The Glory Part 2 Ending Explained: Does Dong-Eun Finally Get Her Revenge?

It began with a revenge story, with dark clouds and an unhealthy obsession. There were so many things happening in part 1 of this revenge thriller, it was all so chaotic. And now The Glory Part 2 has dropped in on Netflix. It is back with chaos, Dong-Eun’s obsession and her master plan to take down the ones who bullied her. The last 6 episodes of this K-drama are now on Netflix and are as engrossing as they come!

But they are not just engrossing, they are mystifying, too. There is a trail of blood, a pool of heartfelt emotions and several questions these episodes have brought with them. In this article, we’ll be looking at those questions in great detail. Are you looking for The Glory Part 2 ending explained? Let’s begin then!

The Glory Part 2 Ending Explained

When we first met Moon Dong-Eun, she wore a cold expression and was hiding her angry red scars. She was out there to exert revenge on her high-school bullies–Lee Sa-Ra, Son Myeong-O, Hye-Jeong, Park Yeon-Jin and Jeon Jae-Jun. If these people weren’t wealthy and influential, Dong-Eun wouldn’t have had to wait for years and search for an accomplice to exert her revenge. In the first part of The Glory, we witnessed how Dong-Eun got closer to Joo Yeo-Jeong, a surgeon and the heir to Joo General Hospital.

He taught her to play Go so that she could beat Do-Yeong, offered to be her executioner and somewhere along the line fell for Dong-Eun. Do-Yeong is Yeon-Jin’s husband and a multimillionaire business mogul. Dong-Eun wants Do-Yeong to help her in her pursuit, but reaching him isn’t easy. She becomes a teacher at Yeon-Jin’s daughter’s school and inserts herself into every aspect of her life.

As the series progresses, Do-Yeong learns several things about his corrupted wife. She isn’t just a bully, she has also cheated on him with her high-school sweetheart and another member of Dong-Eun’s target list, Jae-Jun. Both Do-Yeong and Jae-Jun slowly discover that Ye-Sol is Jae-Jun’s daughter and that Yeon-Jin has been hiding it from them purposefully. Meanwhile, Yeo-Jeong is trying to instil colours in Dong-Eun’s monochromatic life. But there is So-He’s death lurking on the threshold and of course, there is Dong-Eun’s revenge awaiting her.

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Who Is Responsible For So-He’s Death?

The Glory Part 2 Ending Explained

So-He is another target of this bully gang, specifically of Yeon-Jin. Just like Dong-Eun, she was tortured and bullied by Yeon-Jin. Jae-Jun made her life hell but Yeon-Jin took it to another level, always belittling her and throwing random abusive comments at her. One day, So-He was found dead and everyone thought she jumped from the school building. Why would anyone who was planning to move away and secure a better future do that?

So-He’s mother has been begging everyone to help her ever since, claiming that she needs to see her late daughter once. But since she is in a morgue at Yeo-Jeong’s hospital, she is helpless. Dong-Eun isn’t though, she has sworn to avenge her and So-He. 

So, she pursues Yeo-Jeong, so that she could get the evidence she needs against Yeon-Jin. She thinks Yeon-Jin killed So-He but she just slipped from the building when Yeon-Jin was bullying her. Even though Yeon-Jin didn’t actively push her down, she is why it all happened. And she will be punished for it.

Why Does Dong-Eun Leave Yeo-Jeong?

“If you leave me again, it should be for love not revenge, Dong-Eun.”

As the series keeps progresses, Dong-Eun’s vengeance is getting deeper and so are her feelings towards Yeo-Jeong. We all know how abusive Dong-Eun’s mother has been, and how this drinking junkie has never cared for her. This woman has hurt Dong-Eun as much Yeon-Jin, physically and emotionally. We thought Dong-Eun had been troubled by these bullies, we would have never thought her backstory would be as dark. For someone to heal these scars, it would take a lot of effort, love and patience.

Yeo-Jeong has a substantial amount of love and patience for her and it has started to affect Dong-Eun as well. Of course, he has his own dark past and is still affected by his father’s death. But Yeo-Jeong hasn’t let it affect Dong-Eun, he is ready to wait for her until she has got her revenge. It is his love towards Dong-Eun that makes her run away from him. And as he said, the next time Dong-Eun leaves him it is because of love, nothing else.

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Does Dong-Eun Finally Get Her Revenge?

Coming to the juiciest part of the series, the ending part, it is quite chaotic. Do-Yeong’s mother has discovered about Ye-Sol’s father, Jae-Jun, and starts running after Yeon-Jin with a stick. Dong-Eun has posted about Sa-Ra’s drug addiction and has exposed Yeon-Jin publicly, too. Kang Heyon-Nam, Yeon-Jin’s former maid, has helped her take down her enemies.

De-Yeong has left Yeon-Jin as well. Her friends are also paying for their sins and she is all alone in a prison cell. Dong-Eun has exerted her revenge and got what she wanted–Yeon-Jin rotting alone, away from money, glamour and her so-called friends. And while she has got her revenge, Yeo-Jeong isn’t left behind. He gets his revenge for his father’s murder, Kang Yeong-Cheon, too. While The Glory has always been about Dong-Eun’s revenge, it has improved, too. Not only Dong-Eun gets revenge, but she also has someone who wouldn’t leave her side under any circumstances.

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