The Glory Season 3 Release Date: Will There Be Another Season Of This Popular K-Drama?

Nothing beats watching a revenge story, does it? The flaring emotions, those taunting remarks and the ultimate justice lures everyone in. The Glory has become the symbol of revenge and justice these days. Revolving around the revenge journey of a regular teacher, Dong-Eun, The Glory has become one of the most-viewed series now. It is brimming with drama, emotions, action, suspense and everything we want in a remarkable thriller.

While this popular Netflix K-drama is now trending, everyone has their eyes set on The Glory season 3. Are you one of them, too? Do you want to know whether there will be another season of this K-drama? Let’s get some answers!

The Glory Season 3 Release Date

The Glory Season 3 Release  Date

There is a reason K-drama’s have become our go-to stop whenever we are looking for some binge-worthy series. They are generally lighthearted and prove to be a lazy watch. But The Glory is not the same. It is charting high on the giant streaming service because of its remarkable focus on revenge and revenge alone. You cannot watch this series without paying full attention to it, all the more better for us movie geeks, right?

Season 1 was released in two parts with the second part being released just a while ago. As for The Glory season 3, there isn’t a high possibility. Season 1 covered pretty much everything including Dong-Eun’s revenge and gave us an insight into her relationship with Yeo-Jeong. Even if the makers try to come up with another season, it would be The Glory season 2. Many of us have been considering the latest episodes of this series as season 2. But they are merely continuation of season 1.

So far, the makers have been quite as well. And since it hasn’t been that long The Glory season 1 part 2 came out, we cannot rule out the possibility yet. It is definitely worth noting that The Glory has become a trending name these days. The makers could use this to their benefit and come up with a new season. If that happens, we can have another season of The Glory series in the third quarter of 2024. Let’s wait and watch what happens, till then let’s focus on The Glory season 1!

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The Glory Season 3: What Could Be The Storyline?

Now this is an engrossing and challenging question. Even if the makers decide to come up with another season of The Glory, they would have a hard time. Crafting a plotline that would match with the standards set by the first season is certainly a complicated task. The series has been about Dong-Eun’s revenge on her high-school bullies–Lee Sa-Ra, Son Myeong-O, Hye-Jeong, Park Yeon-Jin and Jeon Jae-Jun.

If there arrives another season, it could be centred around Dong-Eun’s blooming relationship with Yeo-Jeong. But that seems a bit far-fetched and too mundane of a storyline for such a hyped-up series. We love The Glory because of its focus on Dong-Eun’s journey towards exerting revenge and doing justice for the innocent girl who suffered unnecessarily. Turning it into another exaggerated drama wouldn’t work in The Glory’s favor.

Either the makers could give us another revenge story or they could come up with something better for Dong-Eun such as getting Yeon-Jin out of prison. If another season happens, we would love to explore Yeon-Jin getting out of prison and wreaking havoc in Dong-Eun’s life.

The Glory Season 3: Who Will Be In The Cast?

One of the major highlights of this series is its phenomenal cast. They are the reason The Glory is trending now. It has a rich cast ensemble with every character having great significance. This story is about Moon Dong-Eun, an underprivileged girl who was bullied by the cathartic richies of her school. Later on, she becomes a teacher so that she could pursue her revenge properly. Dong-Eun is brought to us by Song Hye-Kyo. She is cold, she is brutal and she is ruthless but she is what makes The Glory so engrossing.

Then, we have Joo Yeo-Jeong portrayed by Lee Do-Hyun. He is a surgeon and the heir to one of the top hospitals in Seoul, Joo General Hospital. He is the light to Dong-Eun’s darkness. With his suave charm, devotion towards Dong-Eun and his never yielding support for her would steal your breath away. While our troubled protagonist has a dead expression most of the time, Yeo-Jeong is the only one who could manage to pull a smile off her. Of course, he is harboring his own secrets that make this series such a captivating thriller.

