You Season 4 Part 2: Did Joe Kill Nadia? How Does Nadia Discover About Joe?

It’s time you buckle up your seat belts and get ready for another dose of this psychotic thriller! You season 4 part 2 is now out and our month-long wait is over. Joe–or Jonathan Moore–is back with his suave charm, innocent face and sociopathic tendencies. There have been multiple psychopathic movies and series out there but You stands out from the rest of them vividly. It could be because of Penn Badgley who portrays Joe Goldberg to us, it could be because of the captivating storyline or it could be because of the mind games You bring forward.

It doesn’t matter in the long haul though. What matters is You have been appraised by millions of viewers. Currently, amid its fourth season, You is a brilliantly crafted series revolving around Joe Goldberg and his tendencies to stalk his lovers. Many girls have become Joe’s prey and while there have been a few who discovered his sociopathic tendencies, none of them survived. Now, Nadia has discovered everything about her Professor Jonathan Moore. Let’s discover how Nadia discovered everything about Joe and what happened to her!

How Does Nadia Discover About Joe?

How Does Nadia Discover About Joe?

Joe Goldberg is one of the cruellest sociopaths out there but is a skilled one. He is a creative artist, a book nerd and now a literature professor at a reputed college in London. Joe is habitual to changing places, names and lovers. This time, in season 4, he is disguised as Jonathan Moore and is after Katherine Lockwood, a renowned artist. But Joe’s past has caught up with him this season, he has another killer who is slaughtering people and framing him.

This killer, Rhys Montroe, is an upcoming mayor and is murdering people who oppose him. Rhys considers himself Joe’s best friend and tells him to put the blame for these mysterious deaths on someone else to save himself. So, Joe saunters away in search of someone who would take the blame. He meets several people at Kate’s exhibition, passes them by and starts conversing with Lady Phoebe, a popular celebrity in London. She is being stalked and while she realizes it, she doesn’t know who does it. 

Phoebe shares her experience with Joe–who is disguised as Jonathan–and tells him to keep it a secret. In this exhibition-cum-party, a waiter, Dawn, drags Phoebe to a safe room convincing her that there are police waiting for her. Dawn is Phoebe’s supposed well-wisher who has been stalking her and trying to save her. But Dawn is an erotomaniac. Joe realises it and saves Phoebe from her clutches, framing Dawn for Rhys’ murders. This is when Nadia realizes that something is wrong with her professor.

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Does Nadia Help Marienne Escape Joe?

Nadia’s suspicion becomes stronger as she sneaks into Joe’s cabin and starts searching for a shred of evidence. And she gets something ludicrous–a key hidden in a book. While she is searching for evidence, Rhys is blackmailing Joe again. He holds Joe’s ex-girlfriend Marienne’s life over Joe’s head and like the so-called transformed person Joe is, he tries his best to save Marienne.

Meanwhile, Nadia has discovered what the key is for. She has always had a passion for thrillers, who knew her entire life would be flooding with thrill and suspense? Nadia starts walking down the stairs and discovers Marienne locked in a glass cage, hungry for food and life. Marianne has a daughter to save and Nadia wants to help her do it. And she does try her best to help Marianne but in the end, the killer strikes again.

Did Joe Kill Nadia?

With all the monologues and self-deprecating thoughts Joe delivers, his actions are quite contradictory. When season 4 began, we witnessed Joe transforming himself into a professor with the hope that he wouldn’t do anything wrong again. Joe has been keeping his oath though. He has been staying away from Kate, hoping that his psychotic tendencies wouldn’t swallow Kate, too. 

As the season nears closer, we start believing that Joe is actually a changed man. But he proves us wrong again. Nadia reads about Rhys’ death and puts two and two together. She has manifested a spicy conspiracy theory and while it is true, it gives her–and her boyfriend, Edward–chills. Nadia relays everything to Edward and since she is nowhere closer to Joe’s acting skills, she tries to maintain her posture around Joe. She skips classes, lurks around Joe’s apartment and tries to collect pieces of evidence. 

But Joe wouldn’t be himself if he couldn’t sniff the lies and detect fear–he feasts on it after all. Joe was about to suicide but was saved by the police much to Nadia’s bad luck. He catches her around her apartment and quickly finds out Nadia has discovered everything about him. He goes on to claim how much of a reformed man he is and spares Nadia, claiming that he doesn’t want to her. But he slashed Edward’s neck brutally. Even though Nadia is all revengeful and scared of him, she is alive.

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