The Glory Part 2: Who Killed Myeong-O? And Why?

Brimming with suspense, flooding with blood and terror. The Glory Part 2 is now streaming on Netflix in all its foreboding glory. Dong-Eun is back with her revenge, Yeon-Jin is still arrogantly ignorant and Jae-Jun is unravelling his girlfriend’s dark secrets. Lee Sa-Ra is still a drug addict, Do-Yeong is suspicious of his wife and Yeo-Jeong is ready to cross any heights for Dong-Eun. As predicted, The Glory part 2 has arrived with a bang and is bearing a lot of questions with it.

Revolving around a gripping revenge story of a young teacher, Dong-Eun, The Glory has become everyone’s favourite K-Drama these days. And rightly so, it is one of the best revenge stories out there. The cast, characters, the plot has been attracting viewers towards it. Also, it is full of suspense and secrets. One of the secret The Glory fans has been wondering about is Myeon-O’s death. Are you one of them? Well, don’t just bear questions, find out the answer!

Who Killed Myeong-O?

Myeong-O is probably the most hyper character in this series. He used to be Jae-Jun’s errand boy, doing his dirty work without questioning everything. He didn’t even go to college so that he could serve his boss and work for him. Myeong-O considered himself Jae-Jun’s best friend and followed him everywhere. Jae-Jun wasn’t Myeong-O’s fan though, he couldn’t care less about Myeong-O. When Dong-Eun approached Myeong-O and asked him to help her go against his friends, things did seem a bit complicated and unbelievable.

The first part of this engrossing thriller K-drama ended on an intriguing cliffhanger. Myeong-O, the former assailant of the bully gang and then an ally of Dong-Eun has been found dead. He was found lying in a pool of blood, with shards of a champagne bottle transfixed in his skull. Everyone from Jae-Jun and Yeon-Jin to Dong-Eun was on the suspects’ list. But The Glory wouldn’t be such a popular series if it wasn’t full of surprises, right? Gyeong-Ran is the one who ended Myeong-O’s life!

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Why Did Gyeong-Ran Kill Myeong-O?

Who Killed Myeong-O?

We all know how Myeong-O has been helping Dong-Eun who assigned him the task of getting Yeon-Jin to confess her sins. And while Myeong-O is an arrogant idiot, he does try his best to do so. He calls her and asks Yeon-Jin to come to meet him. Setting his phone on the voice recording mode, Myeong-O has laid out the perfect trap for Yeon-Jin. But here comes another twist!

Yeon-Jin finds out about his plan before he could get her confession. In a fit of rage, Yeon-Jin ends up pouring a whole bottle of champagne on Myeong-O’s phone. Like the angry hulk he is, Myeong-O starts throwing accusations and utters a string of curses. Being the self-centred woman she is, Yeon-Jin, cannot care about Myeong-O’s little that is until the other shoe drops.

When Myeong-O claims that he knows who is the father of Yeon-Jin’s daughter, she loses her composure. They fight verbally at first but then, Yeon-Jin ends up bursting a champagne bottle on Myeong-O’s death and leaves the place. But it isn’t Yeon-Jin who killed him though, he was still alive when she left the place. It was Gyeong-Ran who ended what Yeon-Jin started. She could have saved him but who would want to help their tormentor?

What Happens To Gyeong-Ran at The End Of The Glory Part 2?

We all know Myeong-O had a few screws loose, he just couldn’t fathom anyone else’s emotions. You could even call him heartless and it would be a smaller term. Gyeong-Ran, the manager of the boutique store frequented by the entire bully gang, was another victim. Aside from torturing Dong-Eun and So-He, Gyeong-Ran has suffered through Myeong-O’s hands as well. Although she didn’t know them from high school, she wished she didn’t know them at all.

When Yeon-Jin was throwing a fit, Gyeong-Ran was hiding in the secret passageway used by these cruel bullies. She did hear them fight and Yeon-Jin stomps away from her so-called friend. As she steps out of her hiding and founds Myeong-O gasping for air, Gyeong-Ran is thrown aback. She is reminded about the times Myeong-O abused her.

When Myeong-O asks–or more like orders–her to help, she panics and ends up bursting his skill. Of course, it wasn’t on purpose and Gyeong-Ran is not a killer like them but she did end Myeong-O’s life. Dong-Eun finds out about her involvement in the end and while she could have framed her, Dong-Eun knows Gyeong-Ran isn’t a murderer. So, Gyeong-Ran is left to pursue her career in peace with all these bullies out of her life. The Glory part 2’s end is indeed a blend of revenge, compassion, love and secrets!

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