Faraway Ending Explained & Review: The Journey Towards Self-Peace & True Love Will Enamour You!

Several movies out there revolve around self-peace, self-love and that special someone who makes us realize it. So, what makes Faraway stand out? The main characters of this show, Zey and Josip, make this Netflix original shine brighter than the rest of the movies out there. The story is quite simple but its representation is stellar. Faraway is now out on Netflix to prove to you that we don’t need multiple elements and heavy storylines to enjoy a movie.

A few hours ago, Faraway dropped on Netflix. This German romantic comedy-drama has been one of the most-anticipated movies of March 2023. Are you wondering whether you should watch it or not? Or are you looking to get to know more about this movie? We have got you covered! Let’s take a look at the Faraway recap!

Faraway Ending Explained

No death comes easy but watching your mother leave hits you differently, doesn’t it? Faraway begins by showcasing to us a chaotic home where everyone is running here and there, trying to get ready for Katarina Billici’s funeral. We are introduced to Zeynep Altin, a seemingly normal housewife who has just lost her mother. She wants to deliver a heartfelt eulogy to Katarina but her self-esteem holds her back. So, she asks her husband, Ilyas, to recite the words she has written to honour her late mother.

Meanwhile, a lawyer delivers the papers of a secluded property on a foreign island in Croatia to Zey. When Ilyas doesn’t show up at the funeral, Zey runs over to his restaurant where he’s happily chatting and laughing with a young colleague, Nora. Of course, Nora isn’t just a colleague and Zey suspects it. In a fit of anger, Zey leaves both Ilyas and Nora hanging on the street and starts driving to Croatia. Here awaits another surprise–or more of a shock–for Zey!

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Josip Leaves A Lasting Impact On Zey

Faraway Recap

A secluded spot in the middle of nowhere with a bright ocean and helpful villagers seems like the perfect vacation spot, doesn’t it? Zey’s mother leaves her a cabin in such a place where there are still Internet cafes and technology is a foreign concept. Zey decides to rent this house but there’s a major problem; Josip lives in the same house, too. Josip is the town’s beloved man who runs a supermarket, is a hairdresser, and has a huge cattle farm. More importantly, Josip is someone who strongly objects to Zey’s decision.

Josip starts creating unnecessary hurdles in Zey’s path so that she couldn’t sell the place that her family once owned. When the house was sold, Josip kept a huge piece of land for himself on the same island and lives in there. But that’s not all Josip does. He makes Zey realize that her age or figure is nothing she should be ashamed of. This charismatic, angry man isn’t a philosopher though.

Faraway Ending: Things Start Blending Seamlessly

Josip bears the weight of his past, too. Just like Zey’s husband, Ilyas cheated on her with someone 25 years younger than him, Josip’s ex-wife did the same. Lucija ran away with Josip’s brother, Drazon Cega leaving him scarred forever. The best part of this ordeal? Josip keeps claiming that both of them died and he keeps giving them different deaths every time he narrates the story. But they are not dead and the bidder Josip was wary of is none other than Cega.

As Josip and Zey weave their way from forced neighbours to acquaintances than friends and ultimately lovers. In the end, when they finally confess their feeling, another twist awaits them. The entire Altin family drops in unannounced at Zey’s place, the first being Fia, Zey’s daughter. Fia is the typical teenager who keeps fighting with Zey for everything, her attitude towards Zey is quite harsh.

But now, as Fia watches her mother and Josip getting a bit too comfortable, she starts to lose that attitude. We don’t only get to witness Fia and Zey’s happy union but there’s also Ilyas who wants to start fresh with her despite Nora and Josip’s interruption.

Now, Zey has moved on though. She hasn’t only discovered her true self but she has also started to love herself and it is all because of Josip. Zey’s not the only one to have a happy ending though. Josip also forgives his brother and ex-wife for what they did since he is now in Drazon’s shoes. This 2-hour-long movie is a happy ride to an iconic island and heartfelt emotions that makes up for a perfect binge-watch!

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Faraway Recap: FAQs

1. What Is the Faraway Movie About?

It is centred around Zeynep, a woman in her late 40s, who is troubled by her family and cheating husband. Her late mother leaves her a property on a distant island that Zey wants to lease. The movie is about self-peace, self-love and how true love affects your life optimistically.

2. Who Is The Main Lead Of Faraway Movie?

The movie revolves around Zeynep Altin portrayed by Naomi Krauss.

3. Does Zey Sell Her House?

Though initially, Zey wants to sell her house for quick bucks, she cannot go through the deal in the end.

4. Why Does Josip Stay At Zey’s House?

It is because Zey’s mother, Katarina Billici, allowed him to stay at her place after he sold her the property.

5. Is Faraway Movie Worth Watching?

If you are looking for a quick binge that would put a bright smile on your face with some romantic moments, you should give this series a try.

6. Where To Watch Faraway Movie?

You can watch this movie on Netflix!

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