Luther: The Fallen Sun Ending Explained & Review: What Happens At The End?

Idris Elba has recently stormed us with his epic Netflix film, Luther: The Fallen Sun! Your wait has come to an end, the popular DCI is back in action. Yes, you heard it right, the stage has opened up again for John Luther and this time a deadly mission is waiting for him. He must stop the serial killer, he must stop the murders taking place in town!

The city is under red alert, someone is planning to kill the whole of London! Luther: The Fallen Sun is streaming exclusively on Netflix and what a film it was! We still couldn’t believe the fact that Luther was once behind the bars! Idris Elba surely entertained us a lot, but Andy Serkis too deserves a special mention here. We saw the ultimate end of David Robey but we cannot overlook the fact that how disastrous this man could have been for the whole of humankind. Well, we have already binged Luther: The Fallen Sun, and here is everything we know about this epic movie.

Luther: The Fallen Sun Review

Luther: The Fallen Sun - Review

If you still haven’t binged this, then you are surely missing out on one of the best thriller movies out there. Moreover, if you have watched Luther, the popular TV series, then not binging on the latest Luther film will be quite unfair, right? Well, according to our judgments, Idris Elba once again proved the fact that he is one of the finest cops in town. Sadly, in the film, Odette took over his honorable DCI position, but even she would agree that Luther comes with an X-factor and that’s what makes him different from the other inspectors out there. But again, we cannot forget that Luther will always have steady competition from his all-time best friend and former DCI, Martin. It all starts with David Robey, the cyber psychopath! 

Everyone holds a dark secret, no one can claim he has never done anything wrong in his life but what if someone knows about your deep and dark secret? What if they know about your erotic fantasies? What if they know about your crimes? This is where David comes into action. From blackmailing these individuals to forcing them to commit suicide, he is all set and ready to execute his mass murder plan. He is the one who hunts down every little detail about Luther. We all knew from the beginning that Luther is not free from flaws and this is where his worst nightmare began! He goes behind the bars and thus Robey starts moving ahead in his brutal mission. This story is intensely filled with thrill, entertainment, jam-packed action scenes, and whatnot. We enjoyed it to the fullest and just like other sources, it is highly recommended from our end as well.

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Luther: The Fallen Sun Ending Explained

Luther: The Fallen Sun - Review

DCI Raine finally understood that Luther is not a bad person. But again, can the duo save Raine’s daughter? Anya is kidnapped by David and a huge truth is revealed about the serial killer. David was once Raine’s subordinate, she knows him very well. This leads them to David aka DS Archie’s ex-wife, Georgette, who finally reveals his ultimate location to them and thus begins their ride for Port Dover! The duo is heading for the red room. The truth is out, Archie runs an online platform where a bunch of mentally exhausted individuals connect and decide how they want to slaughter or kill human beings! It is as creepy as it sounds. 

David begins the show of killing and this time his main three victims are Odette, Anya, and Luther! All three have been harmed brutally but then Luther takes the charge, he manages to overpower David and his mind, and this is where the game ends for David! How long will he run away from his death? On one hand, Luther is determined to kill Robey, he wants to end the death game, and he wants to safeguard Raine and Anya! On the other hand, a fire breaks out at the mansion and things become even more complicated now! 

The way he hanged many, he will be choked to death in the same manner but this time his death was penned by nature, not Luther! He suffocated to death beneath the surface but by God’s grace, Luther managed to survive anyhow. But the story is not over yet, in reality, it has just begun. After all, at the end of the movie, Luther was seen along with Martin, it seems like he is not going back to jail but the Chief might like to hire him for another mission! The story ends with the mysterious Chief knocking at Luther’s door and thus we are hinted at the return of John Luther.

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