Netflix released this courtroom comedy K-drama. And ever since it has been giving us chunks of Shin and his past. We receive two episodes every weekend and while that isn’t enough, it certainly keeps the audience on its toes. The first two episodes revolved around Shin Sung-Han taking up the lawsuit of Lee Seo-Jin, a popular radio artist. It showcased his struggles to win the case, especially with Seo-Jin ready to step down for her son.

As episode 2 neared closer, we have all been wondering what happens to Seo-Jin and Shin’s blooming chemistry. This episode ignites hope and opens a door of possibilities since Seo-Jin has secured a job at Shin’s office. The iconic scene where she fixes Shin’s creaking door is probably the funniest 2-minutes of the episode. But that’s not the highlight of the episode. The starting scene is engrossing but the ending is probably why we are awaiting Divorce Attorney Shin episode 4 so dearly.

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Shin’s Heart-Touching Video Goes Viral

Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 3 Recap

As episode 2 neared closer to the end, we saw how Shin was pouring his heart out. Clamped on the piano seat, letting the keys speak for him. It was a mesmerizing scene indeed but we would have never thought that someone would use it to his benefit. As Shin played with the keys of the piano and started singing, someone started recording his video. An intoxicated man in a formal dress lets his pain pour out. The video garnered millions of views.

Now as Shin gets to know about it, he is a ball of rage. He keeps messaging the one who posted his video but to no avail. Though we are not introduced to this person wholly, we did get a glimpse of who he is. So far, he looks like an ordinary guy who used Shin’s video to attract followers. Even though Shin threatens him with his lawyer skills, he isn’t ready to pull off the video.

Shin Is Now A Major Target

Shin is harbouring a nasty hangover, dealing with his video getting viral, Seo-Jin dropping announced to secure a job at his office and an unusual divorce case. But that is not all. There is someone else who’s making him a target now. In this episode, we are introduced to 2 more characters–or more like Shin’s family members. Then there is an unwelcome visitor as well. Park Yu-Seok is a lawyer like Shin but he is far from who our moral man is.

He barges into Shin’s office, trying to actively provoke him. Yu-Seok informs Shin that he cannot visit Gi-Yeong anymore and that his stepmother is forbidding him to do so. Shin laughs at his face and kicks him out of his office–of course metaphorically. But not before they have a long conversation about how everyone in Shin’s family has been lawyers and how rage motivated Shin to become a lawyer. 

After being heavily insulted by Shin, Yu-Seok crawls back to his office and calls an intern working under him. Yu-Seok has taken it on his ego now and would stop at nothing to take Shin down. So, he assigns his intern the task to dig into Shin’s recent divorce case. Let’s see what happens in episode 4!

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Why Did Shin Become A Lawyer?

Ae-Ran has been cleaning and maintaining the building in which Shin’s office is for years. She works almost every minute, trying to weave through her poor financial condition. Even though she works every moment of the day, she has almost nothing to her name aside from the unpaid bills of course. With her chivalrous mother-in-law and useless husband, she is fed up now and rightly so.

Especially when her mother-in-law keeps threatening her children, Ae-Ran has lost her patience and filed for divorce. The only catch is her husband has transferred everything to his mother’s name and Ae-Ran has hit her mother-in-law. Now, she wants an equal property division and for her mother-in-law to stop pestering her and her children. Only if it were that easy.

We all know how Shin has won the most complicated cases easily with his immense skills and unyielding dedication. He would try and win this case, too. But the major question is why did Shin leave Germany and his piano teaching career to become an attorney? More specifically, why a divorce attorney? Divorce Attorney Shin episode 3 hints at how Ju-Hwa, Shin’s sister, lost her divorce case and her son, Gi-Yeong. As the credits roll down, we are introduced to Ju-Hwa and how this brother-sister duo was preparing for Shin’s piano recital. It seems like Ju-Hwa is Shin’s inspiration but the entire story is yet to be revealed to us!

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