Have A Nice Day Ending Explained And Review: Watch It Or Skip It?

After a long time, we get to see, we get to see Alvaro Guerrero back in action, and most of the people who have watched the trailer of the movie gave a nice day may have assumed it to be just a comedy movie, but have a nice day is beyond the description of just a comedy movie. We get to see two different generations and one cool-aged radio jockey who has a got a dream to make amends for whatever he has done 20 years back.

However, things are quite complicated in the way he actually portrays himself. From the start of the movie, we don’t understand what kind of a person Alvaro is actually playing, there are some aspects of him that make him absolutely generous but at the same time, there are some aspects that may make him feel like a very annoying crooked and selfish geezer but the story tells us more as we move down the plot. The starting scene and the ending scene are quite similar and they create an absolutely beautiful setting for the entire movie, along with that the character’s settings are quite well written too.

Now moving forward as we all know, it is a Yibran Asuad movie, which means there must be some hidden message by the end of the movie, and that is surely there which you will only be able to understand, once you see the movie completely. The ending may not be easy to understand but the culture of rock and roll has been shown in a very beautiful way and the way it has been growing over time, is also something we do need to consider. However, if you are still confused about how the story went, don’t worry as we will explain the entire ending in this article

Have A Nice Day Ending Explained

Have A Nice Day Ending Explained And Review

If we pick up from where we see our main characters that include Picho, Enrique, and Amanda. Now, most of you already know about how Picho got his heart completely broken when he saw that so-called “ fillet minion” boy kissing Amanda, as he was too busy chasing his dream and his goals. However, still Enrique decides to set her up with him and take them on a road trip to Mexico with the excuse that Enrique has to do a hernia operation. Now soon when they reach Mexico City, everything changes as Amanda and Picho stay in one room, whereas Enrique gets a room for himself. He gives them some money and tells them to buy some food while he will take some rest. Though when they go out they start worrying about Enrique and after calling the hotel they find out that Enrique actually left some invites for them and left the hotel for some party.

Now moving forward to the main climax scene of the entire story, as we all know Enrique has just come back to the tribute festival of universal music station where the chief guests are none other than our very favorite Enrique, and he has got his long lost love, Irma La Bomba Pimentel. We all by this time know who La bomba is and what their main dream of Enrique has been. He has been waiting for a long time and working for gathering money just to come back to this festival and make things right with La Bomba. However, when he reaches the party, he finds no one whom he can recognize and everyone seems of a much newer generation where nothing exists of rock and roll. Soon as the show starts, we get the bad news that La bomba actually passed away a few days back and Enrique is the only guest of honor.

However, this news is surely taken by Enrique very lightly, he is drunk and goes on to the stage while screaming at everyone that rock and roll are dead and every one of the artists who gave birth to it is dead to the newer generation. However, Picho and Amanda get there in time and do make sure he is okay. Enrique is left heartbroken and is still trying to cope with the feelings of never being able to get back to the one true love of his life. However, we shouldn’t forget that he has also shown the way for two new lovers which are Picho and Amanda. They start dancing on the road to hip hop and giving a tribute to La Bomba where Enrique soon starts getting visions of Irma and we see him starting to dance with her.

Now we skip the scene and move back to the barber shop where we see all Enrique’s friends again drinking together while Picho is also there getting a haircut, we do realize Enrique soon passes away after that incident, though we surely don’t know how and Picho has also returned without Amanda because she was never meant to be his, the fillet minion boy went to Mexico and Picho understood his job is done there.

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Have A Nice Day Review

For the review part of the movie, the first thing that we would like to say is that if you are looking for something very funny with a good message behind it, you should surely go for things. It is basically a story of what people want and whether they are actually able to get it. Be it for Enrique or Picho. Now the movie starts with a beautiful setting where Enrique is already dead and the ending of the show brings us back to the same scene where we see Enrique is dead. The story of how Picho understand what he wants in his life is only because of how Enrique mentored him, however, form the start it may feel like, they are not going to end on good terms, but they actually do.

Overall a touching depiction of two different generations and their own idea of love, and how much a person is set to do for the person they love, however at the same time we also understand everything doesn’t go according to plan. It’s just a retired radio jockey’s tale of finding love which he messed up 20 years backs

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