You Season 4 Part 2 Ending Explained & Recap: The Depraved Criminal Is Still Trying To Be The Master Of Morals!

Joe Goldberg, disguised as Jonathan Moore, is back again and so is the thrill! So are the deceitful lies and hour-long monologues. You Season 4 part 2, the most anticipated release of March 2023 finally dropped on Netflix a while ago. Earlier this year, in February 2023, Netflix released the first five episodes of You season 4. Ever since we have been awaiting this psychotic thriller’s remaining five episodes, haven’t we?

You began by introducing us to a bookstore manager, Joe Goldberg, and his dire obsession with love–and his lovers. The series and Joe’s infatuation towards stalking began with Beck, an insanely talented writer who was quite reckless and a lot interested in public image. Now we have Kate and we are thinking about the same thing you do; will Kate have the same fate as Beck? Read this You Season 4 Part 2 recap to find out!

You Season 4 Part 2 Recap: Here Is How It Begins

Joe appeared to be a regular bookstore manager who had a deep interest in books and was a word geek in season 1. As the seasons kept progressed, we began to witness several shades of Joe. He kept changing cities and names and disguised himself to fit in his locality. And being the skilful trickster he is, he managed to do it effortlessly. This season Joe isn’t a bookstore manager, but his love for books hasn’t died yet. He is teaching literature at a reputed college in London, Darcy College, disguised as Jonathan Moore.

This time Joe has sworn to actually become a better person and he does give it its best shot. Fighting off his urge to insert himself into the life of Katherine Lockwood, a flourishing artist who Joe has started to love. He has stopped murdering people and is actually a saviour as people consider him to be after the Malcolm incident. People have started to refer to him as the Hero of Hampsie fire, of course, they don’t know about the monster lurking inside him.

But this time there’s another predator or Eat the Richies Killer as we call him. This predator, Rhys Montrose, is running for the mayor’s election and has been eradicating everyone who poses a threat to him. He is framing Joe for it or more like forcing Joe to frame someone else for the murders. And Joe does it efficiently, he blames it all on an erotomaniac waitress. But that’s not what all Rhys makes Joe do, he is playing with Joe as if he were his personal puppet.

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Did Tom Lockwood Set Up Joe To Kill Rhys?

You Season 4 Part 2 Recap And Ending Explained

After blaming Dawn for the brutal murders, Joe is tasked with killing Tom Lockwood. We have all been thinking Joe is the deadliest snake out there, turns out there is a scorpion who could bite him, too. Lockwood is supporting Rhys’ opposition party and Rhys wants him to stop doing so. In order to do that, he decides to make Joe do the dirty work for him. The twist? Tom is Kate’s dad, the woman Joe is ready to change his entire personality for.

Tom isn’t innocent either, he has several dark secrets of his own. He is almost as evil as Joe and Rhys, a megalomaniac and a multimillionaire mogul. Joe knows if he kills Tom he would be killing any chances he has with Kate. What he doesn’t know is Kate would shed a single tear if his father dropped dead. Joe follows Tom around, flaunting his extravagant stalking skills, and starts digging more about him.

When Joe finally gets Tom alone, he has every intention of stabbing him and ending Rhys’ chapter. But can a blackmailer stop manipulating you? Of course not. Tom points out that to Joe and pens down Rhys’ address for him. Instead of killing Tom, Joe ends up slaughtering Rhys brutally after torturing him slowly. The most intriguing twist comes here! When Joe asks Rhys why he chose him and where he has hidden Marienne, he claims that he has no idea what Joe is talking about. And it isn’t Tom who set up Joe!

Rhys Montrose: Does He Exist Or Is He A Fragment Of Joe’s Imagination?

Tom knew all about Joe from the start, he made it crystal clear when Kate introduces Joe–disguised as Jonathan–to him. The theory about Marienne’s kidnapping was true as well. Rhys didn’t know much about Marienne though, it was Joe who did it but couldn’t fathom it. Yes, Joe was losing his mind. His mental condition was deteriorating to the point he started communicating with dead people. Rhys became Joe’s shadow and followed him everywhere, calling on Joe’s murder cravings.

One of the most alluring things about Joe has been his obsession to do good and become better. He kept claiming that he wanted to be a better person but in fact, he kept becoming a cold-blooded killer. Rhys is his alter-ego who forced Joe to accept his monstrosity and embrace it. After Joe finds out about Marienne’s death and keeps seeing Gemma, a person who he formerly killed, Joe wants to end it all.

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You Season 4 Part 2 Ending Explained: Is Joe Dead?

You Season 4 Part 2 Recap And Ending Explained

Then comes Kate who explains her dark past to Joe, hoping that he would stop resisting her after her dad blackmails her to work with him. Tom is a business mogul who is a control freak and has made Kate work for him despite her will. She claims that she gave kids cancer to help her father build a royal pipeline because of Tom’s pressure and still regrets it. Also, Kate knows Joe has a dark past but she isn’t interested in knowing it. 

Upon hearing about Kate’s tortured past, Joe wants to help her lover and we all know what his help means. Joe’s shadow, Rhys, is delighted by the prospect and suggests several gruesome ways to end Tom. Joe thinks Kate wouldn’t forgive him after he kills her father which is why he jumps into an ocean and attempts suicide. But luck is on his side and against his victims’. Joe is saved and Kate is awaiting him, granted she doesn’t know it was Joe who killed Tom. 

We are then transported to an interview where Kate and Joe are still together, ruling the business world. But there is Nadia, Professor Moore’s beloved student, who knows all about his stalking and killing and is lurking out there. She’s all revengeful and traumatized because of Joe. The last episode of this season is entitled Jonathan Moore’s death. But so far, he is alive, deadly and still the same stalker and psychopath we know him to be. Even now, he considers himself to be the master of morals but we all know how far he is from being that.

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