The main antagonist and the most brutal bully of Dong-Eun is Park Yeon-Jin. Brought to us by Lim Ji-Yeon, Yeon-Jin is your typical self-centred richie. She cares only about herself and is ready to cross any lengths to get what she wants. Not only is Yeon-Jin a bully or a sadist, she is also a criminal. The leader of her group, Yeon-Jin has a stellar reporting career and a multimillionaire husband, Do-Yeong.

The other characters of this series include Choi Hye-Jeong, Lee Sa-Ra, Son Myeong-O, Hye-Jeong and Jeon Jae-Jun. Aside from Myeong-O, each one of them can be seen in the upcoming seasons of The Glory series.

What Is The Glory Series About?

Passing through the high-school phase where there is someone always lurking in the corner to taunt you isn’t easy. It is demoralizing but it is still very prevalent. We all have been through that phase but we haven’t witnessed sadists like Yeon-Jin. We might have met some arrogant richies but these people are a level higher. They relish in belittling people, mocking them and troubling their classmates unnecessarily. Dong-Eun is another victim of this gang.

She doesn’t have reliable parents, a secured future or anything that would keep her going but revenge. Yeon-Jin and her minions stopped at nothing to drive her away. But now she is back with vengeance settled deep in her bones and desperation for justice plain on her face. There are several things going on in this series aside from her revenge though. There is Myeong-O who is found dead and the prime suspects are his best friends aka Jae-Jun and Yeon-Jin. Then there is So-He, another victim of Yeon-Jin, and her death mystery.

Yeon-Jin has been cheating on Do-Yeong with Jae-Jun and Dong-Eun is trying to get Do-Yeong help her. Meanwhile, Yeo-Jeong is battling his own demons. Jae-Jun has figured out that Ye-Sol is his daughter, not Do-Yeong’s. Everyone is hiding something, protecting their secrets but Dong-Eun is slicing through them efficiently. The Glory is about revenge, justice and the struggle faced by a girl that has nothing to survive in this merciless world while finding someone she could finally rely on.

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The Glory Review: Is It Worth Your Time?

The Glory Season 3 Release  Date

Like the rest, even you must be wondering why The Glory has become a renowned series in a such a short time. Is it even worth it? Many fans and critics are praising this series for its script and execution. They have enjoyed the series very well, would you though? If you are deciding whether you should watch it, know about the storyline first.

The Glory has notable characters and cast members, the storyline wouldn’t disappoint you either. It is a revenge thriller brimming with secrets, suspense and snark. Each of the character has been given enough importance and role in this series. They are all intertwined and are struggling in their lives. And though it might theoretically sound interesting, the execution chips off the fun. It becomes a chaotic mess with each character singing a different tune. This chaos demands high attention and you constantly have to make yourself remind about what the character did the last time they were on the screen.

Yes, it is chaos but is a chaos that works. Even though the story demands too much attention and you have to keep up with the fast pace of it, you wouldn’t be disappointed in the end. Learning about Myeong-O’s death, watching Yeon-Jin stepping down from her thrown will give you a deep satisfaction. Moreover, watching Dong-Eun exert revenge is true joy. But the icing on the cake is Dong-Eun and Yeo-Jeong’s chemistry. The Glory seems dragged sometimes and has some notable flaws, they are often ignorable. If you are into revenge thrillers, the glory should be on your list this weekend.

The Glory Season 3: FAQs

1. What Is The Glory Series About?

It is a revenge thriller based on Dong-Eun’s story. She is out for revenge against her high-school bullies and would stop at nothing to make them feel as helpless as they did with her.

2. Is The Glory Season 3 Cancelled?

No, it isn’t canceled yet.

3. When Will The Glory Season 3 Premiere?

There is no confirmation for The Glory season 3 yet. Even if the makers come up with another season, it would be entitled as The Glory season 2. The episodes that released a while ago are a continuation of season 1, not season 2.

4. Is The Glory Series Worth Watching?

If you are into revenge thrillers with a suspense undertone, you must give this series a try.

5. Is A Trailer Available For The Glory Season 3?

No, there is no trailer available yet.

6. Where To Watch The Glory Series?

The Glory is a Netflix original series. You can watch it on this streaming giant!

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